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 Salem The Panda Witch

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PostSubject: Salem The Panda Witch   Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:59 pm

Age: 17
Gender: boy
Animal Form: giant panda bear although he can very the size to a small teddy bear sized one.
Weapon: A steel kanebo
Appearance: Salem  is a young man with short dark blonde hair and bright green eyes. He is average height and often wears opaque sunglasses to hide his expressions. He tends to often have an almost sleepy or simply hypnotic expression no matter what the situation. His outfit consists of a black tanktop and a bright red beanie which partially covers his hair. He also has pierced ears and wears a pair of black jeans combined with black combat boots with a red symbol on the side., He also occasionally wears a red and black hoodie. He has a toned and lean build which, coupled with his features makes him quite handsome. However he usually tends to stay away from people since he usually picks up on their dreams and aspirations which tends to become overwhelming in large numbers.
Personality: Salem is pretty much the master at not caring. The guy is pretty much unfazed by almost any severe event. He simply reasons that there isn't a way to change it and so there isn't a point in getting so upset about something he can't change. Despite this he does believe in the common good and will do what he can against evil. However as of late he has become somewhat of a wild card as since he is directly influenced by the dreams of those around him his loyalties tend to shift frequently. Some of his personality represents the darker more sinister side of dreaming and sleep. This is reflected in his ability to cause nightmares and put people to sleep.
Likes: Napping, graveyards, he also tends to be a fan of bamboo shaped candy do to his animal theme.
Dislikes: Ignorance, Stupidity, Frigid people, Nerds.
History: Salem was born into a family of bear witches. He was easily accepted into his family and was quite happy with his life there. However he eventually began to wonder about the outside world. All his life he had lived in a closed off and stable place. He wanted to see more of life and so he set off. He soon arrived at the DWMA where he settled in once he got word that his mother had passed away.

Dream Panda InvasionSalem infiltrates the dreams of his target. While he may not actually affect this state he is free to socialize with the person inside and leave at his leisure.Panda Panda Dream Sneak Communicate.
Dream Panda ManipulationSalem takes control of the dream. He can shape it into a world of his choosing good or bad. However this has to affect in the real world.Dream Panda Dream Cage.
Sleep PandaSleep Panda allows him to put his target to sleep. Rather than putting his target to sleep by force, he convinces them to take a nap.dream, panda, sleep talk,
HypnosisHis voice becomes hypnotic and suggestive. The person is not controlled but rather persuaded to do what he wants them to. Strong willed people can resist it although if he pushes hard enough he can cause severe mental damage such as temporary amnesiaPanda Deep Rumble Cry.
Other: He is still just a teenager and somewhat naive about things related to romance.
Have you read the rules?
("Lets Go Soul Reasonance!")

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PostSubject: Re: Salem The Panda Witch   Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:28 pm

Alright-y then, this looks pretty good!

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Salem The Panda Witch
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