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 Moonlight Witch

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Sir Ryth


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PostSubject: Moonlight Witch   Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:01 pm

Name: Ryth Moon
Age: 21
Gender: Boy
Animal Form: Werewolf
Weapon: Long greatsword, tinted a greyish dark blue to represent the light of the moon.
Appearence: The back of his heads hair is completely cut but, his front hangs over his left eye down to his chin. Wears a moon hair clip to keep some hair out of his eye. Hair is black and tinted purple at its ends. Slightly glowing purple eyes. Slender frame. Usually wears a black jacket with a rainbow on one arm and a dark blue shirt underneath. Will wear dark jeans or more formal pants on the occasion. Black lased boots. Stands 6"9. When standing or moving he has a slight float, not enough to fly yet.
Personality: Ryth usually is high spirited and happy. Tends to fight evil enemies more then good and tries to not get in trouble. He can be quite athletic. In his spare time he will read or find a way to kill something evil.
Likes: Music, books, and hanging around the DWMA
Dislikes: Rude people, waiting to long, and being subject to racism. (People assuming hes evil because hes a witch.)
Ryth grew up in a village in the forest that had a love for the moon. Growing up he usually played a violin and was in a small band the played music during their festival that celebrated the moon. His father was a meister and his mother was a witch. He liked the idea of magic and sword fighting so he was raised as a witch and on spare time his father practiced their swordsmanship. Since everyone in his village were good friends and neighbors he was raised on good values. As he aged he read about the outside world and the DWMA. It seemed interesting to him about everything that happened. Though he would get slightly confused when it came to bad things happening. 'Why doesn't everyone get along like we do?' He always thought. None the less he grew older and decided to head out into the world and explore it for himself. He was warned how some might treat his magic capabilities. Before leaving his father gave him the family sword, he was honored and vowed to do good with it. Since traveling out, he spent spare time reading, playing violin, practicing with his sword, or practicing his magic. Since then he made it to Death City and helped meisters out on missions and stayed at a fancy hotel.
Moonlight Wave: His greatsword glows with the beams of the moon's light and thrusts it shooting out a small wave of magic.
Moon Camouflage: Under the moon's light he can turn himself transparent and slightly mask his soul.
Ghost Movement: Covers himself in a blueish mist that allows him to go through walls.
Lunar Ray: A small beam of moonlight shot from his fingers that can do a bit of damage.
Moon Dust: Dust that will appear and be blown out of his hand. Makes people quite sleepy but can only keep them asleep for a short amount of time.
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PostSubject: Re: Moonlight Witch   Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:45 pm

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Moonlight Witch
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