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 Kiro and Kin

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PostSubject: Kiro and Kin   Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:17 am

Name: Kiro kitsune

Gender: male

Age: 13 

Role: fire fox warlock 

Animal form: a tan fox with a bit fuzzy fur and fiery amber eyes, the paws are an orange/Brown, the tail tip is an orange/brown, the ears are an orange/brown, and some of the back fur is orange/brown,  the claws are a dark amber color and are as hot as metal thats been over a raging fire 

Appearance: kiro is a bit scrawny, has short dark orange/brown hair with dark orange highlights, he has slightly tanned skin and fiery amber colored eyes, he usually has a defiant frown on his face and rarely has a calm look, he usually wears an orange long sleeved shirt with red edges, his casual outfit is a red long sleeved shirt with white sleeves, dark brown shorts that cover his knees, and a red baseball cap, he  usually has his fox tail and ears out

Personality: Kiro is like fire, bold and bright as it blazes along, it's beautiful from a distance yet can warm you if your close to it, however, make the wrong move or add fuel to it it'll rage out of proportion and engulf you in an absolute burning hell. Kiro is stubborn, feisty, defiant, loyal, over protective, and can be a hot head, he'll watch you like a hawk if he doesn't trust you and wont fail to show it, he can be rude and actually enjoys a good argument, but if you are his close friends or his family he'll be over protective and will make sure no one messes with you, it's the way he shows his love, he can be sarcastic and on a rare occasions be very playful, however, like fire, if you piss him off or mess with his friends and family, especially his little sister, you must prepare yourself for an unspeakable fury like you've never seen, when he fight for his  friends and family he fights to brutally injure or kill....he's ultimately a very loyal, protective friend that will always have your back ((but won't hesitate to crack a joke or two if you do something stupid)), he has a secret sweet side that he only shows to his brother and little sister, especially his little sister

Likes: everything hot, CHILLIE!! All spicy food, actually all food((he loves to eat)), hanging out with friends and family, the sun, nature, a good argument, hand to hand combat, getting hugs from his little sister 

Dislikes: murdering scumbags, bullies, people who hurt his friends and family, people who insult him, being still((very active unless he's asleep)), people who make him uncomfortable, 

Abilities:((corona corona))

Flaming Bark: kiro barks sending a small fire ball at the opponent

Blazing trail: kiro stomps on the ground making a ten meter long, two foot wide, and one foot tall trail of fire that happens in about 30 seconds

Fire punch/fire kick: his fist or foot can be engulfed in fire as he punches or kicks at an opponent

Fire fang: he bites his opponents while his mouth is engulfed in flames

Kitsune Rage: when kiro gets EXTREMELY angry his body becomes engulfed in flames, then he lets out a loud warcry that sends a huge fox jaw shaped wave of fire that clamps around his opponents, this drains his power afterwards

Fire ice fusion: when he is with kin((AKA ice)) they shoot a beam of fire/ice energy at the opponent, but the must be physically touching each other for it to work

Name: Kin Kitsune 

Gender: male 

Age: 14 

Role: Ice fox warlock

Animal form: an extremely fluffy white fox that has stunning ice blue eyes, the paws are a bluish gray, the tip of the tail is bluish gray, the ears are bluish gray and some of the back fur.is bluish gray, in addition to his regular claws he has a layer of ice on his claws that can't be melted

Appearance: kin is a bit scrawny and is about 5ft tall, he has healthy pale skin, short light blue hair with a slightly darker blue highlight, and stunning ice blue eyes, he.usually has an eerily calm look on his face and rarely frowns, his usual outfit is a blue long sleeved shirt that has purple edges, his casual outfit is a ice blue hoodie with white sleeves and gray jeans, he usually has his fox tail and ears out 

Personality: Kin is like ice, it's majestic, mysterious, and fun to play on, but make one wrong move and you'll slip, fall on the ground, break your legs, and die a slow painful death from frost bite. Kin is very calm, gentle, understanding, loyal, trustworthy, and loves to play and hangout with his friends and family, he can be sarcastic and mischievous at times but he's mostly predictable, however, even though he's a laid back, calm, just like ice, if you make the wrong move you'll pay dearly, he will practically skin anyone who'll mess with his family and friends, he's actually quite a sadist when it comes to hand to hand combat, so ultimately if you don't mess with his close friends or family he'll basically be your best friend even if he just met you

Likes: the cold, CHEESECAKE!! Light colors, hanging out with friends and family, playing with little children, fooling around in his fox form, snow, nice people, nature, foxes

Dislikes: hotness, any spicy food, bullies, murderers, scumbages, people who mess with his friends and family, animal hunters, people who lie,

Abilities:((tundra tundra))

Chilling howl: kin howl sending a small flurry of icy wind at an opponent

Frozen path: kin stomps on the ground sending a 10 meter long, 2ft wide, and 1ft tall trail of sharp ice towards the direction of the opponent, this happens in about 30 seconds

Ice punch/kick: he summons an icy cold aura around his hand and/feet when.he throws punches at or kicks at an opponent

Frozen fang:  he bites opponents while his.fangs are engulfed in an numbing cold aura that sinks into the bite wound

Kitsune spite: when kin gets EXTREMELY spiteful of somebody he is engulfed in a bitterly cold aura, then he gets deathlysilent as a huge cloud of extremely freezing air is shot towards the direction of the opponent, the cold is similar to being put in a tank of ice water while you have dry ice on you, this move drains his power afterwards

Ice fire fusion: when kin is with kiro((AKA fire)) they can shoot a beam of ice/fire energy at the opponent, but they must be physically touching each other for it to work

History: Kin and Kiro and their little sister, Victoria, grew up in a hidden gypsy village of witches and animals with spell power, most of the villagers were master thieves and master's of deception, her mother and father weren't the exception either, but they kept it to a minimum because they wanted to set a good example for Victoria, Kin and kiro, one day there was a raid on the village by DWMA students and everyone who wasn't an animal with spell power was killed, Victoria was too young to remember that day but her mother and father got away in time and ran away with their children, they made a new home in the woods, there kin and Kiro's mother started breeding special helper foxes that were supposed to be good luck charms, she gave Victoria a little fox pup named Kudo, after years of living in the woods the kitsune  children wanted to explore, their mother and father decided to take a little trip to death city, the kids saw it as a fun adventure but the parents saw it as a chance for revenge, while the children were exploring, the parents tried an attempt to get revenge, since they weren't really violent people they just started stealing from the school, after a while someone saw them in the act and the academy chased them out of death city, the parents decided to stay in the forest but let their children choose to stay if they want, ever since then the parents would just send letters to their children. Kiro and kin has a slight grievance towards the DWMA, kiro having the most spite for the academy

did you read the rules? LETS GO SOUL RESONANCE!!!!!!!

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

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PostSubject: Re: Kiro and Kin   Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:26 am

The site can always use more sibling love... Or rivalry... or both.

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Kiro and Kin
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