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 Medeia (WIP)

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PostSubject: Medeia (WIP)   Wed May 28, 2014 11:07 pm

Name: Medeia (meaning "cunning")
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Harpy!
Hair || Black tinted with brown || Long || Wild || Bangs cover her right eye || Messy
Eyes || A very light, faded blue || Large || Often wide and terrifying looking
Skin || Pale || Her legs have gray feathers that start off from the feet (which are bird feet, complete with extremely sharp talons) then start to fade away as it goes up || Her skin is also dotted with black dots along the thighs and nose, as well as two strikes along her cheeks || She's missing her left eye, which is covered by three scars and is painted black || She doesn't have arms as they are feathered wings. The wings are black, grey, and white || Her teeth are razor sharp and her lips are black
Figure || Scrawny, weighing about 100 lbs. || Tall, standing (full height) at 5'6", though, when she's on her feet, she stands at about 5'3" || She is decently developed in the chest area || The muscles in her wings are strong, her legs as well, though not as much || She is slightly emaciated as thievery doesn't feed as well as you'd think
Clothes || Raggedy and torn || Brown top with a couple of holes and ripped quite a bit || A torn grey skirt with holes in it. It's tied around her waist loosely || A crown made of claws and string || Earrings made from claws || A belt made with claws and string, as well as black and white feathers || Claw, string and bead anklets
Personality: How does this character act?
Likes: what does he/she/it like
Dislikes: what does he/she/it dislike
History: Mediea started her life as Alyssa Melvaine, born of wonderful parents. She was walking home one day, when she was 19. As she turned a corner and began down an alleyway, she was attacked. A woman with blond hair and an insane smile leaped down behind her. She drugged poor Alyssa and dragged her to a strange laboratory, where an equally mad man put her in a man-sized test tube. He injected her with some sort of liquid and left her there for five days. She was paralyzed, but that didn't stop her from feeling the agonizing pain of her arms stretching as feathers forced their way from her skin. Her feet turned to scaled bird feet, talons spearing outwards, sharp as a tiger's claw.
FlyingHer arms are wings, and she has the ability to fly at high altitudes. She swoops down on her prey with incredible precision, though she's not very fast.
Ability Description
Soul || Her soul is subtle, and not really noticeable. It is a very dark color with feathered wings sprouting from it
Have you read the rules?
"Let's Go Soul Resonance?"
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Medeia (WIP)
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