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 Enma Yuuichi (the tempest)

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PostSubject: Enma Yuuichi (the tempest)   Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:37 pm

Name: Enma Yuuichi
Age: 15
Gender: boy
Animal Form: A grizzly bear
Weapon: He doesn't use one since he is really strong
Appearance: Enma has short spiky navy blue hair. He also has pale skin tone like other characters despite being in the sun for so long during his animal form transformations. He wears an unbuttoned dark purple jacket that looks like a cape with a red black t-shirt underneath that has the end of the sleeves black. He has strange kohl like markings around his eyes and they are a bright amber. He also has a tall slim build.
Personality: Enma was first very hostile to being a witch despite being very good at it. He is cold and hard and has little time for compassion or weakness. However he does have a caring side as when his older brother got paralyzed and eventually died he was saddened. After his brother's death he became emotionless and cold. However he can still ocassionally show wonder.
Likes: Swimming, Soccer, Magic, Fighting, Fish
Dislikes: Kishin Eggs, Dark Weapons, Some Meisters, The DWMA.
History: Enma was born in a family of witches. However he refused to use magic. One they his family was attacked and his brother was paralyzed because of his refusing to use magic. He became a lot more cold after the death and studied to become as strong as possible.

Claw CrusherHe swings his hand causing a massive 9 meter bear claw to grow from a nearby surface and attack the enemy. Also used as a wall or shieldgrizzly, grizzly,grizzly, claw!
Grizzly AuraHe gets a tremendous boost in strength and endurance at the cost of speed. He can now deliver attacks that have enough strength behind them to shear through bone or dent steel. He can also take cuts and hits that would normally have seriously injured him.Grizzly, Grizzly, Grizzly Aura
Bear BiteGiant jaws made of blackish energy appear around the enemy and bite down holding them in place. This eventually wears off after twenty minutes.Grizzly, Grizzly, Crunch, Bite, Snap
Other: He gets along with other witches and has a wide reputation
Have you read the rules?
(Lets go Soul Resonance!)[/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Enma Yuuichi (the tempest)   Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:59 pm

One nasty bear monster, comin' your way!~

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Enma Yuuichi (the tempest)
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