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 Rathium Byzantine

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PostSubject: Rathium Byzantine   Tue May 20, 2014 1:31 pm

Name: Rathium Byzantine
Age: 15 Years
Gender: Boy

Animal Form: Panda which is,of course,also wrapped in bandages.It is 11 feet tall due to Rathium's already high height and he can individually change certain body parts to his Panda form.

Weapon: He doesn't have a Weapon,but he does wield one.It is a giant folding fan,5 feet long.It seemingly is capable of producing strong gusts,to the point is can send thrown objects back to the user with greater velocity and is capable of sending people flying back if close enough.He can block weapon strikes and other attacks with the metal part(Part that holds the actual fan) and is capable of using it as a club when closed.He can even lodge it into the ground.

Appearance: Being at 7'4,Rathium towers over most.His entire body is covered by intricately wrapped bandages,with only his right dull blue and black eye and nose being visible, giving him an overall mummy-like appearance.Under these bandages,however,he sports numerous scars he has earned during life on numerous occasions.He has short black hair(covered by the bandages),dark blue shorts and a unmarked dark blue headband.However,on times when he isn't in public,he tends to wear a full body kimono,being dark blue on the top and turning white on the bottom with a full moon imprinted on his back.Despite his mature personality,his entire body seems younger than it is,as he doesn't have a single hair on it and,despite the scars,is incredibly soft and smooth.

Personality: Rathium is a extremely calm and collective individual,unlike most witches.He is also unfailingly polite,very often apologising for other people's actions.When in battle,he retains his quiet and respectful nature,but is much for serious.He appears to be both extremely knowledgeable and analytical,often times observing an opponent before actually attacking.He often uses the honorifics Kun,Chan,Senpai,and Sama.On a more casual scale,he is very shy to the thought of dating,so much he blushes a deep red.He is not use to be touched affectionate,adding on to his shyness.He is rarely ever angered.When he is,however,his entire demeanor changes(kinda) in to a silent,scary,and brutal individual,often trying to make those who angered him pay.

Likes: Quiet,reading,nice people,nice witches,nice anything,pandas,puppies,tv,writing

Dislikes: Loudness,bad pe-everything,

History: Even at a young age,Rathium was a quiet and polite person.He grew up in a average family and was loved dearly by them.He was often mocked by others,due to being a male witch.This didn't help either,as witches themselves mocked him because he acted so differently.Never-the-less,he often made trips to the witch's realm,often bringing back books and reading them quietly in solitude.At age 9,he left his family with a tearful farewell as he then set out and begin doing what most witches do.He supposedly traveled through Asia,Africa,and South America until he found Death City.On his travels,he gained more knowledge and was often fought by Meisers,usually defeating them or retreating.He didn't have any ill-will towards them however.He finally found a house,abandoned,and made his home there.He made a room containing all his books,which line each of the walls.He supposedly read all of them already and welcomes anyone to read them.He then found the academy and is currently trying to join to further his knowledge.

Suijaku-kenRathium charges a large amount of magic into his fist and then smashes it into the opponents stomach.An instant later,the pemped up magic bursts right through the opponent,leaving a hole 3x3 in the area of impact.This requires physical contact however and can be dodged.It also requires one post to prepare the attack.mantra
Zettai-tekina bōgyoA technique developed by Rathium,he uses his magic to harden his skin to the point it is as hard as diamonds.A full-on punch to a harden area can easily break the opponents knuckles.Most melee weapons would break also.There is a disadvantage however.The body part that hardens becomes stiff,so he can't move the specific part of it.The part he hardens takes on a grey color.mantra
Taichi sokudoUsing pure magic,Rathium increases his body's speed and reaction time,to the point he will be able to 'disappear' to unfocused eyes due to raw speed.He becomes so fast,in fact,that mere punches have enough air pressure surrounding them to hit a opponents and send them flying,even if they miss.Their are downsides to this technique.The immense speed boost causes his organs to work faster than they are suppose to and prolonged use(3-4 posts) will tear them and his muscles apart,resulting in severe damage to his body or even death.Even if he cancels it before that,he is left extremely exhausted,to the point he can barely move and requires 8 posts to rest.This can be used every 5 pages in a thread.He is unable to use any magic while using this or after it until he rests unless they are SPECIFICALLY made for use during this technique(Which are currently none).His body seemingly reddens in color when using this and steams arises from him.mantra
Panda SmackA fairly simple yet effective technique.Using his magic,he creates a silouette of a Panda's Paw on one of both hands.He then proceeds to slap or smack the opponent.The moment the attack meets it mark,it explodes,the blast in the direction of the object it hits.The blast,while doing only minor damage such as brusing and leaveing a Paw mark on where it hit,sends the opponent flying back quite far and with surprising force,making it a good technique to use when trying to gain distance.mantra

Other: He has Insomnia

Due to his travels,he is seemingly skilled using almost any weapon.

Due to his rather immense knowledge in the field of magic,he has learned to use it without using mantras and even use it to enhance his physical prowess temporaily.

He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Also due to his high skill in magic,he can seemingly active and deactive Soul Protect at will without the use of mantras.However,there is a downside.Do to being able to simply turn it on or off,it may sometimes deactivate itself when he,say,knock unconscious or has fallen asleep.

Lets go Soul Resonance

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PostSubject: Re: Rathium Byzantine   Tue May 20, 2014 9:24 pm


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Rathium Byzantine
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