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 Zian. The Kishin of Greed?

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belac uchiha reborn

belac uchiha reborn

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Zian. The Kishin of Greed? Empty
PostSubject: Zian. The Kishin of Greed?   Zian. The Kishin of Greed? Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2014 6:17 pm

Zian. The Kishin of Greed? Vlcsnap-180829

Name: Zian “Greed”
Age: 29
Gender: boy
Weapon: None so far. I expect a dark weapon, NO LESS. And it must be powerful, I don’t want a piece of crap. (Fire is making it)
Appearance: He is of average build, and height. He has orange spikey hair, and green eyes. He normally wears a white tank top, with a black and blue jersey over it, along with black pants and sneakers. He usually has the shoulder straps of the tank top on his forearm.

Personality: I believe this quote sums him up. “I AM Greed, I want it all. You name it, I want it. Women, money, fame, sex, glory, rank, power, I desire the finer things in life.”

Zian wants everything. Be it Money, power, or knowledge, he wants it all. He sees everything as his possessions, nothing more. He HATES it when people steal from him, whether it’s killing a pawn, or stealing his money, it is all the same. He wants the world in the palm of his hand NO MATTER WHAT. He only does things that benefit him, even wanting immortality. At his core, he is who he is, which is the embodiment of greed it’s self.

Likes: owning anything
Dislikes: people “stealing” from him
Being interrupted
People getting on his nerves
Being showed up
History: Born in Florida, Zian already had greed inside of him. Being the first and only son of his family, he was spoiled rotten. He named it, and he got it. Later on, when he was ten, he had an older brother. His parents started spoiling his little brother, which Zian hated. He eventually killed his brother, hoping his parents would focus on him. When he did, he saw the soul and wanted to eat it, and so he did. Sadly, his parents didn't do as he had thought, and went into a great depression. After months of trying to get them to pay attention to him, he got tired and killed them too. Police came by, and were killed by him. Eventually, so many people had died, it was posted as off limits and rumored to be haunted by a black demonic looking figure, with fiery red eyes, and sharp teeth. He now travels the world, seeking to fill the missing hole his parents left with the world it's self.

Other: Despite being Greed, he envies human’s ability to make and have friends, and often seen “pitying” those when they are with their friends, though he truly observing.
Have you read the rules? let’s go soul resonance.

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Zian. The Kishin of Greed? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zian. The Kishin of Greed?   Zian. The Kishin of Greed? Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2015 8:08 pm

Iron Shield.
-No. First of all, the rules changed. If you want Greed to gain more powers for a certain power, they have to be a seperate thing. He can't get enhanced strength and then claws at the same time.
-Second, No Iron shield in general. Or at least, not the first ability. Or top 7, for that matter.

Strength and speed:
No constant stat enhancing. No making him run like a car.

Master thief:
-What does that even mean? How does he do that? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Soul sense: No. No one will ever catch him, and it breaks all the fucking meta when your character knows everything about other people's characters. I say no one will catch him because he will know their past, which means everything up to the point before he looked at him, and he would know they were after him and a student of the DWMA.

60 soul ability. Explain some more. Too vague. What does the magic do? How does the stuff he moved work? Can he just choke someone wearing a necklace?

Shadow of Greed: Tone down a bit.

80 soul ability: Explain some more on how the process works and what he can do with it.

90 S.A.: If you are doing something like this, it needs to have a X number of YOUR post cooldown, how long it last in post of yours, and some sort of will check.

His Iron shield has more muscles then his actual pic.

Change his personality up a bit. I know he's greed, but don't directly rip off FMA: Brotherhood.

Zian. The Kishin of Greed? 704ed2ced915d24ea69edc2b30fef686fcb2e5cf18b55395f7372ee5c8148bd4_1
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Zian. The Kishin of Greed?
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