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 Gia Denkin

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PostSubject: Gia Denkin    Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:23 am

Name: Gia Denkin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Animal Form: Rainbow Parrot
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Gia's a smaller woman standing about 4'10" with an average, thin build. Her hair is down to her upper arms and pearly purple. Her clothing consists of a flight jacket with a furry neck and cuffs. Her pants are dark grey parachute pants and her shoes are knee-high, black combat boots with buckles. Her eye color is a shimmery maroon color and she usually wears gloves.
Personality:  Gia is absolutely fascinated with planes! In her free time, she will usually sit just outside of the airport and watch the planes fly in and out of the complex. Her everyday expression is usually quiet and self-conscious. It's very rare that she does things without knowing what she's doing. But making friends is hard for her. All she ever really wants to talk about is planes once she gets to meet you well enough.

Her own little hideout actually is a downed aero plane located in an old plane graveyard. She spends all of her time there flying her own little RC jets and planes around the old, abandoned runway. That's her only source of amusement when she isn't bugging others.

Despite her quietness around everybody, she's really talkative if she enjoys your company.
Likes: Planes, Studying and researching the Bermuda Triangle, using her RC vehicles to play pranks or spy on people
Dislikes: People talking about her father's disappearance, romantic movies
History: When Gia was younger, she was daddy's little girl. That's where she gets her plane obsession. Since he was a volunteer in the Royal Navy as a fighter pilot, she was around vehicles of flight almost 24/7. What she doesn't know, is that she is a witch. Her blood mother left her with her father as a witch. She only wanted world domination. Nothing else. But she didn't tell her father that. She simply left saying she had to travel somewhere for a long time. More as a break than anything.

Around the time Gia was turning 17, it was also around the time her father was supposed to be coming home. But weeks had passed and he hadn't ever showed up. Those weeks turned into months and those months became a year. And after hearing from a close friend of his who also worked under the Royal Navy, she knew what had happened. Her father had disappeared without any hint as to where he went. But in the following years, more planes and ships were disappearing just south of the United States. The Bermuda Triangle. For that, she knew she had to find him there. There really wasn't any other suspected place he could've possibly disappeared. The chains of events led her to establishing her home in The Bermuda Traingle from her home town in Italy.

Even now, she is still searching for her father. When people touch on the topic, she becomes tempered and hates it when people do so.

Rainbow StormIn a flash of colors, Gia will create a huge air gust with her wings in her animal form that makes razor sharp, rainbow colored feather-blades fly in a 180 degree half-circle around her at her enemy.Rainbow-Storm!
Obnoxious RainforestA nose dive from high heights will end with her suddenly spreading her wings. It causes boiling water droplets to fall at any given angle at her enemies.Rainforest!
Rainbow ShieldIn her human form, Gia can turn her arms into large, rainbow wings of steel. She can block herself, but the blow will sometimes knock her backwards.Rainshield!
TalontedIn her human form, Gia will give the word, and slash at an enemy from a distance. Despite being at a distance, the attack can cause an enemy to fall or stumble. It doesn't cause physical harm unless done to themselves after they fall.Birdy's Gift!

Other: Gia will usually carry a medium sized suitcase with a RC plane and a stealth RC helicopter. The helicopter is quiet enough to stalk somebody without being noticed at close distances. With the vehicles is an eye peice and a microphone that allows Gia to hear and see everything the people on the other line are saying or doing.
Have you read the rules?
Let's Go, Soul Resonance!

Spencer D. Hidgefield--Meister (Kataro)
Achilles Olish--Monster||Hellhound
Gia Denkin--Witch||Rainbow Parrot

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PostSubject: Re: Gia Denkin    Wed Jun 04, 2014 12:26 pm

I LOVE this characters personality! Talonted huh? xD

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Gia Denkin
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