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 Ukaria Ursa

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PostSubject: Ukaria Ursa   Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:36 pm

Name: Ukaria, Ursa
Age: 17
Gender: Boy
Weapon: Guaruda, Ryflx.
Appearance: Uka normally wears a grey sweater jacket as he calls it with a white under long sleeve shirt. He also wears a red and balc checkered scarf that is fairly long and always around his neck, no where else. He normally carries around a brown leather bag that he carries his camera around in that is a normal black camera. He also has black jeans with black and white converse shoes, he is 5'8 in size. His eyes are amethyst and shine when ever he is happy or excited which is often. He also has blond spikey hair and not tan but not pale skin.

Personality: Uka is a very laid back, chill guy it takes alot to tick him off and i mean alot. He likes takeing pictures of everything and everyone he can that means his opponents and friends so just get ready for that. He normally has a very hyper active personality and will bounce off the walls when he is excited or joyful and he is often joyful all the time. He is very very protective of all of his friends even if they don't think he is their friends. The people he is most protective of are his weapons Garuda and Ryflx who thinks of as family, more than friends. Uka has can be very shy at times when he is surrounded by people often stuttering and not able to make the correct words or even form proper sentences without messing up. He is not the leader type, but he is a defender type he will try to surpass his own limits jsut to protect someone not even careing about his own well being. This has often gotten him into situations where he has needed someone elses help, when this happens he feels as though he has failed this person because he was ment to protect them but instead they are protecting him. Uka likes to learn new things and will always pay attention in any class, writing down notes and also always raising his hand to answer a question. Uka is a amazeing builder, he can create alot of things when he puts his mind ot it and also fix alot of things too, he did after all live with a family of engineers. He is quite the rebel never really wanting to do what the norm is infact he will do anything but the normal or obvious thing to do is. He will never stop fighting even if he is too weak, he has a moto ''it is not over till' it's over'' he will always go by this moto no matter what. Uka is a very smart kid and always likes things like crossword puzzles and also the occasional maze games that are really hard. He can be sarcastic at times but this is always playfully he tries his best not to get angry at anyone. One thing though, never touch his camera or he will break your legs off or just a few fingers.

Fixing and building things
Protecting others
Crossword puzzles

Failing others
People touching his camera
Not winning a fight
People who pick on others because they are different
People harming his weapons or friends

History: what shaped your character’s life?
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)
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Ukaria Ursa
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