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 Garuda and Ryflx Grande (NPC's)

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PostSubject: Garuda and Ryflx Grande (NPC's)   Garuda and Ryflx Grande (NPC's) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2014 6:57 pm

Garuda and Ryflx Grande (NPC's) Anime-girls-blue-and-black-hair-manga-bright-gray-bicolored-246109
Name: Garuda Grande(left) and Ryflx Grande(right)
Age: Garuda is 16 and Ryflx is 14
Gender: both of them are girls
Weapon Form:
Ryflx's form: Ryflx's first version of this weapon is a sword, the sword is a double edged, one handed, long sword. It has a navy blue handle and hilt with a sky blue blade. The blade is fairly sharp and can cut through a tree and sometimes thicker items, how will be explained. The blade of the sword is very strong and can withstand immense pressure from an oncoming attack. The handle is custom fitted to Uka’s grip, the hilt of the blade is sharp and pointed. The hilt can be shot out, a tough wire is attached to it that can either pulls something close to Uka or pull himself to them or away. The next form is a double sided spear with spears on both ends. The other change is how the handle is now made into that of a spears handle and how it also grew in length about the size of Uka’s entire body, including the spear heads. (5’4, he is 5’8) The two spear heads can be shot out, the front and back both act like grapples unhooking smaller spear heads from the sides that help it stick into walls. Another feature of the spear is that it can cover itself in a blue glow (something the sword does too) what this does is that it helps it cut through much thicker and harder things to cut, it also makes it able to make a sort of force wave when stabbed into the ground, knocking opponents back.

Garuda's weapon form: Garuda is his shield it is a large circle shield that is navy blue in the center and light blue on the sides, the holder for it is the shape of his arm from wrist to elbow another feature is how two handles can come up that allow him to place his feet into the holds. He can ride the shield sort of like a surfboard except it is smooth enough to ride on any surface. The light blue sides can be used to cut through kishin and witch fairly eaisly, sort of like a katana on a shield, it too can use the blue glow. When using the blue glow he is able to now only make the shield come back to him but he can also do the same force thing the swords can do except it is whenever he hits an object or something hits the shield. He can throw the shield as a projectile, it can bounce off of hard surfaces if the side blades are turned off but goes straight through stuff like tree’s if the side blades are turned on. The shield can also change into a gun, how this happens is the shield shrinks down to a more smaller size and a gun barrel pops out of the top, this can shoot single burst rounds or it can rapid fire it can also expand in size along with shrink in size.

Miester: Ukaria Ursa

Garuda is a 5'4 white and black haired girl, she normalyl wears a sort of crystal in her hair along with holding one in her pocket.She normally wears a black and neon blue uniform with black tights and black sandals. The left arm of her uniform is white while the other one his black with a white wrapping around it's arm, she normally carries around a grey purse. Her hair is long, smooth and always well kept no matter what she will always fidn a way to fix up her hair perfectly. He eyes are a neon blue and it shines jsut like Uka's when she is excited or joyful but this is not always. She has black eyelashes and black eyebrows.

Ryflx is 4'5 and she is the youngest girl, she has pure snowy white hair that is always messy and unkept. She normally wears a school girl unifrom that is black and neon blue jsut like her sisters, she normalyl carries aroudn a necklace with a dice on it for good luck. She also wears a neon bowtie that shiens amazeingly bright. She never wears any shoes nor does she wear tights like her sister she prefers not to. Ryflx's eyes are amazingly neon and shiny no matter what, both of her eyes are fully neon in color with pupils. She ahs white eyelashes and black eyebrows.

Garuda is a more protective individual, she will defend Uka and Ryflx with her lfie and will never leave either of their sides. She thinks Uka can be a idiot sometimes but she loves him all the more, she is a calm and cool person at times but at other times she can be silent and angry. She will just simpyl stare at people she doesn't like with hate and always seems to have a poker face on or a angry face on her. She prefers to be more tactical and always gives Uka advice on what his actiosn should be and what he should do. Uka has a love for sweets and anything that is food related and she also likes to color and paint. She will not participate and any sexual act unless she truely feels something for that someone but that will most likely never happen. She has a very stern voice and will be very commanding if she has to be, she likes things to go as she plans. Garuda likes to listen to any kind of music, she simply loves the sound of steady beats or the fast paced beats of other songs. Garuda is very kind when it comes to her friends and she will protect you like she protects Uka and Ryflx but that is only if she likes you alot and that means something. Garuda can sometimes be very grumpy on days when she is not at her best and sometimes won't even listen to Uka unless they are in a battle.

Ryflx is a very happy person, she likes to hop around and dance, having fun whenever she can. She can be alittle over the top and sometimes idiotic when she doesn't put her midn to things but she is someoenthat peopel will get along with. She has a way of calming down people even if they are really really mad, he voice is sweet like honey and never gets rough with anger. She is very curious about things she see's all around her wether it be the bee's in the sky or the worms in the ground. She likes things that other girls would often think as gross, picking up worm,spiders and hugging them like a mother would her child. She has a habit of causeing trouble or getting herseklf into trouble with her sister or Uka, she always sticks by her sister side who sticks by Uka's side. She thinks her sister has a big crush on Uka because she hang around him alot and can sometimes get very jealous about this, but she loves Uka as much as Garuda but maybe jsut a bit more. She has a intrest in technologyand always ask's Uka to show her how everything computer related works. She loves to sing and her sister will often encourage her to sing to others mostly because she is proud of her, Ryflx likes to put on a show for others and make them smile. She is a very, very sweet girl and it is no surprise she is more liked than her sister who she useally calls Miss Grumpy Pants.

Both of them like Uka
Both of them like eachother
Garuda likes sweets
Ryflx likes bugs and arachnids
Garuda lieks protecting the two
Ryflx likes intresting things
Garuda likes music
Ryflx likes computers

Both of them hate it when Uka is hurt
Both of them dislike sour things
Garuda hates it when her hair is messed up
Ryflx dislikes mean people
Garuda dislikes peopel who are mean to Uka or Ryflx
Ryflx dislikes being hurt
Garuda dislikes country music

History: This is a histroy of the two from a neither of there views, Garuda and Ryflx were both very good children everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved them. Their parents were weapons and were close to Uka's parents and thats how they met up Uka and the girls. At the age of 6 and 8 they had met Uka, he was a very shy boy and would often never talk to the girls but still there parents continued to get them together so soon enough they were close friends after a while. Garuda was clsoer to him than Ryflx because she normally would sneak out at night and they would chat, this was when she was 12 and her sister was 10. Uka would tell her about his dreams of beign a meister at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Garuda would also tell him of her dreams about being a Weapon at the academy and together they planend to go. What neither of them knew was that Ryflx wanted to go there too and one day she caught her sister walking out and followed. When they spoke of the DMWA dreams she showed herself and said she really wanted to come with them, they insisted that she stay but she was determined so at the age of 14 and 12 they both went to the DMWA with Uka. There they trained and practiced with him hopeing to become the best. (this is sort and not really worked out cause they are NPC's)

Other: N/A
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Garuda and Ryflx Grande (NPC's)
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