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PostSubject: Saevit   Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:31 am

Name: Saevit(No last name)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Weapon: Saevit relies on two powerful, irremovable gauntlets as his weapons of choice. Of course he can use regular weapons, and demon weapons, but these are his primary tools for fighting.

Appearance:  Saevit resembles a typical man of his age in terms of physical attributes, and is also quite well built. He stands at a rather tall 6'5" and possesses long black hair along with deep ruby eyes, probably his most recognizable feature. Saevit lacks any real natural hands, so thus instead have silver gauntlets that take the hand's place instead, which give him extra hand strength as a result. An example of the strength that the gauntlets posses would be that he is able to crush rocks with his bare gauntlets. As Saevit consumes more souls he will begin to get more cracks into his skin and occasional blotches of removed skin that exposes raw flesh. Saevit typically wears a dark green button up shirt with a brown suit jacket with khakis, and loafers. He is also seen carrying a book, in which he typically writes his "findings."

Personality: Saevit to most people seems like someone who genuinely cares about most people, even strangers. He often offers advice to others and is willing physically aid them in improving themselves. These actions are typically down out of empathy from his own experiences. With that being said Saevit actually has a major superiority complex. He wishes to improve himself in most ways possible, even if it's by heinous or unacceptable means. He sees those who refuse, or simply won't improve themselves as beings who don't deserve to live, which makes up most people he typically encounters. He sees those who simply are slackers, or refuse to further themselves as stepping stones for those who actually want to improve, but as he gets more souls, or takes more notes in his "research" He will assume that no one but he is really pushing themselves, and that the road to perfection is only reserved for the best: him.

Likes: Knowledge, Punishing slackers, Studying, Helping people.

Dislikes: Slackers, Failing, Losing, Underachieving, his past.

History: Saevit used to belong to a poor orphanage, as his parents simply gave him up at a young age. He was born out of wedlock, and with the parents unable to afford proper care for the child, they simply gave him up to a local orphanage. Saevit as a child had no real name, no official name that defined him, or even a last name for that matter. He was simply known as "boy," a name that had no meaning, no purpose, other than to have others call for him. He was never adopted, he was always overlooked, by potential parents, or even his caretakers. However hope would soon shine in, as a nice young lady woud stroll in the orphanage one day and chose him, giving him the official name of "Saevit". Why him? He wondered. He was no better than the other kids, if anything he was probably worse due to the way he was treated. But he was believed that she saw something in him. Something that she saw to whisk him away from this place. What would await him though? Lands of happiness? Sugar? Love? All this was proven nothing...more than a dream. Something that would never be, nor something that he could ever hope for. His new "mother" was nothing more than a witch, a witch who chose him specifically due to lack of will. Lack of will to fight back, something he was never taught, nor could care less about. The witch needed him to try an experiment of sorts, an experiment to try and merge weapons wit that of humans. Her subjects? Him, and two twin gauntlets. The witch removed Saevi'ts hands, and forced the two twins into weapon form, and placed them where his hands used to be, forcing a special sort of resonance. The resonance not only synced their souls, but also aimed to combine them, both into one single being that would work in perfect sync! However during the attempts, the twins died, and Saevit was left in subpar condition, with the souls as opposed to being synced perfectly with his, were now apart of him. The body consumed the souls...making him a Kishin Egg.

The witch needless to say was pleased with the experiment, and subjected him to more, and forced him to work as a slave. He was treated like a lesser being. Someone who was less than worthless. Sub-human. He lived in poor conditions and was treated like a caged animal, forced to adhere to the bidding of the witch, his "mother" that he thought he would have. But soon he would be free of his "mother," as she would be killed by a weapon and meister group, with him spared. He was forced to wander as a teenage boy, wishing that he could renounce his newly acquired name and aim for the stars. He wished that he could be the one at the top, as oppose to those who were treated like vermin. So he thought to himself "Why couldn't I?" and aimed to do just that, oddly enough only beginning his ambition to consume souls as he deducted that it would be "the only way." Now posing as a philosopher, he wanders practically homeless seeking for those who wish not to further themselves, using them as a stepping stone to achieve his own greatness.

Powers: stuff you get from eating souls, being a kishin egg you start with 20, and can access two of your powers, please try not to be too OP with it.

Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Have you read the rules?
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