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 Kaori, of Eden(?)

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PostSubject: Kaori, of Eden(?)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:26 pm

Name: Kaori of Eden(?)

Age:  Awake 378, total 4,578

Gender: Female

Animal Form: "The Serpant of Eden"

Weapon: N/A.

Appearance: Kaori is 5'3" female with pale silky skin, auburn hair, and bright red eyes. Despite her extreme age, Kaori looks quite young, being able to pass as a woman in her early twenties, or if she's willing to act, a late teen. Kaori generally dresses in classy clothing, enjoying many shade's of red, though she'll wear almost anything if she's trying to play a certain part.

Personality: Kaori loves discord. Particularly the kind between two people that love each other very much. While her goal holds the forefront of her interest, she will quickly, and with much joy sweep up, and divide anyone she can from their allies. Most of the time this will involve her applying a forked tongue to the most ambitious, or weak minded of the group. With any luck they will all fall apart. She, as well, possesses a great pride, and while she views other people's insults as the prattling of an inferior form of life, when her pride is wounded that person becomes the center of her cruel ambition, and may be counted among the victims of her next deviation. All in all Kaori is driven by a twisted curiosity that isn't quenched until someone somewhere has suffered in a brand new never before seen way, and entertains the idea that she is being virtuous in letting them co-operate in her machinations. As far as she is concerned she is completely altruistic.

    On the subject of combat, Kaori views it as a game. While she is far from afraid of conflict, she usually finds fighting beneath herself, preferring to organize others, pitting them against one another. In a way, if she has to resort to combat she has come too close to losing the game.

Likes: Creating deep inner conflicts, destroying things of personal value to others, seeing what other people think, children, Demon Weapon(fascinated with them)

Dislikes: People lacking manners/respect, witches of any breed or origins, being manipulated  

History: There are those who say Kaori was a descendant from the same family of snakes that lead to the fall of man-kind. That this witch was simply born with venom at the tip of her tongue. The title was something that she earned though.

Kaori was born into a matriarchal society, with a strong soul, and a quick grasp of the magic available for her to run. Her talents afforded her more enemies she didn't make, then those she did. And when the time came for her to find a suitor, it was no wonder she wouldn't be able to hide anything about the man. The jealous members of her community were far to willing to ruin her to allow that. Her husband would be one of the exceptionally rare male witches. Something that was not allowed in this place due to the female leadership. It was only after having two strong daughters, and a son that they would be discovered.

After a meeting of the village, it was decided that Kaori must kill her family as punishment for her treason. If she didn't, they would meet a much crueler, and much slower death. Kaori administered a quick death to each of her family members in front of the entire village. But her punishment wasn't over. Kaori was cursed so that her soul could not sustain itself. She would passively feed on the powerful emotions of others keeping her own soul intact with the energy. This would grant her longevity, and assured that all of her loved ones would die before her. Kaori's soul was engulfed with fear, hatred, sorrow, and humiliation.

A brand new ambition lead her to unite a massive cult of humans to lead on her own kind under the pretenses that she would save them from annihilation. In secret she would gorge herself on her followers, converting their vital essence into the immense power she would lead against the witches. Despite the power she had acquired, and outnumbering her quarry six to one, assaulting the witches in their home proved to be a fools errand reflecting her pride instead of her valor.

The witches spent months trying to dispatch their former aggressor, and had no knowledge that it was a waning strength absorbed by her followers that protected her from there best efforts. With the knowledge of her time limited power known only to herself, the witches decided to find a different way to remove her from the playing field. They erected, and sealed her in, a giant sigil of immense power. This sigil was designed to not only hold her indefinitely, but drain her abilities until such a time that she could be destroyed by her own brethren. The only problem was, it never happened. She was forgotten in the ground for who knows how long, the energy from any passers by barely sustaining her soul. Decades past, and not a single heartbeat was produced by her body. Finally the sigil began to show the weakness of its age. Fate had drawn a kishin egg to the site. The fighting that would ensue released enough latent energy to finally break the seal. Like an outdated light-bulb shorting out. Released from the power of the seal, Kaori would have reeled in the pain from her first heartbeat in centuries were it not for the well packed dirt beneath her. Clawing her way to the surface, she gasped for air. Her lungs cried in for her to stop, as her body sputtered to life, and her mind fought to understand the situation. But a tragedy had occurred. In all of her waiting, her origins had become little more than a blur, and she couldn't be sure why she'd killed her loved one's. Only fiery emotions remained, all calling out for her revenge.

Turning to the pair that released her, she extended a hand in thanks. She was struck with surprise as she witnessed her first weapon transformation, but more than that, they didn't have the common decency to give her a name before they began a futile attempt to kill her. Sweeping them to the side, she decided it best not to waste her first conquest on this dishonorable pair. Instead he would delve into their memories, stealing all she could. She would discovered a plethora of things. Alphabetical systems that gave way to beautiful pieces of literature, gasses fed through tubes to give life to the machines of the world, and wavelengths that send pictures through the air to appear in every human dwelling. The spells possessed by witch's once measured in a precious few thousand now measure in the millions. Perhaps the most important thing she's learned, was of the witch Arachne, and her creation of these Demon Weapons, or perhaps that the great one Shinigami, would manage to stop her kind where she could not, and go on to police the world under some ruse of peace. That the being now regarded as Lord Death somehow managed to remove his own fear, and mold it into a breathing thing, only to skin it alive! However, she couldn't help but remark upon how pathetic that these powerful beings have only ever eaten 99 kishin souls, and one witch soul. She would recommend a new thesis. One that would make gods mad with envy, and the world shake with fear! What do YOU think happens when you feed a weapon 99 witch souls, and one Shinigami?


Scourge of EdenThis allows Kaori to influence the madness within others. This means that she can feed it, numb it, or awaken it. She cannot introduce madness into someone, or amplify it to high levels in a short period, but over time she may cause significant growth, or degeneration.N/A
Memory DiveIf Kaori is able to incapacitate someone, she can enter their memories, and steal information of any kind from them. This doesn't allow her to steal their talent with a skill/spell, but will provide her insight on it, and how it works. If she stays in this spell too long, or if the spell is cut off by an outside force, Kaori risks temporarily borrowing part of that persons personality for her own.N/A
Implant thoughtsAs the name implies, this allows Kaori to implant a thought into someone's head. The person's mind will naturally try, and justify it, but if it is outside of their nature, it will likely be disregarded. If Kaori is given enough time with a person, and doesn't blow her cover, she can generally ease them into any thought process she wants, though how much time this will take is entirely dependent on the person. This spell can be use while sustaining soul protect. Kaori may use this ability to turn a persons dream into her own personal playground. She may not be able to kill someone with this, but she can cause them many sleepless nights, and drive them into madness through sleep deprivation for fear of dreams that feel as real as any life.N/A
CindersThis is a sort of pyro-kenisis that revolves strongly around mixing ash, smoke, and fire together.

  • Barrier of Fire: Creates a wall, circle, of dome of fire to trap foes in the fight with Kaori.
  • Ash Cloud: Kaori can quickly fill an area smoke, and ash that can suffocate, or blind an opponent. This is generally combined with the Fire Dome to incapacitate someone of interest, and capture them.
  • Dis-corporate: This converts Kaori into a cloud of ash, and allows her to move up to 10 meters before reforming. This is generally to escape from bonds, and has a 3 post cool-down.
  • Cinders: This is an offensive gout of fire, cinders, or flaming ash that extends up to 30 meters away.

Melt Flesh


-Kaori has no real connections to the "Serpant of Eden" other than having adopted the form of snake. Any connections made are really just gossip that has gone to far over the many years.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Kaori, of Eden(?)   Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:30 pm

This is like, the coolest thing ever.

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Kaori, of Eden(?)
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