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 Berenike The Pursuer

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Sir Ryth


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PostSubject: Berenike The Pursuer   Wed May 21, 2014 12:10 am

Name: Berenike

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Weapon: His own greatsword

  Berenike is a quite towering kishin egg, standing at 11"9 (While wearing armor.) having a slight floating ability that lets him quickly glide toward his objective. He wears massive armor and uses a great shield in his left hand as his mean of defense. His armor's design betrays of a village of highly trained knights. Red glowing smoke burns brightly in his visor whenever he marks someone as his target.

  At times, Berenike can be anti-social. Usually he will befriend someone to either try and blend into a society, to gain something from them, or to use them to keep boredom at bay. Whenever he marks something as his target, he becomes highly aggressive, swinging his great sword as if it were a smaller weapon. He seems to think that those he tries to kill are bellow him and deserving of their fate. Sometimes he will just avoid people all together so that he doesn't attract attention.

Sword fighting, hunting, and training.

Humans he finds "guilty"

  Berenike was a knight raised in a village separated from most of the world where people are trained to hunt down those who are considered "guilty". Some of them become great meisters while other become kishin eggs. Being submitted to intense training from a young age until earning to leave the village to seek their own destiny. He left his village after collecting his gear and traveled the United States. His first kill was on an innocent human soul which introduced him to madness. After that, when he decided who his target was, the eye socket of his helmet will burn red smoke as a manifestation of his madness to kill the "guilty".

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Cursed SwordHis sword glows an intense blue and upon a direct hit, will induce madness on the target. At 50 souls this move will highly affect the person and induce a large amount of madness to them. 10 Souls - 50 Souls
Summon EagleHe will summon a giant eagle like creature that will fly him to places he needs to go. At 75 souls he can summon the eagle to attack a target, bursting into smoke if destroyed and will take some time to regenerate. 5 souls - 75 Souls
Ancient Knight MiracleHe will kneel down and a light will appear around him and begin healing him. At 45 souls will be able to heal him and those around him a great amount and at an increased rate. 12 souls - 45 Souls
Pursuer's ForceA powerful shockwave sent after charging a powerful swing of his sword. At 60 souls this shockwave will become faster and tear the ground in most cases will moving toward the target. 16 souls - 60 souls
Anceint Knight MagicAn orb of pure magic sent out of sword. At 100 souls will send out a spear like magic 4x the size of the original. 24 Souls - 100 Souls

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Berenike The Pursuer   Wed May 21, 2014 12:51 am


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Berenike The Pursuer
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