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PostSubject: Kasa   Tue May 20, 2014 9:49 pm

Name: Hiiragi, Tsukasa

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Meister: Andre Pascal

Weapon Form:

Tsukasa's weapon form is complicated. She takes the form of two flesh pairing swords connected to a set of 3D grappling gear. All of the gear is connected by straps and wires. When the meister pulls the trigger on the sword's handle, the grappling blade launches. The small square blade is connected to a steel wire and can pierce then stick in even solid stone. It's fired by a piston and then reeled in. The gas tanks on the holster are controlled by the lower trigger on the swords, and used to move at higher speeds. The fan on the back is used for side to side maneuvering while in the air. The straps are also used to allow her meister to maintain balance in the air, and to keep the movements looking fluid. A simplified blueprint and picture if the swords and holsters can be seen above.

Alternatively, Tsukasa can fire the grappling blades from her wrists, turn the area from her elbows to her fingertips into blades, or fire the gas propulsion from her foot, but not all at once. She has to pick one.

Upon reaching Death Scythe (or Demon Blade) status, her weapon form will gain the bonus attribute of electricity.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Due to the straps being worn by the meister, Tsukasa has to hug her meister to achieve full weapon form. This can be avoided by only giving them access to the two swords connected by a wire. Tsukasa will refuse to give her meister full weapon form until it's required or she feels they've earned it.

Appearance: Tsukasa has red hair that she usually keeps in a messy pony tail and yellow-green eyes. She is about 6"2 and usually wears a black, long sleeve shirt that had an attached face mask. She almost always has the mask on and when she doesn't, you can see why. Her teeth have a pointed look to them, which she tries to hide. Her pants are a tan color with a brown belt and her shoes are knee-length brown boots with a very small heel.

Personality: Tsukasa was never good at being nice. She always meant well, but was never good at portraying those messages. So in turn she comes off as rude, selfish, and an all around she-jerk... Especially to those she likes. When you first meet her, she seems to lack all emotions besides hate. This is proven false if you take the time to know her. You may even hear her laugh. She tries to stay brave, even in near-death situations. She can often be heard swearing at herself after a conversation, calling herself stupid for something she said. She's quite intelligent, ranking the top of her class back home. All in all, she's a sweet girl with a sour shell.

Likes: Andre Pascal, Sleeping, Adventures, and stalking her crushes..... I mean what?

Dislikes: Swimming, Her teeth, Watching friends hurt, Her teeth, and pedophiles.

History: There isn't much to say here. Tsukasa lived a pretty normal life until she turned 10, when she discovered her weapon form. Her teeth have been sharp since her first transformation. She was shipped off to the Academy, where she took the N.O.T. classes so she could live a normal life. It was here she discovered she had a "thing" for both girls and guys. She graduated at age 14, going back to her home in Minnesota. At 16 she decided life in normal school was boring, and after finishing out the year, she's returning to the academy to find a meister and take on missions.


She has a pink soul, meaning when she transforms she gives off a pink light.

Yup, she's bi.

Theme color is pink.

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PostSubject: Re: Kasa   Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:46 pm

Didn't think she was gonna come here. But, everything looks like it's in order here. Sharp teeth, scared, and a lust for her crush while stalking them. Like all of your characters.

Anyway, this character has been APPROVED!

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