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 October (Toby)

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PostSubject: October (Toby)   Sat Jul 05, 2014 1:29 pm

Name: October (Toby)
Age: 15
Gender: boy
Weapon Form:  He transforms into a large serrated blade. It has a bonelike hilt with a black insignia etched on it. The hilt is gold. From the hilt extends a 4 foot long blade with a saw-like edge. It has lines running along the blade in a zigzag pattern. A small strip of cloth extends from the hilt. It is colored gold and has the same insignia as the hilt. When he gains some more souls his blade becomes a bright golden color and the hilt becomes black. The blade becomes longer and the saw part of it is gone. Instead their are now chains wrapped around the blade. Each chain has spikes on it that tugs on wounds when it touches them.
Miester: He currently has none but he is looking.

Appearance: October is a short boy standing at about 5,9. He has black hair that is pulled into an unruly Mohawk. It has the sides shaven down low and he sometimes smokes. He has five piercings in each ear and has bright red luminescent eyes. He has long thin fingers and sharp teeth. His wardrobe varies from time to time but is usually filled with dark colors. His most common outfit is a black tank top with an offensive graphic on the front. He usually wears a pair of black jeans and black combat boots. He has several tattoos spiraling up one arm, the majority of which are either terrifying images or beasts. He sometimes wears a black denim jacket that is slightly too big for him. He tends to where expressive clothing and occasionally has black chains running across his body. His back is riddled with scars due to fights and brawls from various knife fights and the occasional hard time he had while in the States. He has a muscular toned body that is often hidden by his clothes and overall terrifying appearance.

Personality: Toby is actually pretty coy. Outwardly, he is a respectful silent and shy boy who spends his time alone drawing or painting something. However that is nowhere close to the reality. He is a silent hipster type guy who is ok with sitting around and drawing or playing around all day. He is expressive and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He also tends to gravitate towards weak people. This is mostly because he is somewhat defensive of those who cannot defend themselves. He is artistic and creative, and he often paints murals throughout the city. He is  disrespectful to authority unless he admires the person or unless is in his best interest. He does actually have morals they are just hidden.

He also has a temper but that is mostly disguised. He is capable of keeping up his calm, indifferent façade even under the most horrifying circumstances. He is also not afraid to do his own dirty work. He is a hard worker and will not give up a task until it is done. He does however tend to dislike those who continue to go on and on about how there is no way he could possibly defeat them and yadayadayada. He is proud of his german heritage and although he is aware of the bad things that have sprouted from his country he focuses on the good things. He is descended from a line of Teutonic Knights and so he is occasionally overcome with a random memory or random spout of words that he cannot remember where he learned them. He takes immense pride in his heritage and if anyone was to insult his country he would instantly become a defensive person.

He also has a sensitive side that he tries to hide between his usual bad attitude. He occasionally gets crushes on girls but they will never find it out from him. He is incredibly secretive when it comes to relationships and it is almost impossible to get him to admit who he likes. He also tends to become bashful or stuttering near girls he likes. Due to this he usually avoids getting into a conversation with them and instead just sits back and admires them.

He is originally from Germany and is fluent in his native language.
Likes: Brawling, Smoking, Art, Music, Animalss
Dislikes: Authority, Police, Thieves, Stupidity, Animal extermination
History: Toby was born in Munich. He was raised in a wealthy family, and for a while he was the responsible elder son. However the role grew too stressful and so he dropped his studies and moved to America. He then began a small organization of spies and enforcers to make a very large network for information. Because of his leadership skills and cunning he was able to make a successful amount of money and move to Death City. He lives in a large house situated on the east side of the city. He is considering attending the DWMA. He has his cousin Eric marked as his legal guardian so he can live here without worry.
Other: He randomly lapses into german when stressed.
Have you read the rules?
(Lets Go Soul Erecti- I mean resonance)

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PostSubject: Re: October (Toby)   Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:20 pm

I love this character!! From his complicated thought process, to his super nasty weapon form.

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October (Toby)
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