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 Naoko Minatsuki

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PostSubject: Naoko Minatsuki   Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:25 pm

Naoko Minatsuki

Age: Not fully sure, but about 13 or 14.

Gender: Girl

Weapon Form
Naoko takes the form of a longbow. It's quite beautiful and sturdy, made of an iridescent, translucent metal that no one knows the name of. Inside that metal, beautiful and deadly bolts of lightning dance around. They're visible on the outside, and hurt people who pick her up unless their souls resonate well. The bow itself has a blade on each end, and intricate carvings throughout the metal with ancient, unreadable text around the top and bottom. The bow is around six feet in length, and it's so striking to look at. Much different than her human form.

The arrows look quite a bit different than the bow. Each one is made of black metal, again an unknown type, and are engraved with ancient designs and beautiful patterns. The tip of each has an electrical current attached, and have the potential to paralyze people if shot in the right way. Of course, despite the lightning powers of the bow, it can be used as a normal bow and arrow, and just shoot people the old fashioned way. Still, the electricity looks way cooler, and can be used for much more.

There is one other type of arrow, these made with the same type of metal as the bow, without the lightning in the center. These are for making ziplines, grapples, small explosions, and things of the like, but they don't cause much damage.

The bow itself can be used as a melee weapon, because of both the blades and the sturdiness of the metal. In fact, it's almost as good as using it to shoot, because while the accuracy may be compromised, nothing beats a good old-fashioned weapon-to-weapon fight. All in all, she's a good weapon, but there are things that the Meister will have to get used to, as she will shock them when too excited, scared, or when their souls aren't resonating. Most of the time the Meister would just feel a small buzz in their hands while they hold her, and definitely warmth.

Miester: Hui

Naoko is a small, slender young girl who stands in at about 5'3" or 4" and weighs around 105 pounds. She has a flat chest and very skinny legs and arms, and definitely wouldn't be able to hold her own in a fight. She looks to be frail and easily breakable. A way to describe Naoko's coloring would be dull. Yes, dull. There isn't much striking or even particularly beautiful about her. That's not to say that she isn't pretty. Yes, Naoko is actually quite pretty. It's just that her eyes, hair and skin are dull shades. For her skin, it's a pale peach color, marred almost everywhere on her back and stomach with scars that no girl her age should have. They appear to be whip marks and places she's been beaten. She also has a brand mark with the numbers "393" on her right hip that looked like they were burned in like one would burn a horse. For her eyes, the color is that of a stormy day - grayish blue, and still dull, ringed with dark brown eyelashes. They almost seem to have a purplish tint to them, and are very expressive. For her hair, the color is pale blondish brown. It in itself is not very striking or beautiful, but it's long and thick, and usually kept in a side braid. It's unruly, and often is found sticking out everywhere and falling into her face, but that's the way she likes it. She hasn't had it cut in ages.

For clothes, Naoko wears pretty covering items. Long-sleeved button-up shirts paired with capris seem to be her favorite, but she also wears sweaters, leggings, jeans, or whatever else she can get her hands on. She wears items that cover so much skin for other people, not for herself. In all honesty, she doesn't care who sees her body. She just wants other people to be comfortable, and she feels like the scars on her body would bring someone great discomfort if they saw them on her. Still, she wouldn't mind if someone saw them. After all, she feels that there isn't a reason to hide them. To her, they're victory or battle scars, and while she doesn't like them being there, she has a positive outlook on them.

Naoko is a rather strange individual. She's shy beyond belief - it's hard for her to make friends, as she stutters and shakes when she tries to talk to new people. She's meek, timid and definitely thinks far too much of her mistakes. Sometimes it's like she can never let them go, and she dwells on them for a long time every night, especially when she hasn't apologized. It's hard to get her to trust you, because she makes it that way. She has serious trust issues, and likely would not open up to just anyone right off the bat. If she does, consider it a sort of miracle, as she only does that with someone special. Someone she just gets a good feeling from. When she trusts someone, she changes. She is no longer shy around them - well, okay, she is. She just isn't AS shy, which is a big step up from shaking and stuttering. While she's still nervous and rather... quiet, she isn't above cuddling or holding hands with that person. Whereas she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her before, if she opens up to someone, she would even sleep with them. Not in the sexual way, of course, but in the way where she can actually get a full night's rest with someone rubbing her back. She loves feeling protected, and has a hard time falling asleep on her own. Oftentimes, her back would start hurting, and she'd have to get up and get in a bath in the middle of the night to make it stop.

Naoko is afraid of a whole lot of things. Most of which aren't really relevant fears, but it doesn't really matter. A fear is a fear. When she encounters something she's afraid of, she will shiver and freeze up, like a deer in headlights. It's not a good quality, of course, which is why she tries all the time to break herself from it. She works hard to not have any fears, as it was drilled into her that emotions like that are the sign of a weak soul, and that if she can't face her fears, then she is a meaningless human being. These fears include: absolute darkness, drowning, the sight of a whip, dogs, and even sometimes bigger, heavyset men, particularly with brown hair or eyes.

Naoko has some good qualities, too, though, that make up for all the bad ones. She's gentle and generous, protective and sweet. She is pretty dependent, but not of her own volition. She was born with a weaker body, but she makes the best of it. She goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting her Meister or someone she loves. She doesn't like killing, but she would if it was necessary. She is also pretty brave, despite her fears. She would be willing to risk her life, even face her biggest fears, for someone she loves. This is because Naoko loves with all her heart, and trusts that way as well, which is why she only loves people she trusts. Because she wouldn't be able to stand it if someone betrayed her. She isn't easily hurt, but she definitely will shut off completely if someone she loved did hurt her.

Summer days
Teddy bears
Items of comfort
People she can trust
Warm hugs

Being locked up
Heavyset men
Being hungry
Being tired
Not being able to sleep
Yelling or raised voices

Naoko never knew her parents. The moment she was born, she was sent to a special school to teach the children how to work as a slave, because her mother had been working for a rich man at that time who liked to breed human beings to get the best bloodline possible for his slaves. Naoko was the product of a half-Asian man, and a Caucasian woman, both of whom had very good physical traits. When Naoko wasn't born with the best of both, the man sent her to the school, and when she finished with that, he sold her. She was only six at the time.

From there, she was sold to an even richer man who wanted her to help pick cotton in his fields with several other of his slaves. This man was much harsher than the last, and would beat the slaves if they didn't meet the quota they were supposed to. The first real beating Naoko got was when she was seven years old. She had lost an entire bucket of cotton when it fell into a river, and the man took her by her hair and stripped her of her shirt before tying her to a stake in the front yard for all to see as he whipped her back. Naoko twisted around, screaming, and got it on the stomach as well. The beating lasted for a good fifteen minutes, but it felt like an eternity, and she couldn't get up afterwards. This wasn't the only beating she ever got, either, as she messed up multiple times throughout her three years working for this man. After all, she was only a child.

That man didn't keep her long. At age nine, she was sold to an older man that she really liked. He didn't have as much money, or as good crops, but she liked that he wasn't as harsh with her. This man didn't beat her when she messed up - in fact, he was positive, and let her eat more than her previous masters. Still, she wasn't allowed to use the restroom inside, or eat with his family, but he did like her and was easy on her and all his slaves. She would have happily worked with him for the rest of her life, but alas, nothing lasts forever. She had only lived there for a year when the man was stricken with a heart attack and died, and she was sold to help pay for the funeral expenses.

This time, she was ten years old, and the man she was sold to was the absolute worst yet. He was six feet tall and easily weighed two hundred and fifty pounds, mostly muscle. He would take his slaves and beat them for sheer pleasure, at times even with his bare hands. He didn't like that Naoko was part Asian, so he beat her much more often than a lot of the others. Sometimes, he'd beat her for hours on end, when she did nothing at all wrong. Whips, chains, even a car antenna when he couldn't find anything else. Whatever he grabbed, he'd hit her with. If he were having a bad day, he'd go into her room and beat and abuse her to the point she was peeing herself and crying so hard she couldn't breathe. This went on for years and years, until her skin was so scarred on her stomach and back that they couldn't even be recognized as a young girl's body. Eventually, it wore her down to the point that she would freak out if she even saw one of the torture devices, sometimes even wake up shrieking in the middle of the night. But she had no one to comfort her, so she just endured it for years. She lost track of time, she lost track of her age. She didn't even really remember her full name anymore. Just Naoko.

One day, she was locked up in one of the dark rooms he used to torture her with, when she heard a commotion outside. She wasn't sure what it was, but she assumed she was going to be beaten, so she cowered in a corner. When the door opened and it wasn't her master, but instead a Weapon and Meister pair from the DWMA, she didn't know what to do. She went with them, of course - she was taught to obey - but she was skeptical. As it turned out, the man had been a Kishin egg and was killing his slaves to consume their souls. He preferred the way they tasted when they were teenagers, so he had been raising Naoko up for that purpose. Most of the other slaves had been eaten already, but she and a few others survived. She was taken to the dormitories at the DWMA and has lived there ever since, and when she found out that she herself was a Weapon, she decided to work hard to repay them for saving her life. She still lives there, and works very hard to try and pay back the debt she thinks she owes.

She gets frequent backaches and will have to get up in the middle of the night very often to get in a hot bath. She isn't too concerned with who sees her naked, nor is she concerned with seeing other people naked. As a slave, she was brought up to bathe with other slaves, so it isn't too out of the ordinary for someone to see her naked. It's better than having someone get in the same bath with you, in her opinion.

Naoko hates being dirty. She would literally cry her eyes out if she ruined any of her clothes, or if she got too dirty that she clouded up the bathwater. This also comes from being a slave - she rarely got baths, so when she got dirty, she stayed dirty. Sometimes, she forgets that she's free, and she doesn't remember that she can get in a bath whenever she wants or needs now.

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Naoko Minatsuki   Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:55 pm


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Naoko Minatsuki
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