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 Nagisa Syrenne

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PostSubject: Nagisa Syrenne   Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:41 am

Syrenne, Nagisa

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Weapon: Deck Error

Nagisa is a rather average-height young lady, standing in at about 5'5" or so. Her body isn't thick or skinny, though she is pretty slender. She weighs about 110 pounds, and has pretty supple hips and a chest that's a little bit more than an A-cup. Still, her weight spikes down every now and again, and sometimes her cheeks are a little hollowed out, though she tries to make this as under the radar as possible. Her skin doesn't have a healthy glow like it should, though it is a pretty light tan color, and she always has a light blush on her cheeks. Her hair is pale reddish-brown, and is usually kept rather neat and pretty, with sideswept bangs and a few waves. It reaches just below her shoulder blades in the back, but is shorter in the front. Her eyes are very striking - they're a dark amber color, and are darker on the top than bottom. They're one of the prettiest things about her, not that she's a very spectacularly beautiful specimen or anything. She's all average, but her eyes are anything but. Full of life and showing every emotion she happens to feel, they definitely reflect who the real Nagisa is, whether the rest of her body does or not.
Nagisa's clothing is very layered, as she hates getting cold. She starts off with a white button-up shirt with a fold over collar, and this goes down over her bottom in the back. Then she puts on a thicker tan sweater over the top of that, which is a bit too big for her. She wears a ruffled short skirt below that, in a red color, and always has on shorts underneath it. She wears black tights that cut off mid thigh, then pink leg warmers, and over the top of that, her favorite white combat boots with red and white laces. She doesn't wear any jewelry, because she doesn't feel like it looks good on her.

Much like her appearance, Nagisa's personality doesn't come across as anything more than average. She's gentle, smart and level-headed, even-tempered and seemingly happy all the time. Almost nothing at all can make her mad, and that is a weakness in itself. She is very concerned with rules, but of course at the same time isn't afraid to break one or two every now and then. She is average on the outside, to people who don't know her. However, to the people who really know her and who she loves, they will know otherwise. Nagisa is a very determined individual, and will do anything on this planet for people she loves. Protective and focused when someone is in danger, she will throw away her life instantaneously to save a friend or family member. She's very brave, and handles dangerous situations well, as she isn't afraid of too much. What she lacks physically can be made up for in heart. Nagisa is a fighter through and through. She works hard - at times, far too hard. She can run herself into exhaustion over something she's working on, be it physical activity, or just studying too much. But still, she hates to disappoint anyone, and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove herself. Definitely not a girly girl, but still feminine, Nagisa loves being outside and in the sunshine. She gets depressed very easily on rainy days, or when she has to stay inside. But even then, even when she's sick, or when the weather's bad, or when things look like they aren't going to be okay, Nagisa does not lose hope. She looks on the bright side of things, no matter what. There has never been a day when she was pessimistic, no matter the circumstance. This can get annoying at times, but she doesn't care. She needs it to get herself through the day, whether the optimism is just false hope or not.

Candy apples
Almost all colors but gray
Going to the beach
Drawing and painting

Dull colors
The rain
Being stuck in bed
Bitter food
When she can't eat
The thought of death

Nagisa grew up in a little apartment with her mother, father, and two older sisters, in the slums of Detroit, Michigan. They never had much money, but they were a very loving family, and always stuck together. Nagisa has always been very sick. For her whole life, she's been plagued by an illness that has stolen so many days from her, by causing her great pain. She can't even get out of bed on a bad day, and she can't eat. There have been times when she was walking, and she would just collapse on the ground in a sort of seizure.

It started when she was very young. The first episode happened when she was two years old, at her birthday party. She was just playing tag out in the yard, and suddenly fell over, throwing up. It happened on a regular basis since then, and she has always had problems from it. And it doesn't just cause throwing up. Her muscles are weaker from the disease, so sometimes even more embarrassing things happen. In elementary school, she would have problems making it to the bathroom, and almost always had to ask to go during class. At one point, she was denied access, and ended up wetting herself when the teacher called her up to demonstrate a problem at the board. Ever since then, she was teased for it, though none of the bullies knew her real problem.

The bullying eventually got very severe, since she would sometimes just have episodes out of nowhere, and some people thought she was doing it for attention. She nearly got beaten up one day, had her sister not picked her up just in time to save her. Her parents tried to get her to call the principal and tell him, but Nagisa refused, not wanting to start any more problems.

By the time she graduated from elementary school, her parents had pulled her out. Not only had the bullying got too severe, but she was too sick to do anything but sleep. She did nothing but sleep, eat occasionally, and wake for a bath every now and then for an entire year. This was until they finally got enough money to take her to the doctor, who prescribed her a certain medication that would help her stay awake. It wouldn't do much for the other parts of the illness, but at least it kept her awake enough so that she could actually go to school again.

She started to learn how to fight against the symptoms on her own, and for the entirety of her middle school experience, she had very few problems. She didn't get bullied as often, she rarely passed out, and she didn't have any more accidents. She did throw up once or twice, but that was when she was alone in the restroom. She relapsed one time, and got sick in front of everyone, but that wasn't mentioned again. Everyone felt bad for her, because the teacher wouldn't allow her to go to the restroom, and she ended up throwing up in the class room trash can.

It was around her third year of middle school that she heard about the DWMA. She kept it a secret from her parents, and worked hard to try and get stronger every single day, just so she could work up to it. She wanted to help people, and she wanted to prove that she was strong enough to actually do something other than lay in bed all day. She wanted her family not to baby her and pretend that she wasn't strong enough to do things just like everyone else. Eventually, she worked up the courage to tell her parents that she wanted to go, and after much persuasion (and slight begging), they finally said yes. But there was a condition. She had to live with her weapon partner, and she had to make regular calls to tell them how she was doing. She agreed, and at age 14, they let her join the DWMA.

-Nagisa is absolutely terrified of two things: One - she is scared that one day, she will fall asleep and never wake up. She hates the thought of death. Two - she is scared that someone will find out about her illness and tease her again. She's terrified that everyone will think she's a freak again and tease and harass her.
-She also wets the bed every now and then, since her muscles aren't strong enough at times. She's incredibly embarrassed by this, and doesn't tell anyone at all. She just cleans it up and pretends it doesn't happen.
-She relapses quite often, and gets sick almost all the time. She's never not in pain, but she doesn't show it.
-She can't lift anything heavy - anything over 10 pounds, and she gets sick.
-She generally has one or two bad days a week. It's a miracle if she gets through a whole week without getting sick.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go, yada yada yada.


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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa Syrenne   Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:12 am

Approved... This character is interesting.

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Nagisa Syrenne
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