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 Deck Error

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PostSubject: Deck Error   Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:42 am

Name: Deck
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon Form:A black metal case for holding a pack of playing cards, filled with a bright, purple light. While in this form, his meister is able to summon razor sharp ghostly playing cards. 
Miester: N/A
Appearance: A fellow in a dark jacket with a grey undershirt, black, baggy pants held up by a comically oversized belt, his face obscured by a large scarf, a panama hat, dark sunglasses, and large retro headphones. Underneath this is a quite forgettable looking boy, with neat brown hair, rather pale skin, and blue eyes.
Personality: Reserved, calm. Rarely raises his voice. 'Chill', in a word. A fan of old music, and has expressed a great deal of disdain towards modern music. Despite his calm demeanor, has shown a very large amount of joy when causing massive property damage, and has frequent anger issues. Has a very large inferiority complex.
Likes: Old music, jazz, root beer, relaxing, hot tubs, blowing things up, spiders, ghosts
Dislikes: Pop, Disco, children, swimming, cats, psychics
History: His parents were a pair of notorious criminals, known mass murderers. Famed for killing so many people, the DWMA sicced meisters on them despite not being Kishin Egg. After an attack on their hideout, they fled. Meisters investigating found one neatly wrapped bundle. Twas an infant Deck. He was soon adopted by an elderly couple who were unable to have children. The couple, being a former meister and weapon pair of some renown, taught him much in the way of combat, as well as influencing his personal tastes.

At some point in time, he got into a fight with a gang, and manifested the ability to transform into a weapon form. However, due to the limited use of a card deck in combat, he still maintained heavy injuries. It was not until later he developed the ability to summon the ghostly cards that became a cornerstone of his fighting style. 

Deciding to follow in his adoptive parents footsteps, he joined the academy as a weapon, and wishes to become a death scythe so he can prove he has more worth than his biological parents.
Other: Bit of background on the branch of weapons Deck descends from: During the experiments that were performed to make the weapons, there were several 'failures', IE, weapons with forms so ridiculous or useless that  the chances of them managing to kill a kishin egg at all were almost nil. This bloodline, oft called the 'Error' bloodline, very rarely produces weapons with forms suited to combat. Deck is the most recent person of this bloodline to have a weapon form capable of combat. 
Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Deck Error   Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:13 pm


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Deck Error
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