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 Evan LaRue

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PostSubject: Evan LaRue   Thu May 29, 2014 1:26 am

Larue, Evan

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Weapon: none yet

When one thinks of Evan, they'll think of a mismatched, small young girl with a bright smile on her face at almost all times. Standing at about 5'3" - give or take an inch or two... okay, well, take about an inch and you'll get her actual height, but she claims 5'3" anyway. She weighs precisely 92 and a half pounds, and is utterly flat chested and very skinny. She has pale skin with very few scars, but she does have one rather large birthmark on the back of her right shoulder that she's pretty embarrassed by. What little scars she has are small ones on her cheeks, knees, elbows, stomach and back, but none are extremely mentionable other than a few on the insides of her thighs that she does not like to talk about. Her hair is actually kind of thin and wispy, and goes down to her hips, it's so long. It's dark brown, nearly black in color, and is cut in messy layers around her head. Regardless of how thin it is, though, it's still very pretty. Her eyes are round and expressive, and pale blue in color, much darker around the top than they are around the bottom. Though she's small and thin, she's pretty strong, and it's not a good idea to underestimate her.
Evan has a very... different sense of style. She wears just about every single thing normal people wouldn't wear. She almost never matches. Her favorite article of clothing is her one-piece little bear jumper, with a hood on it with bear ears. She loves it to death and puts all sorts off bows and accessories all over it. She also likes to wear socks and stockings that don't match, and her shoelaces never match either. As she loves to speak her mind, her style reflects that. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her, and it shows in everything she wears, says and does.

As previously stated, Evan is a little... different. Of course, she's very sweet and friendly, but she is very spirited and isn't afraid to speak her mind. If she thinks it, she usually says it. That's just how it works with her. She's chock-full of ideas and future plans and ambitions, and she's very talkative and happy. If something's off, you can always count on Evan to point out the elephant in the room. However, she loves her friends and family very much, and will do whatever she can to help them. Bright and joyful, Evan is nearly never in a bad mood. She's very determined and strong-willed, and when she gets her mind set to a task, she doesn't quit. Brave and not always the best at making decisions. She often gets herself into sticky situations because she doesn't think things through very well. However, she is pretty studious and does like to read and gets fairly good scores on her tests. It's just that she thinks that she's ten feet tall and bullet proof, and that's pretty dangerous. She is definitely not scared of much, but she doesn't like fighting with a friend, and does not enjoy physical touch, which is strange seeing that she came from a nice background. She just doesn't like hugs, or kisses, or even sleeping in the same room with a person, especially a male. She isn't very trusting, even though she likes making friends. It takes a whole lot to get her to trust a person, so her weapon will have to work very hard to get to the point she'll actually be able to trust them. Still, she is very loving once someone gets past her outer shell, and might even get to the point she'll hug someone if they manage to be one of the rare few that she genuinely considers her friend.

Food of any kind
Fall colors
People she can trust

The color blue
Most males, particularly older ones
Being embarrassed
Being hugged or touched

Evan came from a very nice family, and didn't really have a bad childhood. She grew up with both her parents and two brothers in a little town in Iowa. She was an active child and loved singing and dancing, and she would do it whenever and wherever she could. She also loved outdoor activities, and she and her brothers would go out and climb trees and play hide and seek in the corn fields. Just whatever they could do for fun. Only two things really stick out about Evan's life and have a huge impact on it.

The first was when she fell in the river near her house and nearly drowned, but that wasn't the worst. It happened when she and her whole family were out on a picnic, and she had been walking across a fallen tree that her brothers made her test for them. It broke and she fell in, and went without air for almost four minutes. This caused her to be deathly afraid of water that came above her knees, and for good reason. She did almost die that day.

The second thing that happened was when she was eleven years old. She was on a trip to her grandfather's house, and this time she decided to go by herself. When she got there, the whole house was quiet. She looked for him for a few minutes, and then felt his hands over her mouth. She heard a man's voice behind her, and recognized him as a close friend of the family that she had called "uncle" in the past. He took her to the back room and molested her, then just let her go. She, of course, did not tell anyone, but this has stayed with her for two years now, and she can't seem to get rid of that nagging feeling that everyone she trusts is going to betray her and hurt her like that man did. Not long after that, she joined the DWMA to get away from her family before they saw that she was acting weird, and has done very well there ever since.

She has frequent nightmares, and often wakes up in the middle of the night. She is very sleep deprived and sometimes even falls asleep in class because of it, though she attempts not to and drinks a lot of caffeinated drinks.

Have you read the rules?
No lol
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PostSubject: Re: Evan LaRue   Thu May 29, 2014 9:47 pm

Looks good!!

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Evan LaRue
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