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 Julia (WIP)

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PostSubject: Julia (WIP)   Tue May 20, 2014 8:34 am

Name: Julia Vee
Age: 8 years old (Most of the time)
Gender: Loli
Animal Form:

Julia's animal form was once a normal black fox. This all changed when the temporal witch enchanted her body wish her wishes. The spell places on her placed various white runes on her body, namely on her head, massive fluffy tail and torso. She is quite tiny. She can only bring her ears and tail into her human form. The only thing she can use in combat from her animal form is her age magic.
Weapon: Kori Harken (NPC)
Appearance: Julia is very small, especially for an eight year old. She has long black hair which may or may not contain fox ears. She has deep black eyes someone could easily get lost in. She has no feminine features besides her extreme cuteness. She usually wears a short black dress and long black stockings down to her sneakers. She has a very childish gaze on her. She prefers to wear diapers and a bra, even though she is a big girl without anything to cover yet.
Personality: Julia is extremely childish most of the time. She loves acting as young as she can most of the time and likes things such as candy and being taken care of. On the other hand, at times she can be very mature, being even more so than most 18 year olds. She knows to listen to Kori when she is told to do something and this leads to many awkward moments. Kori tends to disguise herself to guide Julia, so it leads to many awkward moments where Julia can be seen talking to her bra. She is extremely kind to those around her if she feels they are nice enough. She is very honest and will always keep her word. Her defining trait is her cuteness and she loves to use that to her advantage.
Likes: Candy, Soda, Diapers, Having Boobs, Nice People, Dollies, Kori, Kotori
Dislikes: Bullies, Being underestimated, Attention stealers, Death
History: Julia was born to normal couple of fox witches. She grew up normally until her mother's older sister went insane. Her sister abducted Julia and took her to a small underground lair. In the lair, Julia thought that her aunt was her mother and she was being raised normally. This was not true as her aunt was subjecting her to various chemicals, like her other test subjects. Speaking of other test subjects, another victim of her aunt's crazy gene splicing is Kori Harken, a former teacher at the DWMA.
Spells: please make a list of your character's current spells. More can be added to the character log by practicing in RP.
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
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Julia (WIP)
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