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 Barbus Marrow

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PostSubject: Barbus Marrow   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:07 am

Name: Barbus Marrow
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weapon: He carries around a shovel that can be a deadly weapon in his hands. It is also very strong and can withstand most blows from a blade or scyth.

Appearance: Barbus is a twenty-two year old, latino, male. He has brown eyes and bushy yet trimmed eye brows, he also is miss a front upper tooth from a bar fight he had. He wears a navy blue hoodie over a purple hoodie with a green question mark in the center of it. He has a beard (example of the beard: ^^^^  and spiked hair with the sides trimmed, he also wears black glasses. On his head is a light green beanie that fits loosely on his head, showing a bit of his spiked hair out from the front of it. He also wears grey pants along with black and white converse sneakers. He also had a black belt with a golden buckle that hold up his pants obviously and he carries around a brown satchel that holds his camera. Barbus is 6'1 in height.

Personality: A kind gentle man, Barbus prefers never to take a side in a fight and always tries to look on other peoples sides. He is a very loveable kind of guy, he does have his bad part like him being a murderer but he can be a good friend. He tries his best not to get on peoples nerves and will always stay silent when another person is speaking. He tends to hide himself from the public often not walking around in crowded places. Though seemingly shy he likes to talk to about anyone and will often never stop talking having things on his mind, he is joyus and full of energy. There are times when he can be down and sad, when at these moments he is often caught drinking at a bar or jsut not seen from for a while. He tries his best not to get angry at people but occasionally he can't help it and he will flip out on said person without a second thought. He used to be abused by his father when he was younger and he is always cautious around people who seem like the would attack him without a second thought. Now Barbus like every kishin in existance kills, how he kills is with his shovel, he carries it around with him all the time. Barbus useally kills by beating them to death with his shovel or just plan chopping their heads off with the sharp side, or stabbing them with the tip. Barbus has a one thing the differs him from the rest, he often hangs the bodies of his victims and takes pictures of them with his camera that he keeps in a pouch at his side. Barbus has a sweet tooth for cake and any other kind of sweets and he even owns a fairly popular bakery not that far away from the DMWA. Barbus can be a really sweet man to people who have gaiend his trust, there are jsut occasions when he goes complete and utterly insane. He would never heart any of his friends but other people are not safe. Barbus has a problem with people who mistreat women and if you take time to notice his kills, non of them are women. Barbus grew up to know that women needed to be respected and that he should neevr harm a woman. Barbus will take care of any of his friends, watching over them ro jsut speaking to them when they are down in the gutters.

His shovel
Building things
Playing the guitar
Playing games
Messing around with people

Being called any feminine names
His father
His mother
Rubiks cubes (SO CONFUSEING)
People he cares about getting harmed
People ruining his jeep or motorcycle

History: what shaped your character’s life? Why did he/she/it become a kishin egg.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Door TravelDescription souls
Earth controlDescriptionsouls

Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)


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Barbus Marrow
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