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PostSubject: Yuki   Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:38 pm

Name: Yukiko Yamada

Gender: Female

Age: Age is frozen at 16. Her actual age is around 40.

Species: Human cursed by a hyena witch.  

Appearance: Yuki has three forms.

In her first form Yuki looks pretty human. At about 5"2, She has long black hair and a slender build. Her skin is always pale. Her usual outfit consists of a purple spaghetti strap tank top with black jeans. She ties up her hair with a purple ribbon. She wears purple high tops. She carries a sheathed katana at her side with purple ribbon wrapped around the handle and a snowflake shaped guard.

In her second form she becomes more beast like. Her ears come to a point and her teeth sharpen. Her fingertips grow claws and she gains various markings on her body. Black lines extend all the way down her arms and each side of her face has a thick black dash.

Her third form is her "Demon" form. She no longer looks human. Standing at about 15 feet tall, She has lengthened and bony for arms with bony fingers. She has large claws on her hands. Her legs are also longer and usually crouched. She has two short horns that stick out of her head. Her head has a more canine-like appearance and her hair has receded to a hyena-like mane down her elongated neck. Her sword is set aside. Yuki hates this form and will not ask to use it. She must be ordered to "transform into demon form." By her master.

Personality: Yuki is a very happy girl. She acts as more of a pet than a person. She often refers to her master literally as "Master" instead of his/her name. She loves to be close to her master and is always happy to see them. If she likes her master she may even claim "I love Master.". She doesn't mean this as she is romantically interested. It just means she loves them as a loyal dog loves it's owner. She is very bubbly and often over trusting of anyone. Often times she can be seen observing anything she can find. She is also extremely curious and loves to explore. Yuki isn't that smart due to her amnesia and will often ask for the meaning to big words or help figuring things out.





Other: Theme color is lavender.

Have you read the rules?

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