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 The Verminous Messiah

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PostSubject: The Verminous Messiah   Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:33 pm

Name: The Verminous Messiah, Rodrik
Gender: Male
Age: Old
Species: Giant Cockroach
Appearance: Rodrik appears as a giant, grey cockroach, roughly the size of a car, grey in color, with several legs, and a set of LONG antennae.  His eyes are rather small, black orbs, and his mandibles are surprisingly large. At the end of each leg is a claw with which he uses to alter his surroundings.
Personality: Rodrik is a slow being. He often takes several days to a month to debate over a plan. He tends to wax philosophical, as a result of his upbringing. Considers all life valuable, not just his own or his disciples. Is often amused by the odd devices humans manufacture. Values intelligence and creativity.
Likes: Thought, Wisdom, Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics, Books, all species of vermin, the DWMA, Shakespear
Dislikes: Stupidity, unoriginality, sadism, exterminators, Kishin Eggs, cats

Rodrik was born after Chernobyl. Due to mutations caused by the radiation, Rodrik and his kin grew to massive sizes. However, while smarter than most cockroaches, they were not sentient. The only reason Rodrik grew to be sentient was due to a witch having stolen his egg, performing experiments on it to create a superior familiar. Indeed, Rodrik grew highly intelligent, learning from the witches books such things as philosophy, science, law, and other things. In return, he served as the witches advisor and companion, oft giving her council. From her, he also learned much about magic, eventually learning how to cast spells of his own.

Meanwhile, he looked down upon his non-sentient brothers plight with pity. They were hunted down and exterminated for doing what nature had designed them to do. Eventually, this pity spread to all 'verminous' species. He begged his master to intercede for them. With a heavy heart, his master explained how it would be next to impossible to give every vermin the intelligence that Rodrik had. However, she offered to modify him further, to make his quest easier. Agreeing, Rodrik was even further altered.

Amicably parting with the Witch who had been his master for many years, Rodrik set out to change the world.


Cockroach MagicOne of the many things Rodrik learned from his master was the ability to use magic. 
Specifically, that of Cockroach Magic, which gives him access to a number of buff spells and healing spells
Astral ProjectionRodrik can communicate over vast distances by projecting his spirit. While in this form, he appears as a slight mist, and can communicate via telepathy or dream communication
Verminous Messiah Can control any verminous species, up to rats, telepathically, within two hundred hundred feet.
Rodrik is very, very intelligent as a result of the experiments that made him. The years of studying his masters very considerable library have further sharpened his mind.
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
Lets go, soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: The Verminous Messiah   Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:41 am

Well, this thing creeps me out bigtime, but I sorta like him... maybe? e.e



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The Verminous Messiah
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