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 Lance & Vince

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Sir Ryth


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PostSubject: Lance & Vince   Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:37 pm

Name: Lance

Name: Vincent
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Animal Form: Mocking Bird
Weapon: Vincent uses a turn table as a catalyst. Lance uses a violin as a catalyst.
  Lance is taller then his twin standing at 6"11 and having a slightly slim and muscular build. His skin is pale and his eyes faintly glow dark blue. His hair is mostly kept above eye level and is also a dark blue. Most of the time he will wear formal clothing such at suits. Pinned to his suit pocket is a sapphire pendent in the design of a music note.
  Vince is slightly smaller compared to his twin standing at 6"7 and having a more slim build. He is also pale but his eyes glow a brighter shade of blue. His hair is also a bright blue and is kept however he feels it should be, right now it is chin length. He mostly throws on his favorite clothing consisting of, a t-shirt, jacket, pants, and boots. On the chest of his jacket he wears a sapphire pendent in the design of a vinyl record.
  Both of the twins act somewhat similar most of the time but have some differences. Lance can be more reserved and sophisticated, he prefers practicing his violin in his spare time and going to orchestras if he is not already playing in one. Vince can be more outgoing and energetic. He likes hanging out around friends and practicing his music on his floating turn table. Both of them act polite are people they like and act well behaved around people they respect. When they get mad they can be quite agressive while Lance uses a refined, precise style and Vince uses his energetic high paced actions. They prefer to avoid starting a fight but do not mind ending it.
Lance; Instruments, books, and fine dining.
Vince; Loud music, parties, and animals.
Dislikes: They both dislike people who act rude toward them or friends and anyone who tries to steal from them, mainly their instrument.
  They were both quite close to each other since birth. They mother was a witch and father was a normal person who was a greatly talented musician. Lance always preferred practicing instruments with his father while Vince was more drawn to energetic sounding music such as dubstep ever since he first heard it. They were both trained with magic and given magic infused instruments. Their family were above average in wealth and were raised to have some manners when around other people. Once they were able to, Lance began playing music in any orchestra that would hire him to work and Vince found a job working as the dj of a club. They live with eachother in an nicely sized apartment in the better part of Death City.
Combust & ReturnIf his violin is taken from him, he can command it to burst in the thief's hands and reforms in Lance's hands.Occurs when Lance commands, "Return"
Melody boltThrough playing soft, melodic music, his violin sends out a bolt of energy at his target.N/A
Revitilizing BallodPlaying a few choice notes, magic will surround him and anyone listening in a close proximity and heal them.N/A
Sharp NotesMusic that causes his bowstring to be infused with a magic that causes it to be sharp and usable as a weapon. N/A
Music StopperAnyone who tries to take his instrument, the turn table will explode in bright colors and reform in his hands."Return"
Overwhelming WubsPlays intense music that hurts the hearing of people hearing it, and temporarily deafen anyone in a close proximity.N/A
Dubstep BarsPlays extended notes that causes 6 colorful columns to burst out of the ground aimed at his enemy.N/A
Blade of WubsMusic notes that creates a blade formed of energy to use as a melee weapon.N/A
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resonance!

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Prinny Emalia
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PostSubject: Re: Lance & Vince   Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:35 pm

Looks good... though they really should have separate apps, they're similar enough to share one I suppose. Approved

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Lance & Vince
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