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 Obi Kazugama

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PostSubject: Obi Kazugama   Sun May 18, 2014 3:43 pm

Name: Obi, Kazugama
Age: 15
Gender: Boy
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Obi is pretty tall. As in six feet. However he slouches and so he is usually around five nine. He is a fairly handsome individual but due to his emotionless face it is often lessened. He has bright red eyes that shimmer creepily. He has tousled hair that is fashionably messy but he really doesn't care about it. He usually wears a semi formal outfit that he can fight in. This consists of a short sleeve white dress shirt underneath a grey cardigan. He also wears a pair of black jeans and combat boots. He is noted to have three small diamond piercings in his right ear. He is in possession of a large black and gold amulet shaped like a square. He usually twines this around his arm or lets it dangle from his neck precariously. When his personality switches he often sports a slightly more sinister look but looks otherwise the same.
Personality: On both sides Obi is highly intelligent. He is rather empty. That is to say he is usually completely void of emotion since he believes it is useless and will only cloud his mind. It's not like he can't feel emotions, he just suppresses them. He is always analyzing people and can quickly identify random facts about them. Not things that would help in a fight more like if that person likes cherry ice cream or not. He's weird that way. He is however bi-polar. When he switches personalities, he becomes more empathetic but also a little more mean. He grows a lot more condescending and generally sarcastic. However at times he simply likes to sit back and not put forth the effort to be mean. A trait that both sides share is that they are generally lazy. If he doesn't have to do something, he isn't going to do it. However he is a reliable and trustworthy person. Or at least part of him is.
Likes: Peace|Chaos Silence|Noise Fighting|Killing
Dislikes: Apple pie, Work, happy people.
History: From an early age Obi has had a generally normal life. Both sides of him are pretty normal people. He grew up in a average home and did average things. Until he discovered he could fight relatively well. His brother was a weapon but they really didn't get alone and so Obi practiced combat alone. He became an agile and capable fighter but he also became slightly jaded. (In the emotional sense, he cried after not seeing his brother but eventually got over it and this is what instilled an emotionless state in him.)
Other: He has a brother named Niok and he does not know his mother.
Have you read the rules?
(Lets Go Soul Resonance)

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PostSubject: Re: Obi Kazugama   Sun May 18, 2014 7:33 pm

Seems ok to me.Approved.

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Obi Kazugama
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