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 Maya Leona

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PostSubject: Maya Leona   Wed May 28, 2014 7:32 pm

Name: Maya Leona

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapon form:

Water form:
Like her sister, her firstl form is a curved sword, with a sharp edge to it. By the guard is a fancy golden swirl, right next to three golden dots. The actually guard is a crescent moon, connecting the end of the guard and the hilt. The moon sports a nice ruby, while the hilt has a sapphire on it. The moon has three Angel wings on it, with the three primary colored ribbons going down it. The Hilt is a rich purple, with a gem at the end of it, a smaller ruby, similar to the one on the moon.

Electric form:
Her second form is a machete with electrical properties. The hilt is a simple black design, and not much else to it. Right by the hilt and built into the blade is the electrical charger for the weapon, along with a wire connecting it to the rest of the blade. The blade itself is 2 feet long, single edged, and has ten holes, symbolizing how much power is in the blade, which will be explained later. The sharp edge is on the opposite side of the wire, with a little sharp edge near the end of the wire.

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Maya stands at 4 feet exact with sea green hair and dark blue hair clips. Her eyes are a nice teal color, and shine bright when she is excited. She wears a white skirt and blouse with a blue overcoat. The overcoat doesn't go down very far and has white cuffs on the end of them. She has a bright blue bow tie that she wears while her skirt has 2 black clasp on them. Finally, she has black stockings with a blue pair of boots with white laces and ribbons.

Personality: When out and about, Maya is a very calm and collective person, unlike her sister. She always tries to keep a regal demeanor, and can even go a bit too far. Maya is very prideful about her heritage, and is a bit narcissistic about her weapon blood. Maya is kind, and will usually go and help those that need it, no hesitation. Though, she is always careful about it, and will make sure she isn't going to get stabbed and or other stuff like that. For the most part, Maya will not give into her emotions, as she does not want to do something stupid.

At home, however, she's a bit different. She still retains her high aurora around her, but she isn't quite as tense then when she is outside. Inside, she won't carry around her Katana, as she doesn't feel the need to, cause she feels safer inside her house. While Maya get's annoyed about messes, she doesn't show it until she get's inside. If someone makes a mess, they clean it up, no questions. If not, they feel the pint sized girl's wrath. Maya won't act like as much as a higher person and does tend to relax a bit more, and isn't as careful as she is outside.

With people Maya considers friends, she is very casual. She'll laugh, tell jokes, and ditch the royal attitude and act like a normal girl. Even closer friends will find out that she still likes to cling to her more childish side, and will see she has stuffed animals, likes wearing panties with childish prints, and watches cartoons. Maya will also talk casually and not be all business, and will nap around them.

Most of all, Maya is very protective of those she loves, especially Sapphire. She tries to monitor Sapphire however she can, and tries to show her between right and wrong. She'll be the first to step up to someone insulting Sapphire, and the first to scold at Sapphire if she does something wrong. She's not very subtle, and is quick to anger, even if she doesn't show it. Even inside, she's like this when Sapphire does something wrong. If she starts to yell, she's going to be really pissed. Though, she is still a nice person, and will try to be an excellent student of the DWMA.

Likes: Reading, her clan, Sapphire, cleaning, neatness, meditating.

Dislikes: Messes, insults to her clan, Sapphire embarrassing her, dirty stuff, kishin eggs, people doing wrong, people picking on Sapphire.

History: Maya was the twin sister to Sapphire, orphaned and adopted. As she was a quieter child then her twin, Maya was adopted almost immediately to a long line of meisters in North Dakota at the age of 2. The family was quite rich, and Maya was pretty bratty growing up. Especially when she found out she was from a long line of weapons. That builds up quite the ego.

Her ego died down after some of her brothers and sisters came back. See, Maya was the only one there at the time, until when she was 7 and the family came. After seeing them action and some rather long scolding sessions, her siblings did change her. She was still taking advantage of her situation, but she was more mature after that. And with her parents, Maya trained up, and became rather skilled. Not as good as the high end meisters, just about average.

When she turned 15, Maya decided to go and enroll into the DWMA. While she couldn't be a meister, she could still be a fantastic weapon, helping to personally train her meister, and to do her blood family proud as a weapon. At the DWMA, the teachers showed her Sapphire, who was a long lost twin sister. And the two of them now live together.


Grigori Soul- With this, Maya has the power of flight. She can not fly with a meister in weapon form until they reach 25 souls, though.

Water abilities-She is an autonomous weapon, and she has abilities to do so. The main this is that she has power over water, though a bit limited. Maya is able to control water similarly to how she is in her picture. She can either use it to shove people back or to use it as a whip to smack people. She is able to use water to propel her forward when swimming as well. She can make an air bubble for her to breathe when underwater. She can't do this to other people, and she has to be conscious.

As with her training, Maya will usually carry a Katana with her to fight on her own. Unlike her sister, she is actually not Autonomous, nor has received training for it.
Her weapon's hilt is red and white, with a red cross right next to the blade. The sheathe is white with with a red cross near the top and her necklace wrapped on the bottom of it. The hilt is big enough for either one handed or two hand use and the blade being about 1 meter long. The actual blade is white.

Soul resonance:

Electric Form- The electric form has a battery built into the blade itself, which is apart of the soul resonance. Maya can only be used in this forms with compatible meisters. Meisters who cannon properly sync up and use a soul resonance with Maya or other weapons will not be able to hold Maya, and will be badly shocked.

With a compatible meister, there two souls are instantly synced, causing them to start resonating. The meister is filled with a bit of energy, gaining a minor buff in speed. About a 1.15% increase of speed to any movement. However, this is not the only thing that can happen.
-When the meister swings Maya around, they will build up potential energy. This electrical energy is infused with Maya, and will remain dormant until used. The charged up energy is displayed in each of the circles, with each circle being about 10%. It will take ten post from Maya to have it completely filled up, and when fully charged, the meister can stab Maya into the ground, creating an electrical shockwave in a 10 by 10 foot area. The Meister can release any amount of percent at will, but 10% equals a 1 by 1 foot area.
-Electric charge will only effect people on the ground, and will harm anyone within the area. The amount of voltage is always that of a standard taser, whether it be with 10% or 40%.
-If the meister is does not swing Maya on the previous post, Maya's power will not be charged up on that post. If the meister remains idle for too long, Maya will start losing power, 10% per post like when gaining.
-Every 25, it takes Maya less time to charge and will gain 20% per post, then 40%, then 60%. At Death Scythe level, Maya will gains 80% per post. She can also go up to 300%, which will have double the amount of voltage then 100% She can only go past 100% when she's a death scythe. first 100% is yellow, then red, and then blue.

Water form- The water in the meister's body is boiled up, filling them with a hidden power. They then make a powerful dash attack at the enemy with a very strong piercing attack. Takes one post to charge, and 4 post until available again.
-Can dent standard armor or weapons. At death scythe level, it can cut through standard armor and weapons.*Standard being non demon weapon armor and weapons.*
-When the Meister dashes, there is a trail of water, which can either leave anyone who touches it numb from cold or with 1st degree burns.
-Blade is covered with water, making it stronger and wider by 2 inches. Can cut through softer metals.
  -Grows wider by 3 inches with every 25 souls. Water get's a bit stronger every 25 as well.

-Maya arrived at Death City first.

Have you read the rules?
(I do know how to handle this, thank you very much.)" />

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PostSubject: Re: Maya Leona   Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:28 pm

Looks goods.

Yes it does.

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PostSubject: Re: Maya Leona   Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:17 pm

Alrighty! This all checks out. Time to toss Maya back into the fray!

Approved, and moved!!~
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PostSubject: Re: Maya Leona   

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Maya Leona
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