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PostSubject: David.G.Knight   Sat May 24, 2014 2:24 pm

Name: David.G.Knight
Age: 17
Gender: boy or girl

Weapon: Who's their weapon partner? If they don't have one put N/A.
Appearance: He wears Aeropostale riped jeans with a black t-shirt that he made, it say "its time for a beat down" with a photo of Yu beating people up. In the winter he has on a long black jacket with the shield logo on the back of it, he also wear black sweatshirts and pants. And lastly in the spring and summer, he wears black jeans and a blue and purple shirt that has the persona 3 logo.  

His Hair is Part Gray and Part Red, and is so long that David uses it to cover part of his eyes, he calls it the emo flap. He wears black fingerless gloves when hes dueling. Lastly he has a Necklace around his neck that his mom Anna  gave to him.

Personality: is one cool kid to hang out with. When people see him he appears happy, but he has trouble talking and expressing himself because of his speech impediment. He is happy for his friends and his team members, and will always do what he can to help his friends, But if anyone wants to hurt his friends he will defend them with all he has. But mostly he is Shy and werid in a way. But with a weapon he care for his weapon only, as he want the weapon to be happy and awesome but not david,

Likes: manga, anime, and video games
Dislikes: Hate bullying and storms

History: he was a happy kid, a kid who love to write and love his family. But during there sleep thugs came into the house and broke in. His mom and dad fought back with everything but the thugs kill them. From that David shun everyone from his life and stay by himself. But he soon broke it as he want to make his mom and dad happy as now he sign up as a student in the academy. And hoping he found a weapon he can talk to and get alone with. Because he think if he talk to a weapon it can help him.

And also he think with weapons it get alone more easy to be nice to and care for them. And now we have here now david looking for a weapon that can help him and treat him with kindness. Becouse of that David want to make his dream come true and his weapon dream come true as well, as he care for his weapon more then himself.

Other: he is werid in a way but it cool. He also have a thing with cat witchs
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