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 Ciarin Gough

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PostSubject: Ciarin Gough    Tue May 20, 2014 9:45 pm

Name: Ciarin Gough

Age: 24

Gender: girl

Animal Form: Ciarin's form is that of a wolf. She has dark gray hair on her back and tail, with a bright silvery white hair on her stomach and feet. She has yellow eyes the gleam in the darkness, with black pupils in the middle. In wolf form, she can only fight with her great sword.

Weapon: N/A for demon or dark weapons

Appearance: Ciaran is rather tall standing at 6 feet exact. She has a red left eye with her right eye being purple. But, she is blind in this eye until she enters madness mode, so she just wears an eye-patch. She has long white hair that reaches down to her waist. She will usually wear a white hoodie unzipped. It is decorated with red and blue fire, with a red and blue design on the arms and side of her sweater. She then wears a blue T-shirt under that, with a red tank top right under that. Her pants are grey cargo pants with a belt, and has white shoes.

Personality: Ciaran is a knight at heart. She lives by her own code of honor when she can, but will abandon that code when death rears it's face at her. She will normally focus on a mix of magic and skill in a fight, she is happy to just use a weapon in a honor duel. She will not stand to have her honor and pride insulted, but can admit to her needing to improve her skills. That being said, she is an absolute pervert and will flirt with pretty much anyone. She will not kidnap people to "play" With them, but she will be happy to take up other's offers.

Likes: People, honor, dueling, training, flirting, Hazel(Teasing, kicking her ass)

Dislikes: Losing, submitting to madness, being insulted of her skills, people messing with her clothes, Hazel(being insulted, getting her ass kicked)

History: Ciaran was born to a family of witches of wolfs. She grew up to a relatively normal witch life until she was 5, when she met an interesting enemy. This kishin egg was the pygmy of a dying race of kishin eggs with dark maddening energy. The pgymy in was named Mantis, and in a poor attempt to save himself, he tried to transfer his soul into the girl. Though, she was a witch, and instead of saving himself, he transferred to the girl his powers and madness. With this, she went completely insane for 3 years until she was saved by her soon to be master. She spent the next years of her life training with her master, until she turned 19. At the age of 19, her master took on another apprentice named Hazel, who, for the next 3 years, trained with them. When she turned 22, she completed her training decided to travel around the world.

X-Ray visionCiaran is able to see through a layer or 2 through people's clothes.Wolf vision
Weapon switchCiaran is able to switch between the 4 different types of weapons with a bow, a great sword, a spear, or a sword and dagger, dubbed the tracers.Wolf claw
Dark orbCiaran launches a orb of darkness at her opponent. It won't do that much, but it's pretty accurate and can be used if she just wants to get a hit. Can be blocked or dodged with a nicely timed roll.Wolf's spite
Dark hallCiaran will shoot several small dark orbs to where she is pointing. They are lined up horizontally with 6 in the row. Are fairly weak unless hit point blank by all of them. They spread away from each other the farther it goes. Can be easy to dodge.Wolf's pain
Great ResonantCiaran will launch a powered up dark orb and will do great damage. However, this will eat away at her own soul, an using too much will kill her. To be able to launch some more safely, she needs to wait 15 hours for a rest session. 5 is her limit, the sixth will kill her.Wolf's hell

Equipment: (Note, she will not always wear the armor with the weapon)
Small bow:
Her normal bow.

Great bow:
This is her great bow. The arrows have blunt ends and are more for knocking people down and hurting them then killing. This thins is as big as her, and takes a lot of muscle to use.

Great sword and G.S. Armor:
This is her her Great sword and the armor she uses with it. With this armor, most people can't see her face unless they have soul perception. Her voice is still the same, though.

Spear and Spear armor:
This is her spear and the armor with it. The spear has electrical properties, and can shoot small burst of electricity about 1 foot long. Easy to dodge.

Tracers and Armor:
This is her tracers and armor that she will wear with it. The armor is very light and easily maneuverable with her tracers being fast to attack, but has little defense. Gold tracer is a fast curved sword with the Dark tracer being a dagger.

While she will usually wear the same outfit, she will pretty much wear anything.

(Jt: Big thanks to Pinwheel for helping me with this. Artorias, Gough, Ornstien, and Ciaran are all characters from Dark souls and copy right stuff.)

Have you read the rules?
(Let's Go dear, Soul resonance)[/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Ciarin Gough    Wed May 21, 2014 6:09 pm

I love this character for both her versatility, and her theme. Seems like she'll have a while to go if she keeps spreading out her fighting experience between so many styles, but you already addressed that she still had learning to do.

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Ciarin Gough
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