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 Afuu, The Ether System

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PostSubject: Afuu, The Ether System   Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:18 pm

Name: Afuu

Age: Looks 8, but is actually less than one

Gender: Female, but doesn't have a definite gender

Weapon Form: Afuu is a purely Data based weapon. This means that she has no physical form while resonating. Afuu can only activate 2 systems at a time(not counting storage).

Core System::

Storage System::

Hard-light Emission::

Primary Weapon System::

Secondary Weapon System::

Tertiary Weapon Systems::

Quaternary Weapons System::

Miester: Afuu doesn't have one.

Appearance: Afuu isn't very tall, but she'll grow. Afuu has silver eyes, and hair, and pale pinkish skin, and-... Build?...... Like... Lego's? Afuu likes lego's, but she hasn't actually got to play with them yet. Afuu wears this white dress most of the ti-... It is too a dress... Afuu knows it has a hood, that's so she can hide her hair.... Well maybe Afuu just likes the really, really big sleeves!? I-it isn't a jacket!... Of course Afuu isn't wearing pants. You don't wear pants with a dress... It is a dress!!! >:T

Personality: What's a conflict?... Don't laugh at Afuu! Really what is it!? Afuu thinks maybe this question is a conflict!! Motivation? Sorry, Afuu doesn't have a car... Afuu never went to school. She bets it's really fun though!... Fear? Promise not to tell.... Afuu can't swim... Afuu doesn't even want to try. You know what's worse though? Heights.... Afuu will never tell a secret, promise!(Loyal) People say Afuu talks funny, but Afuu thinks they're just being meany's.... Old home? Afuu stayed with a very serious lady... What's “a-line-mint”? It sounds tasty. Can Afuu have a line mint?...W-why won't the interview man stop laughing!?... Afuu thinks she's had enough of this test.

Likes: Flowers, sweets, spicy food, boats, clouds, people, cloud people, mermaids, dogs, trees, taffy, birds, drawing, coloring, cartoons, clothes, sparkly jewelry, sparkly sparkly's, pretty musi-*You awoke several hours later. You survived, but your mind was never the same.*

Dislikes: Bad-guys, bitter food, liars, things that ryhme with-*You have a death wish!? What are you thinking, asking her a question like that TWICE!?*

History: Afuu is the product of a highly intelligent witch's experiment. Before she became a three and a half foot dwarf with no maturity to speak of. She was little more than a collection of intelligence, magically infused with a weapon souls, and molded to survive with no personality at all. In her finger sized vial she appeared to be a collection of lights, and nothing more.

As fate would have it, the Ether System was never finished. A meister, and his weapon found the witch, and chased her from her lab. During the chase the witch dropped the vial, and as it shattered the incomplete data struggled to remain cohesive. With no other chance to survive, the Ether System "downloaded" the likeness of a near-by girl in a desperate attempt to make-up for the missing data making it unstable. The personality scanned from the girl would override the newly named "Afuu"'s objectives, but left most of her systems intact.


-Being a hard-light being does not make Afuu invincible, but it does have its advantages. Aside from being as durable as one would expect from a Demon Weapon, Afuu has no vital organs. While no single hit no matter how well placed can kill her, hitting her enough can cause her to lose cohesion, and then she will burst away in a very pretty light show. Whenever she has the time, Afuu can focus on repairing damage done to her person. She can regenerate any limb in the fashion, including her head. Wave-length attacks, are also the only way to cause her pain.

-Afuu was made specifically not to be autonomous. The only systems she can use on her own are the Storage, and Core systems. As well she is compatible with most any soul.

-Afuu has an odd habit of using phrases one might think outside of her vocabulary. This is because it is, in fact, outside of her vocabulary. She has a subconscious relay made to inform her perceived team-mates of what she is doing. This reflex is almost machine-like, and sounds monotone. She might use phrases like "engaging at maximum out-put", or "storing available data", and not even notice, or remember such.

-Afuu has an uncanny ability to record basic information. Languages, mathmatics, literature. She can recite the entire Odyssey word for word in Japanese, but will still not grasp most of it due to her stunted maturity.

-E.T.H.R.  Especial Theory of Rudimentary. A form of scientific alchemy. This describes the methods used in the project that created Afuu. The real word Ether means "not of this earth/heavenly".

Have you read the rules?
Let's go SOUL-... Um.... Afuu doesn't remember the next part..
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PostSubject: Re: Afuu, The Ether System   Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:26 am

This is one of the coolest characters I've ever seen! So much reading e.e

-stamps with ACCEPTED stamp-


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Afuu, The Ether System
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