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 Hui Kayazakoi

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PostSubject: Hui Kayazakoi   Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:44 pm

Except with markings
Name: Hui, Kayazakoi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Naoko

Substitute Weapons: The Phoenix Daggers, these daggers are two fairly large daggers that look like the feathers of a phoenix the blade is as light as a feather and can even fly through the air with ease as if gravity is nothing. The daggers are strong enough to withstand multiple blows and they can even fly back to his hand when thrown due to it being forever bonded to him. They are able to shift into wrist braces that hide them from view and makes him seem like he is not holding anything. The Phoenix blades are just the same except they are longer and stronger but lacks the same speed. The Phoenix Scythes are two short scythes that are very light and fast, they don't have the same damage as the sword but they are the fastest and best for fighting.

Appearance: Hui is a 6'7, young, 16 year old, white male. He has very bright red eyes that shine in the dark, though sometimes they can just seem dull and distant as if he is in constant thought. He always wears a poker face or a very serious face, occasionally smileing when he is happy. He has black markings all over his body from stars, to stripes, to things that look like barbed wire. A large "X" shaped scar is on his chest Hui also has a scar on his right cheek. On the back of his hands are stars with circles around them which are connected to some barbed wire markings that are connected to all the other markings. Hui wears black gloves on both of his hands, he also wears a tang top that shows a red target right on his chest. Over it he wears a trench coat along with long black jeans that fit loose around his legs. Hui useally has a belt wrapped around his waist with all sorts of potions and what not, the belt inclodes slots to hold potions and pouches for his money and smoke bombs. Hui has black combat boots that are not that fancy but are comfrotable and allow him to run with out anything holding him back, they also have blades that come out of the tips when activated.

Personality: Hui is a very serious man, his expression is always that of a person who is in a train of thought. His eyes can be full of light or dull and distant when he is thinking of either his past or something that he doesn't want to happen. Hui is very kind but do not get onto his bad side cause he will not hesitate to beat the crap out of you, male or female. Hui can eaisly get ticked off and has anger problems, able to be pissed off withing seconds. He likes to be dominant of any situation and he always wants to know his opponents like he knows himself. He will always fight opponents that challenge him or that seem stronger them him, he is very kind to people who have gained his trust but occasionally he will just be that silent guy that sits in the corner of the room and thinks about life. Hui has a soft spot for weak people who cannot defend themselves, he will protect them and of course befriend them. The reason for this is he used to be weak and treated like crap by his father for being weak and he never wants someone to feel the way he did. Hui has never thought of going out on a date or even liking osmeone he is too focused on missions and fighting kishin to care. He has a very rough,tough attitude and can sometimes be very cocky when he feels he will win. He hates failing he does not want to lose ever, he will push himself to his limits to win and will try to never loose, ever. He has a hobby, this hobby is collecting bottle tops from all sorts of time zones, he also loves Soda pop alot and is often seen drinking a bottle of it. Hui can overcome to madness when the blood seal on the back of his hand is unlocked, when this happens he will go completely insane and will laugh at everything. He will attack anyone that happens to come into his sight and he will not be afraid to kill them brutally. He often has control of this because it is only seal one he unlocks, not seal two. Hui is often caught talking to himself because a creature (Yamato) was sealed inside of him, this creature now speaks to him in his head and can be a asshole at times but he can also be pretty cool.

Weak people
Soda pop
Bottle tops
Powerful opponents

Annoying people
Overly dramtic people
The sound of people not shuting the f*ck up

History: Lets start from the start of his life, Hui was born on July he was raised with a meister as a father and a weapon as a mother. When he was five he was kidnapped, what happened to him was not known but when he came back, he was a different child, one thing they noticed was the "X" scar on his chest. His parents became worried and asked everyone if they could see what was wrong with him cause he would ignore him, no one knew. Meanwhile Hui talked to his not so imaginary friend, Yamato, he would make daily visits to him and see if his future host was alright, one day Yamato was killed by a weapon and meister combo. Hui didn't know this though, but his parents found that he was getting headaches occasionally and he would also be very distant at times. One day they even heard him talking to someone and when they went up to see who it was he was jsut alone in the middle of his room stareing at them. A few years passed and things continued to get strange, Hui would tell his parents stories of killing, all of them vivid and he was the one killing them. His parents sent him to therapists and doctors to see if they could help him with what ever was going on. Occasionally he would even change, becomeing someone that would try and attack them but luckly it wouldn't last long. One day they visited someone who said they knew what is going on, they told Hui's parents that a creature of some sorts was inside of their son and was takeing over. Hui's parents begged for the person to do something to help their baby.  The strange man said that he would do the best he could, so he went to work, he knocked Hui out (12) and began to burn seals of protection onto him, onetime hui punched the man hard in the gut and made him burn himself. So the man had to tie him down. He continued to burn the seals into Hui's body, chanting as he did so, as he chanted the room began to grow in heat. The man quickly worked and after a while the heat began to burn the man, it gave him third degree burns at the end but he continued, then when he was finished the flames died the stranger dieing with him. Outside the parents were trying to break down the doors which were locked and had the same seals that were on Hui. when they got in the were shocked to find the strangers body and there son unconcious, they quickly rushed him away where his burns were treated. From then on he was a normal child, he went to school where he became friends with a nice girl named Akatoshi. They would always travel together and she would ask about his marking, which he would reply the same answer "My parents have told me that ive had these sicne birth" occasionally Yamato would speak to him in his head but he mostly stayed silent for the seals took away his energy and made him have trouble even speaking.

One day while Hui and Aka were walking hom, they were attacked by a kishin Hui was 14 at the time and still pissed himself. Aka though started throwing bricks at him and telling him to go away, the kishin was unammused and knocked her aside like a rag doll and walked over to who was crying in a corner. The kishin then took out a sword and with one swift swing...killed Aka who had jumped infront of Hui just as the kishin had swinged. Hui watched as Aka fell to the floor lifeless, the color in her eyes fadeing away, he saw as the kishin pulled his blade out of Aka and pointed it to Hui. Saying "Shame your friend had to die like that, i was planning on having more fun with miss bravery. Now you die too, she wasted her life on a pathetic fool like you." That is when Hui finally broke, seeing his friend die before him and unable to do anything about it, crying like a wimp, he should have done something but he did nothing. Hui bursted into a fit of rage and the kishin, bursted into flames Yamato began to speak to Hui fueled by his rage he broke the chains holding him but he still couldn't control Hui. Hui then began to hit the kishin over the head with a pipe, killing the kishin before running away crying. Once he got home his parents asked what had happened but he just sat their stareing before passing out. When he awoke his parents rushed to his side and quickly began to tell them how they were worried. He jsut sat there blank, remembering how his only friend had died because he was too weak to help, too scared. He promised himself mentally that he would never do that again, he would be brave forever. Hui still had talks with Yamato, they became more constant and he began to see Yamato as a friend that he hated alot yet didn't at the same time. He joined the death weapon meist academy and started to train to become the best. One thing though, eh had no weapon, how would he be good with no weapon. Thats when Yamato told him of the phoenix daggers which were at his home, so like any boy wanting to prove themselves he went to said location and foudn the blades. They instantly latched onto him and would not let go no matter what, Yamato told Hui that he needed to accept the blades. So after some time Hui grew to accept the blades and they cam off at will and he could use them, he began to train Yamato as his instructer. Hui had no idea why Yamato was helping him, but he guessed that Yamato was his friend. Yamato really was prepareing for the day he took over Hui's body and had to use it as his own. He is now 17 and still fighting and training, he takes every mission he can, he never stops fighting and he never gets up. He always accepts any challenges and he always defends those who can not defend themselves.

Seal one unlocked: This is when he partially free's Yamato

How to activate: tracing the seal on his right or left hand with his blood. Anyone can activate this so it will work if he is out cold but it will only work once. Pure rage.

Pros: Inhanced Speed,Strength and Endurance. He is able to react faster to oncomeing attacks and He also has control over flames.

Cons: He will most likely be knocked unconcious after he uses up all his energy, he can only use so much power before going out because of energy loss and if he go's out of this willingly he will feel all the pain he had endured while the seal was broke. He can sometimes go out of control and harm those he wants to protect if they get in his way. The pain is only mentally, meaning it is not happening to his body but he feels like it is. He can sometimes even go into a complete shut down, where he has to go unconcious.

Body affects: His left eye becomes completely black with a red dot for the pupil, his teeth also grow sharp and he grows long sharp nails. He also grows a tail with a spike on the end of it also his voice becomes that of Yamato's.

Seal two unlocked: This is when he fully lets Yamato into his body only if they both agree.

How to activate: tracing the seal on his right or left hand with blood depending which one is already on. this will only work if they both agree.

Pros: His speed is increased even higher to where he can dodge alot of attacks, his strength increases so much to where he can tear a bench out of the ground and he can also stop a car speeding at him. He can now take getting hit by a moped or pipe and act as if it was nothing. He can also set his phonix blades on fire, but this fire is white fire and very deadly.

Cons: Yamato is in full control of his body and will attack his opponent but he will also kill anyone he see's, Yamato will have a total of twenty minutes in this form before he has to be sealed back, if he doesn't then he will take over Hui completely and Hui will be lost in his mind forever. When exciting this form Hui will go into a coma like state for a day, once awake he will feel all the pain he endured but will not have any of the wounds. Yamato also can sometimes not even attack the targets but instead Hui's friends or innocents, he may even team up with the target. The pain is only mentally, meaning it is not happening to his body but he feels like it is. He can sometimes even go into a complete shut down, where he has to go into another coma.

Body affects: Hui's tail grows into two long spiked tail, with points all over it's length. He also grows two leathery, bat wing on his back taht allows him to fly and both his eyes become black with a red pupil. Hui's teeth will become saber and spikes will grow on his back often going through his clothing, anotjer noticible thing is that the markings complete vanish. He also grows two ram horns on his head.

Have you read the rules?
Soul Resonance

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PostSubject: Re: Hui Kayazakoi   Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:27 am

I really, really like him!

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Hui Kayazakoi
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