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 Gabriel Bloodshot

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PostSubject: Gabriel Bloodshot   Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:39 pm

Name: Gabriel Bloodshot

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: While Gabriel can change his appearance at will, he usually leaves his appearance as in the pic. Which means that Gabriel is 7 feet tall with a light green skin color. His hair is a greyish white color with his eyes being blood red. His hair is usually tied in a pony tail, with a single dread lock on each side. Gabriel is very muscular all around, and won't be afraid to show it off. All over is a bunch of scars, including two on his neck and one going across his left eye. His canine teeth are very sharp, helping with his brutal appearance.

He'll usually wear a leather armor plated with steel around him. Gabe's belt buckle is metal, while his pants is all leather except for the knee pads being metal. His shoes are also metal, and are able to withstand most weapon strikes. While his right arm has no armor on it, his left arm is heavily plated for defensive purposes.

Personality: Gabriel is ruthless and very aggressive when it comes to a fight. He'll kill anyone in his way toward power, and will use any means of doing so. He prefers not to kill kids, however, as he wants a bit of a challenge, though his limit is 14. After that, it's free game to him. If he has a dark weapon, he'll share the souls evenly with him or her. He'll also run if he is facing death, not wanting to die anytime soon.

Out of battle, Gabriel is a rather calm person, never losing his anger. He isn't much of a talker, though, but will be content with working in a group of people. Other then that, he'll usually reside in the woods, either in a cave or a log cabin he'll build himself.

Likes: Fighting, power, peaceful nights, getting stronger.

Dislikes: Losing, annoying twerps, being disturbed.

History: Gabriel was orphaned at the age of 2. His parents death's were unknown to him on this day, but he has ceased to care. He was raised in a monastery for 24 years, training in various fighting styles with weapons and fist to fist. He was then trained for 3 years in a mountain by grand monk, who was actually a kishin egg. Most of the other monks never tried to make a emotional connection to him like the grand monk, so he was very inspired. Inspired enough to help the grand monk wipe out everyone in the monastery, giving each of them 20 pure souls. He then travels the world, seeking more power and fights.

Shape shiftingGabe's shaping shifting is rather limited. He can't change too much. He can only change his hair, hair color, muscle mass, skin color, eye color, his size, and other various small stuff.1
Make weaponsWhen Gabe get's ten souls, he can make weapons. This means is that he can grab any old object and change it to a certain weapon. When he doesn't hold them for 8 minutes, they will disappear, and when he makes a new one, the old one will disappear. He can only make one at a time, until he reaches 80 souls, where he can make two. At 40 souls, he will be able to summon weapons with elemental abilities.[limited to one per page]10
Multi-Air jumpsWhen Gabe gets 25 souls, he gets the ability to jump again in the air. He will gain the ability to do another jump again after every 10 souls after that. This means that at 35 souls, he will be able to jump 2 times in the air instead of once. When he does another jump, a magic star symbol will appear under his feet. They do nothing but notify his second jump, which could be used to out predict him. Stops at 75, which should give him 5 jumps. 25
Magic shieldWhen Gave reaches 50 souls, he will gain the ability to create a magic shield. It will block more then his left arm metal sleeve. It won't be that big, however,  being the size of a buckler. It will, however, grow with every 10 souls, until it can be the size of a great shield. The shields won't way him down too much, and he can still have a hundred souls and make the shield a buckler.50
Speed increaseAt 80 souls, he gets a boost in speed in running and in swinging his weapon. Not much else to say.80
Magic ArmorAt 110 souls, Gabe can make a magic armor around him. It's much like his magic shield, and that every 20 souls his armor will get better. after 60 souls, it will take another 100 to get his final set of magic armor, that makes him able to take a lot of damage.100

Uses various types of weapons, but prefers bigger weapons like great swords, great axes, big hammers, ext.
Made up the surname of Bloodshot, cause eh, why not.
Can use great weapons with one hand.
Can lift up to 267lbs.

Have you read the rules?
Now, Soul Resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Bloodshot   Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:49 am

Well, he's interesting... still kinda ugly and scary xD

-stamps with ACCEPTED stamp-


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Gabriel Bloodshot
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