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 Cito fishy

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PostSubject: Cito fishy   Mon May 26, 2014 9:34 pm

Name: Cito Fishy
Age: 16
Gender: Boy
Weapon Form:Cito can turn into a large axe halberd that is an aqua blue, streams of water seemingly float from the blades back as ribbons. This halberd has complete and total control of water, he can shoot bullet sized bursts of water out fo his point that can go through flesh with it's force. He can also cut the air with water makeing a large swipe of it travel. He can also allow the user to breath in water when along with make the user walk on water. In this form he can also make a water whip that can grow and shrink alogn with wrap aroudn targets and pull them close. When he goes into soul resonance form he can make tidal waves crash apon foes and also make whirlpools appear in the ground underneath them. He turns into a largeer form of himself and the ribbons on the back of the halbred forms another halbred front. The tip also turns into a trident like tip and can actually shoot trident shaped bolts of water at targets pinning then to surfaces or in some cases goign through them. (This is for soul resonance)

Miester: Lily!!!

Appearance: He normally wears a shirt that is aqua blue with fish scale print on it, he wears a checkered belt on his pants. His pants are navy blue and are torn at the knees, he wears tan boots on his feet and he has paw gloves. He is not tan yet not white, he ahs blue hair along with black ears and tail with a white spot on the end of it. He normally wears a collar with a orange fish on it, the color itself is brown with a golden buckle. His eyes are a deep blue and they are always wide with excitement and joy. The paw gloves are black with pink pads.

Personality: Cito is a joyful, happy force of nature, he loves to swim and will never deny a trip to a pool, lake or beach. He ios very hyperactive and playful always hopping around soemone and trying to mess aroudn with them or have some fun. Cito speak occasionally well alot, though sometimes he can be silent or when playing around say things like "Chu!~ and Cha!~" a He can breath under water of course and has a fear of hights so he never wants to go flying. He has a very predatory instinct and will always eat a lovely mouse if he finds one. His favorite food is seafood and he is a master at fishing always useing his grandfathers fishing pole, he is very kind a sweet hearted often loving people up and cuddleing even complete strangers. He lvoes children and he is a very laid back guy, he always speaks his opinion when he can and he always tries to listen to other peoples opinions and see if their opinions are better. Cito is a very orginaized prankster he is always playing atleast one good prank on someone when the time is right. He has a fondness of bright colorful items that seem to shine and he also has a habit of getting into trouble cause he is so curious of things he jsut has to find out what they are or mean and won't stop trying to find out. Even though a prankster and the occasional trouble maker he is also a caretaker for Lily, helping her out with the goods and the bads of the world, he will always try to be at her side and thinks of himself as a guardian to her.

Playing around
The night
Shining objects

Being todl what to do (though he will listen to the advice)
Beign held back
Loud noises

History: Cito as a young boy lived on the outskirts of a town near the ocean, every day he would go fishing with his grandfather who had weapon blood in him that was passed down to his father which was passed down to him, his mother die giving birth to him and his father left him leaving only his grandfather who loved him dearly. Cito was a happy lovely child and everyoen in the town knew his name he would always great them with joy and always with a big wide smile that even made the sun look weak from it's glow of hapiness. One day while he was looking for bait he came across a women, curious he went over to greet gher what he didn't know was that she was a witch, captured and brought back to her lair he was tested on along with other subjects. He was scared all the time being locked up in a cage then tested on every single day, he was one of the fifth subjects to enter and luckly one of the suscessful ones, not dieing at all by this testing that went on by him. Finally he had enough he began to plan with other subjects for a uprise of sorts and when it was oen of the subjects turns to be tested on they broke free and unlocked as many cages as she/he could cito being one of them. Cito was the first to attack, he began to beat on the witch with as much force as he could the rest joined in and altogether the witch was beaten to death and then he began to unlock cages as the others stared at the soul of the witch. He jsut wanted to get out of there, when all of the others were free he ran as fast as he could out of there. He later went back to his home where he found nothing of his grandfather only a broken down house and left over items in the house, he got his grandfathers fishing pole and left the hosue not wanting to be sad anymore, he never smiled the same as he used to even though he still acts liek the hapyp joyful person he does he never smiles liek that. He later met up with Lily the girl eh was originally supposed to become weapon to, together they began to travel around exploreing new palces as they went they then both finally made home at the DMWA.

Other: He normally carries a fishing pole around that he sues as a very affective weapon so beware. He also has high reflexes, strength and speed, (from experiments) but he lacks endurance in this department, he can also breath under water and has cat like agility. Cito's draw backs include haveing to eat alot because he burns up alot and also he must sleep alot during the day and occasionally he will pass out if put through to much stress.

Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resonance

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PostSubject: Re: Cito fishy   Tue May 27, 2014 8:34 pm

Alright, looks good to me.

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Cito fishy
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