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 Shuten Doji

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PostSubject: Shuten Doji   Wed May 21, 2014 8:36 pm

Close Up Of Face:

Name: Shuten Doji
Gender: Man
Age: 675 Years
Species: Oni

Appearance: Being 18 feet and 4 inches tall while weighing 2,314 pounds,Shuten Doji is easily a imposing figure.While slightly tanned skin,six arms,and a face that looks identical to Hannya mask,he is also freaking scary.His entire face is a procleian white,while his teeth(besides his fangs) are pure black.He has black and orangy yellow eyes and long reddish-orange hair.His claws/nails are also a natural black color.On the top of his head is a pair of normal horns with the tips being black.In his mouth resides four large fangs that protrude out of his mouth.He wears a open chested black coat with yellow cloud designs on it.He wears normal black tabi and straw sandels on his feet.His pants are of a dark green camoflague with a yellow cattacomb-like designs on the knee areas.On each of his wrists he wears a simple wrist band.He is very fit and buff,as seen by his muscles and chest.

Personality: Shuten Doji is a exceptionally stoic and composed individual with a logical and pragmatic approach to life.He is very loyal to his species,as well as towards his Warrior Code, but not to the extent where it clouds his judgement,unlike centuries ago.Such logic-only personality led him to believe firmly in laws above anything else in terms of keeping peace and order.He is (now) a individual with a in-general good heart and kind views on other things.However,he is also stern,often putting others off as a cold soul.

He has a strict Warrior Code that states one should help those in need of help and gain allies as they reach their goals.He fights to improve his skills and defeat powerful foes - though on rare occasion, he does so to gauge the other's abilities.When he does so(testing others) he never uses his full strength,sometimes not even moving from the spot he is sitting in.He also seems to have a mild dislike of humans,as in his legend states he was killed,when in turn,he allowed to live so long as he stops his rampages,which he agrees to.None the less,he isn't arrogant,and will not underestimate them and will deliver praise when needed.

Likes: Smoking,drinking,fighting,sparring,sleeping,taking to older people

Dislikes: Coffee,humans(somewhat),morons,evil beings

History: Though there are numerous different versions of how he came to be,most of the legend stays the same.Shuten-doji, who came to Kyoto, had many subordinates with Ibaraki-doji as his first, and based on Mt. Ooe, appeared in Kyoto from time to time, kidnapped the daughters of noble families, cut them with swords, and ate them raw. As it was quick wicked, as a result of a command from the Mikado, Minamoto no Yorimitsu from Settsugenji and Watanabe no Tsuna from Sagagenji, who were the leaders of the Four Guardian Kings, formed a punitive squad, so that when Shuten-doji was satisfied with the blood of the daughters of noble families and human meat, while at the height of a drinking bout, Yorimitsu made Shuten-doji drink the “divine oni-poison sake (神便鬼毒酒) he received along with a helmet from a god, that Shuten-doji was unable to move his body, and his head was cut off while asleep.

However, this is actually false.First off,it was a normal helmet(the basterds).Second,while they did manage to paralyze Shuten Doji,he awoke as they approached him and begged for his life.Surprised by the fact he begged and slightly disturbed by it,allowed him to live so long as he never sets out on another rampage.He accepted and was freed.
Wanting to change,he joined a far off temple of monks in the mountains where he became calm and kind and highly knowledgeable.As time passed,however,he left and became a wanderer,crossing around all over Asia.It was during that time he heard the 'legend' of his death and became slightly upset with humans in-general,but continued to wander.Now,in present time,he lives in the forests near Death City in his own hand-built house by himself.

Ibaraki-Doji RashomonSlamming his hands on the ground,Shuten Doji summons a large wall/gate infront of him that is two times his size and is very dense.It is made from metal and it's main purpose it to block incoming attacks.While very hard and sturdy,it is no unbreakable,and a strong enough attack can destroy it.The metal part of the gate is very similar to the face of Ibaraki-Doji,Shuten's first ally and possible lover.How it looks
NingenShuten transforms into a human,looking completely normal,minus his six arms.His hair is tied into a pony tail and his clothing seeming shrinks to fit him.He cannot use any magic based attacks until he transforms back and he obviously lacks his tremedous physical power.
KanjiruWhile not actually a power,due to being a oni,his senses are much higher then a humans,giving him much more superior eyesight,hearing,smell,touch,and taste.
Akuma Uzu Shuten spins at a ferocious speed,appearing like a vortex, and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target.This attack has a high drilling capability and is capable of breaking through very tough defenses.Downside is,after using,hit or not,he becomes dizzy for 3 posts.
Other: He,like most other Oni,are weak to soybeans,as it is said to burn.

He obviously has tremedous physical strength,stamina,defense,and endurance.He also has surprising agility,but is still rather slow,making his other-wise devastating strikes rather dodgeable.

He seems to openly miss and talk about Ibaraki-Doji

Though he dislikes them,he is not above taking a human as a his student.
Have you read the rules?
Lets go Soul Resonance

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PostSubject: Re: Shuten Doji   Wed May 21, 2014 9:19 pm

All of this, at the council of the admins, looks passable. Considering he cannot advance in strength from here.

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Shuten Doji
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