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 Allie Follon

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PostSubject: Allie Follon    Sat May 31, 2014 8:29 pm

Name:Surname: Follon, Forename:  Allifair (or Allie for shot)

Gender:  Female

Age: 16


Love Interest: Barry Neko


she is 5'3" tall and weigh 110lbs, she has messy ginger hair down just past her ears followed with her large baby bright blue eyes. Allie has a very thin, petite and feminine figure is considered to be attractive when she is acting normal... Her clothes style changes daily and never seem to follow a certain theme after all she went to school in a giant pink manatee costume for a month but her usual clothes just tend to be normal girly clothes.

Personality: Allie is very loud, hyperactive, spontaneous emotional, imaginative, very blunt personality,
A bit of an air head, completely irresponsible, very immature and childish. While having a straightforward personality he is a bit of a cry-baby and scaredy cat at the same, but all the above to the side she is just a goofy person who has a big heart and stands out from the crowd no matter what she is doing. But if she likes someone and they aren't spending enough time with her (in her mind) she will act like the typical Tsundere.


  • Sweet sugary food
  • The colour pink
  • Cats and other cute things


  • Bitter foods
  • Being alone at night
  • Perverts

History: Allie was born into one of 6 daughters in a single upper-class family in London, being the youngest she tended to be forgotten about due to her parents being busy with everything and everyone else. Because of all this from a young age she aimed to always stand out from her sisters and to be the best at what she was doing which lead to her unusual behaviour. After her uncle graduated from the DWMA she decided to go there because of her father's comment on the place "Tch, nothing is normal."......she literally left the same day her said that not even realising it was a snarky comment.

Miscellaneous: she has slightly abnormal speed and strength for a girl her age and has cat like reflexes.

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PostSubject: Re: Allie Follon    Sat May 31, 2014 9:04 pm


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Allie Follon
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