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 Yukinaran Feriti

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PostSubject: Yukinaran Feriti   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:07 am

~-"Looks like we're at a stand-still. 21-21."-~

Name: Yukinari Feriti
Age: 1,273 thanks to reincarnation, looks about 18-21
Gender: Male
Animal Form:  Yukio has the animal form of the Egyptian Ammet
Weapon: He uses emotional reinforcement and psychological torture as his weapon. The worst fear of teenage girls across the country.
Appearance: Judging by how he looks, you would never believe that he was some kind of psychopath, nor the wandering traveler he acts to be. He's a handsome young adult male, Caucasian with pearly white skin that's soft to the touch. His hair is a natural sapphire color, growing in wild but still maintaining a polite look no matter how long he leaves it unattended. He typically combs it off to the right, causing a little ahoge to poke out the top of his head which he genuinely detests, because it makes him look younger than he is. His eyes are a shifting aquamarine color, which on some days appear to be more green, some more blue. He's generally lanky, being rather tall, around 5'10", and has oddly long fingers, although not to the point of being unnatural. When acting as a wandering traveler, he wears simple blue clothing and a grey cloak. When in his normal act, he wears classy clothing, still preferring shades of blue.
Personality: As a human being who has, in name, lived for almost 1300 accumulative years, he has developed quite the colorful personality, shaped by the definite eras of his lifetime. To speak about him is to wonder what it would be like to write a novel. He has several personalities, most of them acts aside from the true one. His most common act is that of the travelling wanderer, which he uses, in conjunction with his magic, to psychologically screw with people indirectly. In this act, he's very calm, kindly, and subdued, if not a tiny bit eccentric.
            His second most common act which is generally a part of him is the kind, quiet man who he attempts to be. This facade is a classic of his, being used in social events to fit in among the crowd or to surprise someone he works on privately. As this, he typically acts in a kindly, polite manner, rarely speaking unless spoken to. However, its shown that during this form he shows times of an extremely sharp tongue, piercing through people's psyches with precision with unexpected insults and digging into already cut psychological wounds, this being only a glimpse of the true Yukio.
             Yukio is truly a highly malice filled man, who hates humanity with every bone in his body He acts harshly, speaks with a cold tongue, and generally treats people like trash, yet somehow manages to have a silver tongue and manipulate people to his musings and turn them against their friends and, at times, themselves. He loves a good challenge, and won't give up on one when he believes he's found it. This causes him to be stubborn and, at times, ruthless, doing what he must to win. When it comes to women, he's not very good with romance to be completely honest. In actuality, his relationship skills pretty much extend to "I like you, you like me, lets go ****."
Likes: Classical music, the idea of settling down, corrupting people, death, the color blue, and his royal history.
Dislikes: People in general, the idea of someone he hates being happy, lentils.
History: what shaped your character’s life?
Spells: please make a list of your character's current spells. More can be added to the character log by practicing in RP.
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
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Yukinaran Feriti
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