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 Six O'Clock, at the DWMA

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PostSubject: Six O'Clock, at the DWMA   Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:23 pm

Deck took in a deep breath. He had two hours before his first day at the DWMA. Currently, he had just finished a jog. There was a chance, a SMALL chance, that he wouldn't get a meister. So, he had, the whole past week, been training like crazy. After all, if he didn't get a meister, he would have to do missions on his own. And if he wanted to do missions on his own, he had to be as badass as possible to stand up against the kinda monsters kishin eggs usually were. And that wasn't even counting witches. Goddamn it would be a nightmare to fight those things without a meister.

The place where he was currently musing was in front of the DWMA. He was waiting for school to start, so he could begin classes. As far as physical classes went, his rigorous training method covered that, so he had packed as many strategy, science, and combat training. He genuinely hoped it would be enough. 

Meh, why worry about it? 

With that, he pressed a button on his headphones, and leaned back as they started pumping music right to his ears.
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Six O'Clock, at the DWMA
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