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 Aurora Dahlea

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PostSubject: Aurora Dahlea   Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:27 pm

Human Form:

Weapon Form:


Name: Aurora, Dahlea

Age: 16

Gender: Girl

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Aurora has long light-orange (partially shaggy) hair and dark green eyes. She is almost always seen with headphones either on her ears or around her neck. She always wears a beaded necklace, and a black T-shirt with dark blue jeans. She has a tall, thin, and wiry frame.

Personality: Aurora is a kind person at heart, but sometimes she doesn't show it. This weapon can be hostile and a bit 'spiky' toward strangers, often scaring them away. Aurora has few friends, but she doesn't care, for this young lady has music on her side. She makes her own remixes of popular songs or just plain electronic music. Her love for music is ineffable, and cannot be quenched. She is often seen with headphones, most likely listening to her music, or a song that she is remixing. She is sarcastic, funny, and the jokester/prankster of any group. She DJs for parties often, and is recommended by most party hosts. She is a tomboy, and doesn't take part in girly activities like shopping or wearing dresses/skirts. Similarly, she doesn't like attending fancy events, but if her friends want her to be there, you can count on this weapon. Aurora is a DJ at heart, and she won't let anyone stop her from mixing up some sick tunes.

Likes: Remixes, DJing, music, friends, parties, pranks, sarcasm.

Dislikes: Strangers, enemies, fancy events.

History: Aurora has grown up in a 'couth' household, being taught manners and how to be proper. Naturally, Aurora felt out-of-place. She didn't feel comfortable in this environment. Aurora soon was granted permission to use a computer, and found electronic music. She instantly fell in love with the magical sounds she had just experienced. SHe instantly told her parents all about it, and they did nothing but frown upon the new and wonderful thing, deeming it as 'dangerous' for Aurora to listen to. Aurora begged and begged, but her parents were set on the hunch that it was a bad influence. At this time, Aurora had a few friends, who had instantly heard about the dilemma. They helped Aurora to discover new remixes and electronic tunes by loaning their music-players to her, with the music downloaded on it. Her personality had changed within days. She had now become a lively person, with a new purpose in life - music!

Other: [placeholder]

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PostSubject: Re: Aurora Dahlea   Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:36 am

Alright then! This chick looks good to go! Funky fresh weapon comin' at ya'!!

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Aurora Dahlea
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