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 Sora Clement

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PostSubject: Sora Clement    Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:56 pm

Name: Sora Clement

Age: 16

Gender: girl

Weapon: N/A.

Appearance: Sora stands at around 5ft 5in tall. She is on the skinnier side of things, not having much muscle that stands out, so she is a bit on the lanky side. She has bright green eyes, like a field of freshly watered grass on a bright summer day. Her hair is a lighter brown, usually in a ponytail. Her pony tail is usually thrown over her right shoulder with her bangs brushed to her right side as well. Her skin usually has patches of dirt on it, and a lot of the time, she'll have cuts and dirt smudges on her.

Sora will pretty much wear any clothing she can. Her favorite outfit is a brown sweater that says pink. Most of it is a light brown, with some stripes on the arms and some of the edges being a darker brown color. Sora's skirt is a typical red and black plaid skirt that really doesn't go far down at all. It has a pocket on the left side, however. Her shoes are plain black, not much else to say there.

Personality: Sora isn't really that complicated of a person. After she accepted her situation of being a homeless bum, things got a bit better for her. Sora is an optimistic person, always trying to look on the bright side of things whenever she can with a laugh or a smile. Preferably both, but it depends really on the situation at hand. She has a calming aurora around her, and is patient around others, though annoyance will show. She'll start treating people like a young kid, with scolding and finger pointing when she is at this state.

Sora is rather bad at talking with people though, as she's not used to having long conversations with them. Not to say she's anti-social, she's just bad at small talk, usually resulting her to talk with only a couple of words at a time, unless it's a young kid. Sora loves being around kids, and is almost always hanging at the park, talking, playing, or helping the young lads and lasses.

Sora is very bad at keeping herself clean, due to her home being a box, so she stopped caring about her physical looks a bit. However, she does try to look her best, as she hates being judged poorly by others and will try her best to be the "Perfect Student" so avoid any scornful looks from her peers and teachers. Because of this, she doesn't accept donations from others, as the perfect student wouldn't need it. While is saves her pride, it damages her other half. Sora can be pretty greedy, and will do almost any odd job to get a couple of more bucks, including stealing food to save some or pick pocketing others. Though, this is only if she is really desperate, as Sora is a good person and does want to help.

Likes: Children, hospitals, day cares, being perfect, feeling loved, money, free stuff, people who carry conversations for her, helping out, bandaging, the good things her powers do.

Dislikes: Naughty children, needles, bullying, failing a test, getting caught, expensive stuff, people who make her talk, giving speeches, the after effects of her powers.

History: Sora's family has it's own interesting past. She comes from a large clan with a special type of soul and wavelength. Their souls are able to give off a healing wavelength, which allows them to heal various injuries of others, though most are very limited to their healing abilities, not being able to heal more then a scratch or a cold. Most do go into the field of medicine still, though it varies on what it is person to person. Her mother was a physical healer while her dad had an anti-madness wavelength, which he used to help calm people.

Sora was born with a twin brother named Jason in a small town in Iowa, which a majority of their clan resided. At a young age, it was shown that Jason was a prodigy of the family, being able to heal a vast amount of injuries, up to broken bones and torn muscle. Sora was able to heal more, but her healing abilities came at a price, which was making her very sick and tired. Because of this, Sora was seen as a freak by her family, and by those standards, a freak from her Jason.

School life became rough for Sora, as not much people really talked with as the freak. Leading the army of bullies was Jason, who was pretty much the most popular boy in the school. Her parents paid little attention to her, and instead gave their love to Jason, which caused Sora to either live in the barn or her friends house. And it was like that for a while.

Until Jason, a friend, and his friend's mom, were driving to the pool. On the way, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and left Jason as the only survivor. Jason suffered massive brain damage, killing his IQ and left him like a very young child. And the only person that could help him return to normal was Sora, and she said no. She received massive hate from her family, leaving them at the age of 13 to the DWMA. She arrived around the age of 15, and shortly partnered up with a weapon named Aimee. Unfortunately, Aimee seemed to have disappear from Death City, which left Sora alone after only a month of being partnered up with her. After another 2 months, Sora accepted her fate, and decided to start being more optimistic, living with the best situation she could in her cardboard box.


Healing abilities:

Her healing abilities can heal a lot of different physical injuries. It takes 2 minutes to heal it, and then it grow on her in the next minute. Yes, when she heals people, she actually takes on the injury as her own, though the more severe it is, it won't be as bad. This also puts a lot of stress on her, causing her to feel queasy and unsettle her stomach. She can heal her own injuries, but this puts a lot of stress on her body, and will usually leave her very sick, not being able too do much at all and bed ridden all day.
*Sora is able to bring someone back from the dead, however there are two things about it.
-Can't be dead for more then 5 minutes.
-Kills her in the person's place*

Anti-Demon wavelength:

Sora has anti-demon wavelength, which is able to do several different things.*Note, all of these leave her body exhausted*
-Help people with madness
-Calm others down
-Lull them to sleep
-Relax them
-Shoot as a projectile to damage those with madness.*Takes a lot, can only use about 4 before falling asleep**Only with a gun can she channel this*
-Also with other perks of anti-demon wavelengths, including severe damage to Kishin eggs and those who practice dark arts. Like witches, sorcerers, and others who practice dark arts.

Loves Ocelots and has a stuffed Ocelot named Percival.
Will wear anything to bed, but prefers Feetie Pajamas.
Has a penguin pillow.
Underwear of choice is white panties with red hearts.
Box is in a dead end alley, has a couple of pictures and some pots with flowers.
Afraid of heights.
Has a bag filled with stuff for when she babysits. Is also filled with poptarts, bottled water, and her books.

Have you read the rules?
(I just don't know how to deal with stuff like this....)

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Clement    Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:04 pm

Here we are again Sora... Making me feel like garbage about Aimee. ;-; At any rate, this app is good to go!!

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Clement    Wed Dec 31, 2014 1:20 pm

As long as she can only channel the shots with gun type weapons, that's fine.


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PostSubject: Re: Sora Clement    

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Sora Clement
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