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 Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)

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PostSubject: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Sun May 18, 2014 4:35 am

The room was created 21:33
Ava joined the chat 21:33
The Big Cheese joined the chat 21:34
The Big Cheese: I 21:34
Blade Sonata joined the chat 21:34
The Big Cheese: I 21:34
The Big Cheese: am 21:34
The Big Cheese: her 21:34
The Big Cheese: And 21:34
The Big Cheese: Alive 21:34
The Big Cheese: bitche 21:34
Blade Sonata: The big cheese? 21:34
Wrathia Bellarmina joined the chat 21:34
Ava changed name to Ava Ire 21:35
Papi joined the chat 21:35
Saren joined the chat 21:35
Saren: Ok, here we are. 21:35
Papi changed name to Papi Mogli 21:35
Saren changed name to Saren Ozaki 21:36
The Big Cheese: Yes 21:36
Saren Ozaki: And this big cheese is...? 21:37
Ava Ire bites her nails. 21:37
Papi Mogli: (I debated using Honey just for trololols) 21:37
Ava Ire: (Obviously Zeph being a derptard.) 21:37
Saren Ozaki testing /me 21:37
Papi Mogli tests 21:37
Saren Ozaki: Now, how do you do that? 21:37
Papi Mogli: (/me comes first) 21:37
Saren Ozaki testing 21:38
Papi Mogli: (just like normal chat) 21:38
Saren Ozaki: Oh, it's the text color fucking with me. 21:38
Saren Ozaki: Ok, I got it. 21:38
Papi Mogli: (xD) 21:38
The Big Cheese: Yes. 21:38
Papi Mogli flies around in Cat-Bat form cuz Papi 21:39
Saren Ozaki: Will you stop that? You always smell... 21:39
Papi Mogli: Papi does not smell! 21:40
Ava Ire: Leave 'er a lone, she's fine.. 21:40
Saren Ozaki: She smells to me... 21:40
Papi Mogli: Papi: *turns i to a skunk* Now Papi smells! 21:41
Papi Mogli: (brb) 21:41
Ava Ire: You also just got slapped by Wrathia. So? 21:41
The Big Cheese: Daniel: ....? 21:41
Saren Ozaki: Why did you slap me!? 21:44
Saren Ozaki: It hurt... 21:44
Ava Ire: I didn't slap you.. 21:44
Saren Ozaki: Yeah you did! Right here, on the cheek. Nice and red. 21:44
Tyler Haley joined the chat  21:44
Ava Ire: It wasn't me, it was her.. 21:44
Saren Ozaki: Oh, yeah. Forgot you had an evil demon inside you. My fault, honestly. 21:45
Wrathia Bellarmina slaps Saren's other cheek for good measure, and not small amount of pleasure. 21:46
Papi Mogli: (Back) 21:46
Saren Ozaki: Ow! Jeez, she's mean... 21:47
Papi Mogli morphs human again "Why is Lady slapping Saren?" 21:48
Saren Ozaki: Oh, she's not slapping me. The demon inside her is. Hehe... 21:48
Tyler Haley: You expect a demon to be nice? 21:49
Papi Mogli: Demon? Did Lady eat Demon? That isn't healthy. ^^ 21:49
Ava Ire: No, I didn't eat a demon.. 21:49
Saren Ozaki: I don't knkw, sometimes I see a nice demon or two. I think, anyway... 21:49
Saren Ozaki: (*know) 21:50
Tyler Haley: Weirdo. 21:50
Tyler Haley plays golf with a rubber chicken and a turkey leg. 21:50
Papi Mogli: ( test: Testing testing 123 ) 21:50
Saren Ozaki: Are you...hitting golf balls with a chicken? 21:51
Papi Mogli: Papi wants to play! 21:51
Saren Ozaki: I wouldn't play with him, Papi. Seems dangerous. 21:52
Papi Mogli: Papi is also dang-erus, so it's ok.~ 21:52
Saren Ozaki: It's Dane-ger-is. And you're harmless. Aside from you turning into an angry demon, anyway. 21:53
Tyler Haley gives Papi a human arm. "Hit the rubber chicken." 21:54
Ava Ire sits in the corner, rubbing her temples. 21:54
The Big Cheese: . 21:54
Wrathia Bellarmina: *As Ava* If Papi really wants to impress them, she should kick one of them in the pants. 21:54
Papi Mogli takes the arm and punts the chicken with it "Threeeeeeee!" 21:54
Saren Ozaki: Wow, Ava, you're pretty vulgar, eh? 21:55
Saren Ozaki chuckles 21:55
Saren Ozaki: Papi 21:55
Ava Ire clasps her hands over her mouth. 21:55
Saren Ozaki: (SHITE) 21:55
Saren Ozaki: Papi, don't play with that! It's unsanitary! 21:56
Papi Mogli: Hm? Does Saren want Papi? 21:56
Tyler Haley claps. 21:56
Papi Mogli: Unsani-tar-ee? What's that? A person? 21:56
Saren Ozaki: W-want you? NO! I mean, no! It's un-clean. 21:57
Wrathia Bellarmina: Wow, you don't even get along with the rejects. 21:57
Papi Mogli: Un-clean? Like Saren's whistle? 21:58
Saren Ozaki: NO! Saren's whistle is clean! 21:58
Papi Mogli still doesn't understand why she can't blow the whistle 21:58
Wrathia Bellarmina: (I died, that slew me, and I died!) 21:58
Ava Ire: Maybe if you got along with your warriors they wouldn't all be scattered. 21:59
Papi Mogli: (IKR? I impressed myself with that. xD) 21:59
Papi Mogli: Then why can't Papi blow it? 22:00
Wrathia Bellarmina: You little-! I got along with my warriors just fine! I was the perfect leader to them, and they knew it! I would have made amends for my mistakes by now if you weren't so weak, and pathetic! 22:00
Saren Ozaki: Because Saren is not...well...it's not my thing, okay? Saren doesn't like getting blown on. 22:02
Saren Ozaki: (Papi makes Saren feel weird. xD) 22:03
Ava Ire: Then why haven't you killed me yet? 22:03
Papi Mogli: Papi doesn't wanna blow on Saren! Papi wants to blow on Saren's whistle! 22:03
Saren Ozaki: Saren doesn't want Papi to blow his whistle, no he doesn't! 22:04
Papi Mogli: Why not? Is Saren afraid of cooties? 22:10
Saren Ozaki: Cooties? N-no! I just don't like getting my whistle blown... 22:11
Papi Mogli: Papi wants to blow the whistle though... It's fun. 22:12
Tyler Haley: You can blow Tyler's whistle 22:13
Papi Mogli: Tyler has a whistle too? 22:14
Tyler Haley: Mhm. 22:15
Papi Mogli: (Papi teaches Honey to block her wavelength, Honey teaches Papi to dance) 22:15
Wrathia Bellarmina: I know, it's quite sad really. To think you can't even off yourself. 22:15
Ava Ire: If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't need to 22:15
Saren Ozaki: Don't blow his whistle, Papi. Do you even know him? 22:16
Papi Mogli: Can Papi blow Tyler's whistle? And why does Papi need to know him? 22:17
Wrathia Bellarmina: Are you so sure? Even without me you're an ugly, socially awkward, cretin. 22:17
Ava Ire: Yeah but at least I wouldn't have killed my mother. At least I'd have a home. 22:18
Saren Ozaki: Well, if you're going to blow someone's whistle, you want it to be...uh...intimate. 22:18
Tyler Haley: Sure Papi can blow Tyler's whistle. *Hands Papi a flute* 22:19
Wrathia Bellarmina: I guess you're right. She would have killed you first, and you could live in a box six feet under. Face it, I've done you a favor. The best friend you've ever had. 22:20
Papi Mogli looks awkwardly at Saren "What's intamate?" Takes Flute "Thank you Tyler!~" 22:20
Saren Ozaki: W-what? Oh, you meant...wow, this is embarrassing... 22:20
Papi Mogli plays the flute poorly 22:21
Ava Ire: I had a best friend, and now she hates me. 22:21
Saren Ozaki: Hah, I knew you'd be bad at that. 22:21
Papi Mogli: Papi has never blown this kind of whistle before. =T 22:22
Wrathia Bellarmina: You've seen her go through men right? It's the way she is. You were just another stop on her list. 22:22
Saren Ozaki: What, you've blown other whistles? 22:23
Papi Mogli: Papi loves to blow whistles! 22:23
Ava Ire: You don't know that.. 22:23
Saren Ozaki: Of course you do... 22:23
Wrathia Bellarmina: Oh yes I do, and so do you. Even though only one of us has the strength to say it. The reason you need me. The best friend you've ever had. 22:25
Papi Mogli: (Papi and honey... They could potentially wreck guys like Saren if they met...) 22:26
Papi Mogli: (I must get them together! At some point.) 22:27
Saren Ozaki: (Oh, yes they could.) 22:27
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Papi continues to slay me. xD) 22:27
Ava Ire: You're no friend. 22:27
Papi Mogli: (You think Papi's bad. I'm bringing Honey in ) 22:28
Honey Maykis joined the chat  22:29
Honey Maykis: *a purple butterfly lands on a rock near Saren* 22:29
Andre Pascal joined the chat  22:30
Wrathia Bellarmina: Really? I suppose you're familiar with the word. I was loyal, I took you in, and saved you from a family that hated you.... hated you so badly. I've only done the best for you. What fault is it of mine that you have no people skills? 22:30
Papi Mogli: (Prepare for the tag team torture of Saren!) 22:31
The Big Cheese: . 22:31
The Big Cheese: How do i change mah name m8 22:31
Papi Mogli: (Click the little face next to the txt box) 22:31
Saren Ozaki: Saren: Oh...a butterfly. Hello, little guy. 22:31
Ava Ire looks taken aback for a second, then looks regretful. 22:31
Ava Ire: ...really? 22:32
Honey Maykis: *morphs into Honey sitting cross legged on the rock* I'm a girl thank you ^^ 22:32
Wrathia Bellarmina raps her arms around Ava's neck from behind. 22:33
Papi Mogli: It's a butterfly girl! 22:33
The Big Cheese: IT NO WORK 22:33
The Big Cheese changed name to Daniel 22:33
Wrathia Bellarmina: I'm always here Ava. When, and how I am needed, whether you like it or not. 22:33
Papi Mogli: (the shoulder guy to the left of your text box) 22:33
Papi Mogli: (there ya go!) 22:34
Saren Ozaki: What...are you? 22:34
Ava Ire: I never... thought about it like that. 22:34
Andre Pascal stands around awkwardly. 22:35
Honey Maykis: I'm a witch. My name's Honey Maykis, and you are? 22:35
Papi Mogli: Papi likes honey! It's yummy! 22:36
Saren Ozaki: S-saren Ozaki. And this is Papi, as you can tell. 22:36
Wrathia Bellarmina: Of course you didn't dear. You simply aren't sharp. That's why I've had to step in so many times to... help you. 22:36
Daniel falls into the location, spreading cracks onto the ground and straightening his hair, pulling back his wings into his back. 22:37
Honey Maykis: She's cute. Your girlfriend? 22:37
Saren Ozaki: W-WHAT!? No, no! She's not my girlfriend! 22:38
Papi Mogli is too distracted by Daniel's entrence to respond to Honey 22:38
Ava Ire: I'm sorry for..accusing you of ruining my life, then.. 22:39
Wrathia Bellarmina: To think it took this long for you to realize. I had faith you would come around sooner or later. 22:40
Honey Maykis: Oh? Just taking advantage of her ignorance? I can help with that. ^^ 22:40
Saren Ozaki: No, I'm nlt taking advantage! She just follows me around alot... 22:41
Saren Ozaki: (*not) 22:41
Andre Pascal would take part in conversation, but is kinda afraid of women, so.. *poker face* 22:41
Honey Maykis: Too late! HEY PAPI! Can you dance? 22:42
Saren Ozaki: What are you doing? Are you trying to .make her dance? I doubt she'll listen. 22:43
Papi Mogli looks over at Honey "Dance? Yes!" Does the makarena 22:43
Ava Ire: You're a better mom than, well...my mom.. 22:43
Daniel: I wonder...where am I? 22:43
Honey Maykis stops Papi. "No silly! You gotta move your hips. Look, come over here." Walks over to Saren 22:45
Saren Ozaki chuckles 22:45
Saren Ozaki: Whats...what are you doing? 22:45
Papi Mogli looks puzzled and follows Honey "Ok?" 22:45
Honey Maykis: Follow my lead Papi. Just do what I do. *does a little hip dance for Saren "See what I mean? Just move your hips a little.~" 22:47
Saren Ozaki: ... 22:47
Saren Ozaki nose starts bleeding. Slowly. 22:47
Saren Ozaki: What...? 22:47
Wrathia Bellarmina: Aw, thank you dear. Here, I'll prove it to you. Look at that Saren boy. See the girls around him? He's just a smooth talker. He would have eatin' you up in a few weeks, and then been done with you. 22:48
Papi Mogli watches Honey for a moment "Ohhhh! Ok! Papi wants to try!" Slides over so she's next to Honey and both are in front of Saren, then atempts to mimic Honey 22:49
Honey Maykis: Just roll with it, Saren. Enjoy yourself. 22:49
Daniel taps Saren on the shoulder "Excuse me, may I ask where I am?" 22:49
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Saren's head is gonna implode from over-stimulation!!) 22:50
Papi Mogli: (Don't mind me, just messing with Saren's feels) 22:50
Ava Ire: I guess I dodged a bullet, then.. 22:50
Saren Ozaki: ... 22:51
Saren Ozaki nose full out burst blood, and he ignores Daniel. 22:51
Papi Mogli looks over at Ava "Come dance with Papi! It's fun!" 22:51
Saren Ozaki: AHHH! OWOWOWOW! 22:51
Wrathia Bellarmina: What do you think? You want to join his harem? 22:51
Saren Ozaki hold his nose in pain 22:51
Daniel walks slowly, like the majestic stallion that is Jean 22:52
Saren Ozaki: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!? 22:52
Ava Ire: Of course not. 22:52
Honey Maykis: Aww! He blew already? There was more fun to be had! 22:52
Saren Ozaki yells in pain 22:53
Saren Ozaki: OW! 22:53
Papi Mogli: Is Saren ok? 22:53
Honey Maykis: He just needs to calm down a bit. He'll be fine. ^^ 22:54
Saren Ozaki: No! Why did you do that!? This hurts SO much! Owowowowow... 22:54
Honey Maykis: (Shh. No tears. Only nosebleed.) 22:54
Honey Maykis: (i really need these two to meet in thread) 22:55
Saren Ozaki: (You do.) 22:56
Daniel: WHos Honey 22:56
Honey Maykis: I'm Honey Maykis! Who're you? ^^ 22:57
Saren Ozaki: Get...get a towel, please... 22:57
Wrathia Bellarmina kneels in front of Ava wearing an understanding expression. Placing both hands on either side of her face she speaks, "Then let them know, I'm not the only one that can use your voice." 22:57
Papi Mogli runs to find a towel 22:57
Daniel: My name is Daniel, I came from a faraway land known as Londyle. 22:58
Ava Ire: ...b-but how..? I'm so...quiet. And they're so...loud.. 22:59
Wrathia Bellarmina: Aw... poor lamb. Just... let loose. 23:04
Honey Maykis: Well, Daniel, would you like me to dance for you? 23:05
Papi Mogli comes back and gives Saren a towel 23:05
Saren Ozaki: NO! No more dancing! 23:05
Saren Ozaki: T-thank you, Papi. 23:06
Saren Ozaki wipes his nose with the towel 23:06
Honey Maykis: You don't own me. I'm an adult. 23:07
Daniel flies away to play rift 23:07
Saren Ozaki: You're an adult? You sure? You look no more than 13 to me... 23:07
Ava Ire: Let loose? Like...get angry? 23:08
Honey Maykis: I'm 27 and most likely older than you. 23:08
Papi Mogli counts fingers again "Papi is..... Uh... 2, 4, um..." 23:09
Saren Ozaki: You're 27!? Okay, now you're just lying. Papi, don't uh...count. 23:10
Wrathia Bellarmina: Get? Dear you've been angry, or can't you tell? 23:10
Honey Maykis: I'm not kidding or lying. Don't you know that some witches age oddly? 23:11
Ava Ire: I have been? 23:11
Ava Ire: (I'm purposely making this difficult. 23:11
Ava Ire: *) 23:11
Saren Ozaki: Yeah, but didn't know they looked 10 years old... 23:12
Honey Maykis: Well sometimes. 23:12
Papi Mogli huggles Saren from behind "Boo! Papi's gotcha!" 23:13
Saren Ozaki: G-GAH! I told you not to hug me! Stopstopstopstop! 23:14
Honey Maykis: She obviously likes you, Saren. *smug grin* 23:15
Papi Mogli: Well yeah. Of course Papi likes Saren. 23:16
Wrathia Bellarmina: Oh dear. You still have so much to learn. *face-palms* 23:17
Saren Ozaki: No! No she doesn't! Don't talk like that! 23:17
Papi Mogli: Yes Papi does! Papi does too like Saren! 23:18
Ava Ire: Just, help me? You've done it so far 23:18
Honey Maykis: See? She admits it. That's proof enough. 23:18
Saren Ozaki: No! Papi, you don't like-like me. She just likes me as a friend, that's it! 23:19
Papi Mogli: Is there another way to like Saren then as a friend? 0.o 23:20
Saren Ozaki: No, there's not, Papi. 23:20
Honey Maykis: Yes. There are lots of ways to like Saren 23:20
Saren Ozaki: Nope, there's only one way! As a friend. That's it. 23:21
Papi Mogli: Does Honey know something Saren doesn't? 23:22
Papi Mogli: (Honey, educating Papi about everything forever!) 23:22
Saren Ozaki: No, she doesn't. 23:22
Saren Ozaki: No, she doesn't. 23:22
Saren Ozaki: (wut) 23:23
Honey Maykis: Yes I do! Now let me tell you all about it, over there. *points to two flat rocks* 23:23
Papi Mogli: Okay! Papi is gunna go talk to Honey! Bai Saren!~ 23:24
Papi Mogli: (Shhh. Just let it happen xD) 23:24
Andre Pascal watches. .-. 23:24
Saren Ozaki: Don't tell her snything bad, okay? 23:24
Saren Ozaki: (*anything) 23:25
Wrathia Bellarmina: Do I have to do everything for you?! Thick girl!? 23:25
Honey Maykis: I'm just gunna tell her the basics. It's fine. 23:25
Saren Ozaki: Good, good. Don't tell her about love. At. All. 23:26
Honey Maykis walks Papi over to the rocks and starts a long conversation which I will not go into detail on because just no 23:26
Ava Ire: Not everything...just this.. 23:27
Saren Ozaki: Don't do anything stupid! 23:27
Saren Ozaki nervously smiles 23:27
Honey Maykis: (Yknow what? I'm gunna.) 23:28
Honey Maykis: Well Papi, when two people really like each other, we call that love. 23:28
Papi Mogli: Love? 23:29
Saren Ozaki: (*eats popcorn*) 23:29
Wrathia Bellarmina: Can I trust you to breathe in the mean time? 23:29
Honey Maykis: Yes. But you can only "love" one person at a time, or it causes problems. 23:29
Papi Mogli: What kind of problems? 23:30
Honey Maykis: Problems that make friends not friends. When you love someone, they might start calling you their "girlfriend" and you might do the same. 23:31
Papi Mogli: (Saren = Screwed) 23:31
Wrathia Bellarmina: Look it's just him now. It'll be easy. 23:32
Saren Ozaki: (RIP Saren) 23:33
Papi Mogli: What if Papi really likes a person? 23:33
Honey Maykis: You tell them and see if they really like you. If so you start spending more time with them than you do with other friends. Now, we've left poor Saren all alone. I'll talk to you in private later. Ok? 23:35
Wrathia Bellarmina: (You had a good run Saren) 23:35
Papi Mogli: Okay... 23:36
Honey Maykis leads a confused Papi back to Saren 23:36
Saren Ozaki: Oh, you're back. 23:37
Saren Ozaki: Hello. 23:37
Ava Ire: Yes, I can breathe..? 23:37
Papi Mogli joined the chat  23:38
Papi Mogli: Papi is confused... *leans on Saren* 23:38
Saren Ozaki: What...what are you doing? 23:39
Papi Mogli looks rather dazed, like she's sick but is really just trying to piece together information "Papi is tired..." 23:41
Ava Ire: (Papi's brain is shutting down. Get the coolant.) 23:41
Honey Maykis: Your adorable. Now I must be going. Toodloo~ 23:41
Saren Ozaki: Tired, eh? You look like it. Do you need a place to rest? ...Y-you can...uh...rest on my...sh-should if you want... 23:41
Honey Maykis bursts into a fleet of butterflies and flies off 23:42
Saren Ozaki: Oh, goodbye, Honey. See you around, I guess... 23:42
Honey Maykis left the chat  23:42
Saren Ozaki: (*shoulder) 23:42
Papi Mogli rests head on Saren's shoulder "Thanks you..." 23:43
Papi Mogli: (shhhh. I think I broke Papi) 23:43
Saren Ozaki: Y-you're welcome...Papi... 23:44
Saren Ozaki: (CODE RED) 23:44
Saren Ozaki: (THIS IS NOT A DRILL) 23:44
Wrathia Bellarmina: Missed your chance, and I can't do this one for you. You told him about me. He'll know me right from the start. 23:44
Papi Mogli: (I might also break Saren) 23:44
Wrathia Bellarmina: (That sounded so morbid. xD) 23:44
Ava Ire: Maybe he might not, after all, he hasn't seen me when I'm angry.. 23:45
Wrathia Bellarmina: Maybe, but we shouldn't tarry with maybe. Hasn't your every problem come from hesitating to act on my wisdom? 23:46
Papi Mogli looks up at Saren "Saren? Honey said if Papi really likes a person, Papi gets to be with them more but that means Papi has to choose between Papi's friends. 23:46
Papi Mogli: " 23:46
Ava Ire: ...true.. 23:47
Saren Ozaki: Me blushes deeply . 23:48
Saren Ozaki: I expected such. Well, Papi, let me tell you something. 23:48
Wrathia Bellarmina floats around to Ava's shoulders. "Well then go on. I'm right here next to you." 23:49
Ava Ire takes a deep breath and starts walking 23:50
Papi Mogli: Papi is listening... *still resting* 23:50
Saren Ozaki: What Honey told you is about a thing called L-love. Love is something where two people like each other very much, they get...r-romantically involved with eachother. It's when two people have strong feeling for eachother. But I wouldn't say you would have to choose that person over other friends. 23:50
Wrathia Bellarmina floats over to Saren, and caresses his face. "Not much further little one." 23:51
Papi Mogli: (There goes the moment xD) 23:51
Wrathia Bellarmina: (brb >​.>​) 23:51
Saren Ozaki: It's when to people stay with eachother as long as they can. It's when they care for eachoth-...did you just...touch my face? 23:52
Papi Mogli: Then how does Papi decide who to love? Papi doesn't want to leave Saren to be with another friend. Also, Papi did not touch Saren's face. 23:53
Wrathia Bellarmina: (back ^^) 23:53
Saren Ozaki: Must've been my imagination...well, you have to trust your heart, Papi. You have to trust yourself and decide. 23:54
Wrathia Bellarmina laughs lightly. "Oh, he felt me." 23:55
Daniel joined the chat  23:55
Ava Ire stops a few feet away from Saren, gulps. 23:56
Saren Ozaki: Saren: W-what? Oh, hello, Ava. I was just having a talk with Papi here. 23:57
Saren Ozaki: (Shouldn't have out the Saren:. :/) 23:57
Saren Ozaki: (*put) 23:57
Daniel lands back into the mysterious location. 23:58
Papi Mogli: Hi Ava. Does Ava wanna talk too? 23:58
Papi Mogli: (brb) 23:58
Ava Ire opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out but an awkward squeak 23:58
Wrathia Bellarmina: Hehehe, oh yes she does. 23:58
Saren Ozaki: You...you okay, Ava? You seem more flustered than usual. 23:59
Papi Mogli: (back) 23:59
Papi Mogli: Ava doesn't need to be scared. Papi isn't mean. 0:00
Daniel flings himself to the crowd. 0:01
Papi Mogli: Hi person. 0:01
Wrathia Bellarmina: No, no Papi isn't mean. Papi is just a tool that Saren wants to use. 0:02
Saren Ozaki: You again, huh? 0:02
Daniel: Yes me again, is that a problem? 0:04
Papi Mogli: (wow Prof. Drive a wedge into the special bond I just made xD) 0:04
Ava Ire: I-i..i've got some-thing to tell y-you... 0:04
Papi Mogli: Papi wants to hear, Ava! Pleaseeeeee? 0:05
Ava Ire: (Wrathia doesn't give a shit. XD) 0:05
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Hey, I can't be nice with all my characters. Blame the writer of Ava's Demon. xD) 0:05
Saren Ozaki: What is it, Ava? And you, dragon winged man, I do have a problem. You almost hit me with your wing last time.... 0:05
Wrathia Bellarmina: Go on. Do yourself a favor, and Papi as well. 0:05
Saren Ozaki: (Yeah, that hit home.) 0:06
Papi Mogli: (tbh, I keep thinking Wrathia is played by someone more threatening like Zeph or someone. Prof can be so evil xD) 0:06
Ava Ire: (Zeph isn't that good at being threatening. o3o) 0:06
Daniel: Wut 0:07
Daniel: u 0:07
Daniel: say 0:07
Daniel: mang 0:07
Daniel: dat 0:07
Daniel: huet 0:07
Daniel: wut 0:07
Daniel: Oh...I apologize...that wasn't my intention. *wings go back into back* 0:07
Ava Ire: Y- 0:08
Ava Ire takes a deep breath. 0:08
Papi Mogli: (For the Record Zeph, Wrathia can only be seen/heard by Ava I believe) 0:08
Wrathia Bellarmina looks on in excitement. 0:08
Papi Mogli: (For future refference) 0:08
Saren Ozaki: Mhm? What is it? 0:09
Papi Mogli is still leaning on Saren's shoulder, waiting for Ava to speak 0:09
Saren Ozaki: (Awwww...) 0:10
Daniel: (I died...I can't be threatening? That hurts man...*starts to fade*) 0:10
Papi Mogli: (I found you kinda threatning on occation. Moreso than Prof. I never took Prof as the b*tchy kind.) 0:11
Daniel: (*sniff* Like when? ;- 0:12
Wrathia Bellarmina: (I'll take that as a compliment. xD) 0:12
Papi Mogli: (He's too cuddly and edable) 0:12
Papi Mogli: (like when you used to threaten me as a joke. I almost thought you were serious a few times xD) 0:13
Wrathia Bellarmina: (OH NO!! I'm switching between Wrathia, and Jun now! They're polar opposites! xD) 0:13
Papi Mogli: (Shhh. At least I didn't do it here) 0:14
Daniel: NIiiiighr] 0:14
Wrathia Bellarmina: (I think that would make my head pop.) 0:14
Daniel: *Night 0:15
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Night!!) 0:15
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Make a thread for Afuu sometime. ;~ 0:15
Papi Mogli: (Night!) 0:15
Kuro Ōgama joined the chat  0:15
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Oh god damn it.) 0:15
Saren Ozaki: (Night!) 0:15
Kuro Ōgama: () 0:15
Daniel: Sooooooon 0:16
Ava Ire scowls. "I'm tired of your shit. You've tried to kill me at least 20 times in the past 3 days, and for relatively no reason. And then, when I start saying that I want to die anyway, you decide that you want to try and be a friend? Not very consistent, are we? Papi isn't some little girl you can predator and and take advantage of, like you do. She may have basically no form of intelligence, but she breathes and thinks, I'm inclined to believe, but you treat her like she's some pet that you just keep around. Not to mention the way you treat the rest of the girls around you, like the other two wolf girls from earlier that you basically spoke of as pets. What are you, huh? Who are you? Who are you to tell people what to do and where to go?" 0:16
Ava Ire: (I just blew lots of steam out my ass. XD) 0:16
Saren Ozaki: ... 0:17
Jun Maledicte joined the chat  0:17
Saren Ozaki: I...I'm... 0:17
Jun Maledicte: (Here comes the confusion!) 0:17
Papi Mogli is confused a lot. "W-what...? 0:17
Saren Ozaki sobs lightly 0:17
Saren Ozaki: I'm...I'm so sorry... 0:18
Kuro Ōgama speaks to Jun "I'm bored, kid. 0:18
Kuro Ōgama: " 0:18
Saren Ozaki: I...I didn't... 0:18
Papi Mogli looks at Ava and Saren, puzzled "Is Saren ok...?" 0:18
Saren Ozaki gets up, and stares straight into Ava's eyes, flashing them gray 0:18
Ava Ire , at this point, basically has a ring of rising fire around her, eyes glowing red and hair illuminating oddly from the ring of flames. 0:19
Saren Ozaki: You're right. You're completely right. I don't care about any of these people. 0:19
Ava Ire: (If Ava's gonna be like this when she's angry, god, I better get padded gloves.) 0:19
Wrathia Bellarmina smiles gratingly. "Such a good girl." 0:19
Saren Ozaki: I use them as tools, pets. I don't care about a SINGLE one of them. 0:20
Papi Mogli: W-what...? But... Saren... Papi likes Saren... 0:20
Ava Ire: (My fingers fuckin hurt. I rewrote that like 5 times. XD) 0:20
Ava Ire: Then why lie about it, huh, you piece of shit? 0:20
Jun Maledicte: W-well... I can get you a book if you like... 0:20
Kuro Ōgama: A book? I want a fight. 0:20
Saren Ozaki: I don't care if you like me, Papi. I hate you. You're all simple tools to help me acquire my goal. 0:20
Wrathia Bellarmina: Papi doesn't know better does she? 0:20
Saren Ozaki: Simple pawns used by a king. 0:21
Ava Ire: She will after this. 0:21
Saren Ozaki draws his blade 0:21
Ava Ire kicks Saren in the jaw. 0:21
Saren Ozaki: You're imperfect. All of you. 0:21
Papi Mogli tears up "S-saren...?" 0:21
Jun Maledicte: W-we can't just go around picking fights... I think. 0:21
Saren Ozaki: Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! 0:21
Wrathia Bellarmina: Look at him go. 0:21
Saren Ozaki: You need to...die. You need to be extinguished from this world. Both of you. 0:22
Wrathia Bellarmina hugs Ava. "Don't worry. He can't hurt you sweet little Ava." 0:22
Saren Ozaki: (Meanwhile, in Saren's head) 0:22
Saren Ozaki: How...how could I do this? 0:22
Papi Mogli: PAPI WON'T BELIEVE IT! SAREN LIES! AVA LIES! *crying as her wavelength releases, leaving the madness to radiate around the area* 0:22
Saren Ozaki: Sh, Saren. It's not you're fault. It's there's. 0:23
Papi Mogli: (This is why Papi is not to be upset.... She gets dangerous...) 0:23
Saren Ozaki: You're right...they need to be...perfected. 0:23
Saren Ozaki: (Back to life) 0:23
Kuro Ōgama: Why not? They are. 0:24
Ava Ire: (It's not Ava's fault that Wrathia pretty much just pumped up Ava's Pochahontas meter to Savages.) 0:24
Wrathia Bellarmina: I think they've been at this a while by the looks of it. 0:24
Wrathia Bellarmina: (That was meant for Jun. xD) 0:25
Ava Ire releases a wave of fire in all directions outwards from her. "Their souls are mine." 0:25
Jun Maledicte: I think they've been at this a while by the looks of it. 0:25
Saren Ozaki: Oh, now here we go. A duel. 0:25
Papi Mogli wraps herself and Saren in a pink cloth to protect them, in... MOGLI FORM?!? 0:25
Saren Ozaki envelopes his body in electricity, illuminating the area. 0:26
Ava Ire: (So I need to get Ava into a thread so she can eat some souls and get to 30 0:26
Saren Ozaki: What are you doing?! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT ME, SWINE! 0:26
Wrathia Bellarmina: He's made her so obedient. Poor thing. 0:26
Saren Ozaki thrusts his blade toward Papi 0:27
Saren Ozaki: IMPERFECT! 0:27
Papi Mogli: Papi will not fight Saren! Saren is a friend! *holds up a glowing arm to block it* 0:27
Jun Maledicte backs up. "K-kuro... Coming here was a bad idea." 0:27
Ava Ire rears back and delivers a strong blow to the jaw. 0:28
Papi Mogli: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20... 0:28
Saren Ozaki: Don't you realize it!? You're a pawn! A tool! I used you! 0:28
Papi Mogli: (Mogli form, for refference) 0:28
Papi Mogli: Saren lies! Papi knows Saren cares! 0:29
Saren Ozaki This is wrong, all wrong. You were supposed to fight me... 0:29
Saren Ozaki: (Just forget that /me) 0:29
Kuro Ōgama: No! This is a great idea! 0:29
Ava Ire: Take my advice, Papi. He doesn't care, he never did. 0:29
Saren Ozaki: Hehehe...you think I care...it's weird, alright. Now, let me kill you. I need to end you. 0:30
Kuro Ōgama leeks black blood from Jun's hand to take weapok form "Get in there!" 0:30
Saren Ozaki This is wrong...all wrong. No, Saren. Perfect them. End them. 0:30
Jun Maledicte: Oh really? What am I supposed to do here Kuro? I've only met Saren, and here he is being crazy... 0:30
Ava Ire attempts to summon more power than what she has and finds that she's reached her limit. "Wrathia, can you help?" 0:31
Jun Maledicte grips the Kuro Scythe. "B-but?" 0:31
Kuro Ōgama: Give him a good wack 0:31
Papi Mogli: Papi will never give up on Saren! 0:31
Wrathia Bellarmina puts her hand on Ava's shoulder. "It's what I've always done dear." (I'm not actually sure what power she has.... Didn't really say in the web-comic...) 0:32
Saren Ozaki: You won't give up on me? Pathetic. You're following your feeling. This'll lead you to DESTRUCTION! 0:32
Saren Ozaki thrusts again, this time with his blade pulsing with electricity 0:33
Jun Maledicte: W-which one!? They're so many... Wait, why would I attack any of them? 0:33
Papi Mogli: [Papi... Papi dear... Let me ease your pain... ] (#Mogli'sReturn 0:33
Papi Mogli: ) 0:33
Ava Ire: (Well it's implied that Wrathia's powers are like, fire and lava and stuff.) 0:34
Ava Ire: (And since the comic isn't too far in, this kinda gives us some room to make shit up. o3) 0:34
Saren Ozaki left the chat  0:34
Wrathia Bellarmina: (WELL! Time to burn shit!!) 0:35
Papi Mogli dives out of the way and fires a pink cloth at Saren "Stop it! Quit attacking Papi! Get out of Papi's head! GO AWAY! PAPI IS CONFUSED! *starts to cry more* 0:35
Saren joined the chat  0:35
Papi Mogli: *" 0:35
Saren: You're feeling emotion again. Disgusting. 0:35
Kuro Ōgama: All of them. 0:35
Saren dodges the pink cloth, and fires a bolt and Papi 0:36
Kuro Ōgama: There's a huge madness radiation booming with tons of different wavelengths! 0:36
Saren: (*at) 0:37
Wrathia Bellarmina courses her power through Ava. "We'll burn them. All of them. Pay them the favor they won't recognize." 0:37
Papi Mogli is shocked while retracting the cloth and falls onto her knee 0:37
Jun Maledicte: I-I guess... if they've all succumbed to madness it... it can't be helped. 0:38
Saren: Heheh...down, are we? Accepting your fate? 0:38
Ava Ire: I'm already on it. 0:38
Saren slowly walks over to Papi, readying his blades 0:38
Ava Ire lets loose, finally. And lets off a gigantic field of fire, football field sized. 0:38
Papi Mogli: [Aww come on Papi. I never did anything to you. You took over, you let master die. I was supposed to serve master. That makes you my new master!] 0:39
Saren falls over, and his back is burned heavily 0:39
Papi Mogli wraps herself into a cloth ball to hide from the flames 0:39
Jun Maledicte: K-kuro!! 0:39
Saren gets up slowly, ignoring the pain. 0:39
Saren: Funny...I didn't feel a thing. 0:40
Saren: (Keep in mind he's still hurt. Just doesn't feel it.) 0:40
Ava Ire shoots columns of fire at Saren, Papi, even Jun, just because his wavelength was apparent. "It's like a game..hehe..." 0:40
Jun Maledicte turns, and falls, feeling explosions of pain on his back right before they are drowned out by Papi's wave-length. 0:41
Saren moves quickly left and right, dodging the flames 0:41
Saren: Try harder. 0:41
Wrathia Bellarmina laughs loudly. "They burn so well don't they?" 0:41
Papi Mogli: PAPI HATES YOU! GET OUT OF PAPI'S HEAD! PAPI JUST WANTS T-t... To... *face goes blank, like a broken robot* 0:41
Wrathia Bellarmina: Such defenseless flesh... 0:41
Kuro Ōgama: Jun...? Are you alive out there? Your heart seems to be beating... 0:42
Jun Maledicte gets up on one knee. "A-am I dead?..." 0:42
Saren eyes flash blue, and runs over to Papi. 0:43
Saren: P-papi!? Are you hurt? What happened!? 0:43
Papi Mogli: [That's right... Just let me take over.] 0:43
Ava Ire: Like paper in a fire place, all just kindling for one large flame. 0:43
Ava Ire shoots at Saren. Again. And again. And again. 0:44
Papi Mogli changed name to Mogli 0:44
Ava Ire: (We could use a fireman now.) 0:44
Saren is burned yet again, but he screams in pain 0:44
Saren: A-ava...Why? 0:44
Mogli 's grins suddenly 0:44
Jun Maledicte: S-saren? No... 0:45
Mogli: (woops. Ignore the 's) 0:45
Kuro Ōgama: Make sure he's not hurt. 0:45
Saren: Ava...do you have that box I gave you? Is the bolt still jumping? 0:45
Jun Maledicte slides next to Saren, checking him for wounds. 0:46
Wrathia Bellarmina: He's going to try and reel you in. He want's to save his pitiful life. 0:46
Saren: J-jun!? Whta the hell are you doing here? What happened? 0:46
Mogli: FINALLY! I'M FREE! HA! *launches a purple glowing punch at Jun* 0:46
Jun Maledicte: Wha-? 0:47
Kuro Ōgama: JUN WATCH OUT! *hardens for impact* 0:47
Jun Maledicte is struck by the blow, having been caught off guard. 0:47
Saren: JUN! 0:47
Wrathia Bellarmina enjoys the display, silently floating with both hands on Ava. 0:48
Mogli: *laughs insanely in a deep, male voice* Let's get this done with. You broke Papi. I have to thank you, boy. 0:49
Jun Maledicte: I-I told you Kuro. We shouldn't just go around picking fights. 0:49
Saren courses with electricity, bolts enveloping his whole body, making him a big lightning bolt. 0:49
Saren: LET HER GO! 0:49
Kuro Ōgama: We're in it now. Prepare yourself! *extends the staff, adding the second blade* 0:50
Saren: Jun, Ava. I'll deal with Papi. 0:50
Mogli: Or what? You'll destroy me? Don't forget. Without me, there is no Papi. 0:50
Jun Maledicte climbs to his feet. "You can count on it." 0:51
Saren: No, no. I'm not going to destroy you. I'm going to bury you inside her, stuck in the depths, never being summoned again. 0:51
Kuro Ōgama: *speaking out loud now* If Ava is flame chick, We've lost Ava, Saren! 0:51
Saren: Just convince her she's not alone. Tell her we're here. 0:52
Kuro Ōgama: (I love how nobody questioned Jun's random magic scythe xD) 0:52
Jun Maledicte: (Right? "Just go with it guys!!") 0:53
Saren: (ROLL WIT IT) 0:53
Mogli laughs again "Your serious? How do you plan to do that? 0:53
Mogli: " 0:53
Jun Maledicte: H-hey there... Ava. Nice to meet you. 0:53
Wrathia Bellarmina: Oh god, look at this one. Burn it before it starts talking again.... 0:54
Ava Ire blasts at Jun without a second thougt. 0:54
Kuro Ōgama: If things get tight, I can't do much for fire. Avoid those flames! 0:55
Saren: By ending you. Getting the madness extracted it. By either absorbing it, or severing it. It'll stop you...temporarily. 0:55
Saren: (Ignore the it) 0:55
Mogli: Awww, silly boy. This body is madness! I'm made from madness! You can't kill madness! 0:56
Jun Maledicte rolls out of the way. "W-wait, I just need to talk!! What made this happen. At least tell me how you got here in the first place... Last wish?" 0:56
Wrathia Bellarmina: He doesn't deserve to know. What could he know about any of that? 0:57
Saren: Fight fire with fire, I guess. 0:57
Saren eyes flash gray, and grows a stoic face 0:57
Saren: I will sever you from this world, demon. Prepare yourself. 0:58
Mogli: Yes! Embrace the madness! Let it become you! 0:58
Mogli 's fist glows, pointing it at Saren 0:59
Mogli: *fires a purple blast at Saren* 0:59
Saren jumps out of the way, then leaps at Mogli. 1:00
Saren: I won't follow a fool demon like yourself. So imperfect. 1:00
Kuro Ōgama: Jun! Maybe a large fan could help? If you spin me fast enough, we could at least weaken the flames, right? 1:01
Ava Ire 's expression waves for a second, but she then blasts more fire. 1:01
Saren slashes his blade toward Mogli, coursing it with lightning. 1:01
Saren: Jun. Tell her about the box. 1:01
Mogli rolls backward, firing another blast 1:01
Saren gets hit by the blast, leaving a mark on his chest, but he barely flinches. 1:02
Saren: Imperfect. 1:02
Saren gets his blade in a stabbing motion, pointing it toward Mogli. 1:03
Jun Maledicte rolls out of the way again. This time barely making it to his feet. "Y-you know I haven't had it so easy either. You have the same loneliness in your eyes, but we can help you. I can help you." 1:03
Mogli: You call me imperfect? I just hit you. Something you cannot reverse! *jumps aside, aiming a glowing punch at Saren's arm* 1:04
Wrathia Bellarmina: Work on your aim girl! Who told you to go easy on him?! 1:05
Kuro Ōgama: *bursts from Jun's back* We all have problems Ava! Look at me! I'm bound to a guy I barley know! He supports me because he's my friend! That's what they do. 1:06
Saren is hit, and his arm loses control, but he keeps his emotionless expression, aiming his sword at mogli, still thrusting. 1:06
Mogli has little time to react, stepping to the side yet still being hit in the shoulder "Tch... Your pretty fast for a human." 1:08
Saren: I have no need for your praise, demon. 1:08
Kuro Ōgama: (Yep. There's a giant black... Thing... Sticking out of Jun's back) 1:08
Saren stares at mogli, getting in a defensive position, waiting for Mogli to make a move. 1:09
Kuro Ōgama: (Totally normal. Shhhh. Normal) 1:09
Jun Maledicte: (It's cool guys!! Just a-... tumor.... thing!) 1:09
Saren: (2normal4u) 1:09
Ava Ire releases a consistent stream of flames, showing no signs of restraint 1:10
Mogli stares into Saren's eyes, then takes Papi's human form "Why do you fight for her? She annoys you so much." 1:10
Saren: You're right. She does.com not as much as you, however. You especially need to be perfected. 1:11
Jun Maledicte enjoys the use of the word friend, but has no time to embrace it as the flames seek to engulf him. He spins Kuro as he suggested, but his hands have no protection, and quickly begin to explode with pain. 1:11
Saren: (FUKING .COM BUTTON) 1:11
Kuro Ōgama: Jun! This is too much! Get outa here! *melts into his back again* 1:11
Saren: (I QUIT) 1:11
Mogli: Perfected? Why? Did master not creat me correctly? Do you believe your power exceeds even half that of a Kishin? Your no match by yourself. 1:13
Jun Maledicte: I can't!... My parents left me on the door-step of an orphanage right before convincing the people of that town, that they had never been in, that I was cursed. Now my best friend is one that's stuck in my body, but we deal with it anyways. Ava, the future is what you decide it is! 1:14
Wrathia Bellarmina: Just a little more I think. Then you can kill the rest of them. Don't forget, I know best. 1:15
Saren: You're right. I'm not as nearly as strong as you, but what does it matter? Do you think YOU'RE strong? Egotistical. You really are that of a weakling. A kishin would never create something as bad as you. 1:15
Mogli: {Leave Saren alone... Papi doesn't want Mogli to kill Saren...} [Hush. I'll let him live to spread the madness, but he won't let me go peacefully. He must be crippled.] 1:15
Kuro Ōgama: Jun, she'll destroy you! 1:17
Jun Maledicte: D-don't worry. I'll find you a nice lizard before I go. 1:18
Mogli: You doubt my origin? Let me re-assure you. Master was a Kishin. I am a clown. 1:18
Ava pauses, confused by Jun's statement, flames stopping with her. 1:19
Ava begins lobbing fire balls around with no sense of aim. "I have no future." 1:19
Saren: I doubt you're so called master was of any skill. To create something like you...he must have been very inexperienced. I doubt you even remember him all that well? Who are you, that do not know your history? 1:20
Jun Maledicte falls to the ground in rest, looking over his well seared hands. He looks up just in time to dodge a randomly placed glob of fire. 1:20
Wrathia Bellarmina: We have a future. You can bend the future in mere moments if you would just listen, stupid girl!! 1:21
Kuro Ōgama: Nonononono! Jun, You knucklehead! If those flames wipe you out... You have to go! 1:21
Mogli: I am not Papi. I am Mogli, the greatest Clown ever to be created by Master! I lived to serve him until Papi came along and ruined it all! 1:23
Jun Maledicte: Not a chance Kuro! Ava, Saren gave you something. It was a box, but not really. It was a promise. A promise that he's there for you! Now so are we! Right Kuro? 1:23
Mogli: {Papi saved Mogli! Papi exists because Mogli didn't want to die!} 1:23
Saren joined the chat  1:24
Kuro Ōgama: Yes! If you just relax, we can help you Ava! I'll put the scythe away! 1:24
Kuro Ōgama: [You exist because I was weak! You exist because I made you!] 1:25
Kuro Ōgama: (*facepalm* That was Mogli) 1:26
Ava laughs. "What do you even know? No one ever tries to stop me until I start to kill them. Just a tad ironic, if I do say so myself. Well, goodbye." 1:26
Wrathia Bellarmina: Damn it girl!! Turn him into ash, and you won't have to listen to his false hope! 1:26
Saren: Oh, I'm sure you're a very great clown. Not being able to control your own host. Very skilled, I see. The master must have cared about you. Or Papi. Who would care for such a failure as yourself? 1:26
Ava blasts another column of flames. 1:26
Jun Maledicte fans Kuro for a short, then is forced to strafe out of the flame. His hands can't take anymore, they can barely hold his weapon. 1:27
Mogli: Master created me only to serve him! I was to follow orders! 1:28
Ava trails Jun with the flames. "Run little roach, run." 1:28
Wrathia Bellarmina: That's more like it, Ava!! Beautifully done! 1:28
Kuro Ōgama: Jun... It's not worth it... We'll get through to her eventually... Just not today... 1:29
Jun Maledicte: D-damn it... but if it was me.... 1:29
Saren: Are you following orders now? Killing someone important to your host? What happens when you run out of strength? What is your goal? Envelope the world for madness? For who? You're so called master who forgot all about you? 1:30
Jun Maledicte finds cover, and stops for a moment huffing away. 1:30
Wrathia Bellarmina: Vaporize him..... 1:30
Mogli: Papi didn't forget about me. She remembers. She remembers every detail. All her powers, her kills, Master's face! She uses stupidity as a blindfold to try and forget, but it's always there. Tormenting her. 1:32
Ava keeps up the heat, literally. 1:32
Jun Maledicte: I-I'm not even sure I can get away now. 1:33
Saren: Why do you care? What do you want from her? Satisfaction? What do YOU get when it's all over? Nothing. You'll rot away and never be used again. You'll be a simple memory which will be simply forgotten. 1:33
Mogli: On the contrary. I'm in control now. Papi is but a feint voice in my head. I tricked her, don't you get it? I'm back for good! 1:35
Jun Maledicte: You know people never looked at me either. I mean that literally. It was part of the curse. Even when I moved to Death City no one seemed to notice. You don't need a lot of friends, just a few good ones. The kind, that literally take the heat for you! 1:36
Saren: Are you sure? I can hear it in your voice. You're fighting her off. Will you be able to hold it off forever? That gnawing feeling in the back of your head? 1:36
Saren walks slowly to Mogli, walking evenly, not showing any hesitation. 1:37
Mogli: I can break her. It'll take time, but she'll lose hope. 1:38
Wrathia Bellarmina: Oh, please. I told you, you're doing him a favor. 1:39
Kuro Ōgama: Jun... Y-your right. Which is why I can't let you do this. I can't let you obsess over saving her... *voice sounds humanish, but not quite* get out of here Jun. I can't help here! There isn't anything I can do to protect you from her flames! 1:40
Saren: Will she? Are you sure her blind stupidity won't let up? You'll end up losing control to a dumb girl. Your master probably created you just to toy with you. Why put a powerful being in a dumb girls body? You're a toy. 1:40
Ava stops fire, charging up a large ball of flame 1:42
Saren joined the chat  1:42
Jun Maledicte: B-but she... needs us... 1:42
Mogli: Master didn't put Papi there. Papi was developed to "protect" me. I was afraid. But no longer. 1:42
Jun Maledicte steps around the corner to face Ava. 1:43
Ava lets off an explosion of fire directed at Jun 1:43
Jun Maledicte: She... needs us..... 1:43
Saren: Are you sure you're not afraid? She wants control. I can feel it. Show me your fear. 1:44
Kuro Ōgama: Jun! Don't do it! 1:44
Mogli: I have no fear! She can't come back! She won't! 1:45
Jun Maledicte charges, and strafes, diving to the edge of the fire. Rolling to his feet, he tries to ignore the part of the explosion that caught his right arm, and continued his run towards Ava. "You can't have her!" 1:46
Mogli: {Mogli stop! Leave! Leave Saren!} [Quiet!] 1:46
Wrathia Bellarmina: Sublimate his being.... 1:47
Kuro Ōgama: Jun... 1:47
Saren: You sound afraid. Insecure. I see that as a sign of fear. 1:47
Saren: Show me it. Show me your fear. 1:47
Kuro Ōgama: I'm sorry... I got you into this... 1:47
Mogli: NO SUCH THING! 1:48
Saren raises his blade slowly to Mogli 1:49
Saren: Show me your fear. 1:49
Ava begins to charge up a giant fireball in her left hand. 1:49
Saren: You KNOW you have it. 1:49
Mogli: {Saren! Quit it! Mogli will hurt you!} [He can't hear you! You don't exist!] 1:49
Ava: (This escalated quickly.) 1:49
Mogli: (mhm~) 1:49
Jun Maledicte stops dead in front of Ava. "Ava... Kuro... You're both. Perfect." 1:50
Wrathia Bellarmina: Now.... 1:51
Mogli: I do not fear! I... I AM MOGLI! I-I DO NOT... Fear... 1:51
Saren: Show. Me. Your. Fear. 1:51
Kuro Ōgama: Ava please... Jun is... All I have left... You know what that's like... 1:51
Saren: Let it out, Mogli. 1:52
Saren: You both feel fear. You and papi both. 1:52
Saren: You share it. 1:52
Ava hesitates. "Know what what's like? Huh? You all shout all this nonsense about knowing how I feel, but please, tell me, how do I feel?" 1:52
Mogli: N-NO! I-I AM STRONG... Y-YOU CAN'T... You... Can't... *face wipes again... And stays wiped for a minute* 1:53
Saren: That's what I thought. 1:53
Saren: Show yourself, Papi. 1:54
Mogli: *the face remains wiped, the body unmoving* 1:54
Saren: Wake up. I need to settle things. 1:55
Mogli: [Y-YOU BRAT!] {Quiet... Please...} 1:55
Mogli: [Your afraid! Your afraid he'll be mad!] 1:55
Saren: I can hear it. Your wavelength. It's fighting. 1:56
Mogli: {yes... Papi is afraid... Papi is brave too...} 1:57
Saren the lightning around him calms, but he remains emotionless. 1:57
Mogli: [[Brave? Ha! It's only a matter of time. I'll be back. Your hesitant.] 1:58
Jun Maledicte: I don't suppose that's for me to say. But I can spare the time to listen. 1:58
Saren: Papi. Wake up. I need you awake. 1:58
Jun Maledicte: ...If that's what you want... 1:58
Mogli: {Papi will show you...} 1:58
Mogli: {Papi is the strong one...} 1:59
Mogli changed name to Papi Mogli 1:59
Saren: Papi... 1:59
Papi Mogli: *the body morphs to human form and just looks at Saren, tearing up* 2:00
Ava scowls. 2:00
Jun Maledicte: Or if it helps more. Just obliterate me. Try not to hurt Kuro though. 2:01
Wrathia Bellarmina: Kill them Ava! Kill them, or I will! Slowly!! 2:01
Saren starts walking slowly, sheathing his blades 2:01
Papi Mogli: (It's good that this is all non-canon. Jun's probably dead.) 2:01
Papi Mogli: (It's good that this is all non-canon. Jun's probably dead.) 2:01
Saren: Stop crying. 2:01
Saren: (Yeah, he ded) 2:01
Wrathia Bellarmina: (The pain of setting up your own OC to die, with another character. xD) 2:02
Ava snarls at Wrathia. "Shut up you hag. It's my decision now, not yours. My future, not yours." 2:02
Papi Mogli: Papi is sorry... Papi didn't mean to hurt Saren... 2:02
Saren 's eyes flash blue, and he falls to his knees, not speaking. He starts sobbing. 2:03
Saren: I was the one to hurt you... 2:03
Wrathia Bellarmina: You've already forgotten. The time I've spent to save you! Move, by move, with every breathe! Can you begin to imagine how to make this decision!? 2:04
Saren: I did it...I'm so sorry... 2:04
Jun Maledicte waits silently. 2:04
Papi Mogli walks over and tries to hug Saren "Papi knows now... " 2:05
Saren hugs back, still sobbing. 2:05
Kuro Ōgama: *retracts scythe form because with Jun's hand, it's useless anyways* 2:06
Ava: I haven't forgotten. I did forget that I'm not you, however. I forgot that only for these few hours of my lifetime, you decide to talk to me like a mother, as if it was because it was convenient. 2:06
Papi Mogli: Papi forgives Saren... Saren can be happy now... 2:06
Ava drops to the ground, her regular appearance already beginning to return. "And I'm killing people, for why? Saren's not my problem. Neither is this kid, or that girl." 2:07
Saren: Yeah...Saren can be happy now. 2:07
Ava: I'm no mass murderer. 2:07
Saren: Thank you, Papi. 2:07
Saren stares into Papi's eyes, stopping his sobbing. 2:08
Saren: Thank you. 2:08
Wrathia Bellarmina: Daft, worthless cur! If you had the slightest glimmer of insight you would've seen me for an ally all these years! 2:08
Jun Maledicte sighs in relief. 2:08
Papi Mogli looks, half confused, half content 2:09
Ava: If you were really an ally, you'd respect my decision and shut your fucking mouth about it. Begone, demon. 2:09
Ava concentrates on shooing her away, at least for now. 2:09
Wrathia Bellarmina: What do you think you're going to do? 2:10
Saren: Papi...are you happy? 2:10
Wrathia Bellarmina struggles slightly. 2:10
Ava: I'm gonna do the best I can. 2:10
Papi Mogli: Can Papi keep following Saren...? 2:10
Saren: Yes, Papi can follow Saren. 2:11
Papi Mogli: Then Papi is happy. 2:11
Saren smiles contently 2:11
Saren: Good. 2:11
Wrathia Bellarmina: Just wait... The next time you face my machinations, I will turn these whelps to ash. 2:11
Jun Maledicte kneels next to Ava. 2:12
Jun Maledicte: Rough huh? 2:12
Ava: Good luck try. 2:12
Ava: *Trying 2:13
Ava spits at the air because Wrathia's not really tangible 2:13
Kuro Ōgama: Well... Congratulations Ava *emerges from Jun's back* 2:13
Wrathia Bellarmina is temporarily vanished. 2:13
Saren walks over to Ava, motioning for Papi to follow. 2:13
Saren: You good now, Ava? 2:13
Jun Maledicte: Yeah, you were good out there. 2:14
Kuro Ōgama: For a second I thought we were dead. 2:14
Papi Mogli follows behind Saren happily. 2:14
Ava: I feel... 2:15
Ava: Dirty. 2:15
Saren: Hah. I bet you do. 2:15
Jun Maledicte: I feel warm. 2:15
Kuro Ōgama: That's probably the seared flesh. 2:15
Saren: I feel...happy? Loving? I'm not sure. 2:16
Jun Maledicte thinks about his burned hands, arm, and back. 2:16
Papi Mogli: Papi feels confused and happy... And in pain. But mostly Papi is happy. 2:17
Ava stares at her hands. "Things that I've done will never be erased." 2:17
Kuro Ōgama: Yeah... The most I can do is prevent that from bleeding until it heals. 2:17
Saren: Hey, I forgive you. I'm sure everybody else does to, Ava. 2:18
Kuro Ōgama: We've all made mistakes, Ava. Just move forward. What counts is that we've forgiven you and you can move on with us. 2:19
Jun Maledicte: Yeah. One big happy family. 2:19
Saren: One crazed, madness family. 2:20
Saren: Hey, Papi...do you remember what Honey said? 2:20
Ava smiles. "I guess so." 2:20
Ava rubs soot from her cheek. 2:20
Papi Mogli: Yes. Papi remembers. Papi gets it now. 2:21
Saren: Good, glad you understand. 2:21
Jun Maledicte: (Best CB RP ever! xD) 2:22
Saren: So Papi, tell me, what is love? 2:22
Saren: (I'M NOT DUN M8) 2:22
Kuro Ōgama: And Jun... Just for the record, if you ever... EVER pull a stunt like that again, I won't let you swallow food for a week. 2:22
Papi Mogli joined the chat 5 seconds ago 2:23
Saren: (Oh crap, I forgot to archive this stuff. It'll all be forgotten. D​) 2:23
Saren: (Wut) 2:23
Jun Maledicte: ....... Worth it. 2:24
Papi Mogli: Love is what Papi feels when she follows Saren. *surprise hugs* 2:24
Saren: OW! Loosen the grip, will you? That isn't good on my burns... 2:24
Kuro Ōgama: =_=' 2:24
Jun Maledicte: B-but not really right? A whole week? 2:25
Ava would hug Jun, but, y'know, burns. 2:25
Papi Mogli: Sorry Saren~ 2:26
Jun Maledicte hugs Ava anyways, because "worth it." 2:26
Ava smiles and hugs Jun.
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PostSubject: Re: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:56 pm

Figured I would finish putting these up at least. There's a lot missing, and some of the pieces got reversed somehow, but whatever. I'll be doing a post for each archive session. Here's number 2.

Honey: Relax. It'll all be over quick. 6:41 AM
Ava Ire: Avoiding being sexually assaulted. 6:41 AM
Kuro joined the chat 6:41 AM
Ava Ire refuses. "No." 6:41 AM
Saren: You realize she's going to be molested if you don't go in there, right, Jun? 6:41 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: You know... I could really mess up that plan for you... 6:41 AM
Saren: Excuse my language, Papi. 6:41 AM
Veva Avery sighs. "They can't hurry up, can they?" 6:41 AM
Jun Maledicte: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh..... 6:42 AM
Kuro: Jun. honey is going to 'take' Ava if you don't step in. 6:42 AM
Veva Avery checks the clock on the top of her hat. 6:42 AM
Veva Avery takes it a bit lighter on the anti-wavelength. 6:42 AM
Saren: Mhm, you better go help her. 6:43 AM
Honey: Come on out from under there. You wanna go home right? 6:43 AM
Ava Ire: (Well we all know this wouldn't be licensed in North America. o3o) 6:43 AM
Jun Maledicte opens the door, and grabs Honey attempting to drag her out of the room. 6:43 AM
Ava Ire: I don't want this, n-nh. 6:44 AM
Tyler Haley: Blocked in China. 6:44 AM
Saren: Get 'er Jun! 6:44 AM
Honey is dragged away "Huh?" 6:44 AM
Tyler Haley: Jun is best cockblock. 6:44 AM
Honey: (There was no cock involved 0.o) 6:45 AM
Jun Maledicte tosses her out the room, and shuts the door, slumping against it. 6:45 AM
Tyler Haley: (It's a general term, go with it.) 6:45 AM
Jun Maledicte: You know Kuro... I still blame you for this.... 6:45 AM
Kuro: That's fine. I'd blame me too. 6:46 AM
Saren: Hey Jun, can you hear me? You're in there alone with Ava. Have fun~ 6:46 AM
Ava Ire peeks out from underneath the cot. 6:46 AM
Ava Ire: (Yuri pedo loli magical girl.) 6:47 AM
Kuro: It's just us Ava. 6:47 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina waves with a nervous smile. 6:47 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Nope, I fold life) 6:47 AM
Ava Ire: ..hi.. 6:47 AM
Tyler Haley: Juice. 6:47 AM
Jun Maledicte: My thoughts exactly. 6:48 AM
Jun Maledicte sits down against the door. 6:48 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Are any of these people not pathetic? 6:48 AM
Kuro: I'm not sure of Jun's plan. We're probably going to rescue you. 6:48 AM
Saren leans against the wall, adjusting his tie. 6:49 AM
Ava Ire: If by not pathetic, you mean shameless, then yes, quite a few of them. 6:49 AM
Saren: You guys think we're going to escape? 6:49 AM
Honey: No 6:49 AM
Saren: Thanks for the encouragement. 6:50 AM
Jun Maledicte: Alright.. shouldn't it only take one person for this? 6:50 AM
Ava Ire huffs and puts her palms on her forehead. "Why couldn't it have been Papi?" 6:50 AM
Jun Maledicte laughs. "I can trade with her if you like." 6:51 AM
Ava Ire: Ehehe- nevermind.. 6:51 AM
Saren: Not gonna happen, Jun. 6:51 AM
Ava Ire: W-what're we gonna do? 6:52 AM
Kuro: If it makes you more comfortable I can blindfold Jun. *snickers* 6:52 AM
Tyler Haley: D'you guys need lotion? I've got Johnson and Johnson and good old fashioned lube. 6:52 AM
Jun Maledicte: I mean, couldn't we just throw the Honey chick in here an-... Kuro please.... 6:52 AM
Tyler Haley: (even in this moment.) 6:52 AM
Kuro: (Kuro is not helping the situation) 6:53 AM
Jun Maledicte: Tyler.... 6:53 AM
Kuro: (Neither is Tyler) 6:53 AM
Tyler Haley: What? All guys like a quick tug. 6:53 AM
Jun Maledicte puts his hands to his face. Everyone!!... 6:53 AM
Saren: (Nowkiss.jpg) 6:53 AM
Tyler Haley: It's happened to me so many times I like, have a hand print on it. But it's not mine. It, it's a long story. 6:54 AM
Kuro: You both know how this ends. 6:54 AM
Tyler Haley: (Tyler is definitely not helping.) 6:54 AM
Jun Maledicte: ... 6:55 AM
Ava Ire: What the hell is he talking about? 6:56 AM
Saren knocks on the wall. "YOU GUYS MAKING OUT YET?" 6:56 AM
Tyler Haley slides his mask underneath the door. 6:56 AM
Honey: Let me know if you change your mind~ (Milk and Honey? Pfffft) 6:56 AM
Jun Maledicte: ... This room is the antithesis of the 6th. Which means we have to..... You know? 6:56 AM
Tyler Haley: Let's just back away from the door, so they can get room to breathe or some shit 6:57 AM
Ava Ire: I've understood that part. 6:57 AM
Jun Maledicte: What else is there to know? 6:57 AM
Saren: Yesh, okay. 6:57 AM
Kuro: Then what's the issue? Just get it over with and then you can move on and forget about it. 6:58 AM
Ava Ire squirms, obviously discomforted by this, but sighs. "I-i guess let's get it over with." 6:59 AM
Ava Ire: (The issue is, well, there are many issues.) 6:59 AM
Jun Maledicte: Forget? I hadn't even kissed before today... 6:59 AM
Kuro: (Kuro knows. He's just being a troll xD) 7:00 AM
Kuro: There's a first time for everything I guess? 7:00 AM
Ava Ire: Well we're not gonna get out of here until we do something.. >​~>​ 7:00 AM
Tyler Haley screams from down the hall. "DON'T FORGET THE LOTION. A *****'S SHIT CAN CHAFE, Y'KNOW." 7:01 AM
Tyler Haley: (Worth it.) 7:01 AM
Jun Maledicte stands up. "Yeah..." 7:01 AM
Kuro: (Just.... God no.... Why.....) 7:02 AM
Saren: Ugh, it sucks waiting for these freaking lovebirds. How much longer are they gonna be there? 7:02 AM
Ava Ire: He's right. Let's just...get it over with. 7:02 AM
Jun Maledicte: (not rp'ing what comes next. >​.>​ ) 7:02 AM
Tyler Haley: It takes time. Unless he's a 30 seconder. In which case, I'm disappointed. 7:03 AM
Kuro: (xD) 7:03 AM
Ava Ire: (Let's just avoid the smut territory, why don't we?) 7:03 AM
Kuro: (And then sh*t went down and the door oppened!) 7:04 AM
Kuro: *opened 7:04 AM
Ava Ire: (Yep. Shit went down.) 7:06 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Sorry about that. Internet shat out) 7:06 AM
Ava Ire: (Z'all good.) 7:07 AM
Jun Maledicte opened the door. "...You can come through now..." 7:09 AM
Tyler Haley: Whooh, good job, where's my mask? 7:10 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Right where you left it. 7:10 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Yep done forever. Kill me) 7:10 AM
Tyler Haley picks it up and puts it on Honey's head. "Hold that for me, thanks." 7:11 AM
Tyler Haley: (Blade passed out. XD) 7:11 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Did he!? That easily?!) 7:11 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Fuck! Why can't I do that?!) 7:12 AM
Tyler Haley: (Because you have unfinished business.) 7:12 AM
Saren: GAH 7:12 AM
Ava Ire: I...will never forget that experience. *unclear as to whether it was a good moment or a horrible one for her* 7:12 AM
Saren: (Woke you p from my minute map xD) 7:12 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Oh there it is) 7:12 AM
Saren: (Feel more awake now.) 7:13 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Really? I'm knocking on deaths door here.) 7:13 AM
Saren: (Meh, I was. Took a minute nap.) 7:14 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Grabbing a soda for caffeine. I'll have to mourne my lost Yoga time later) 7:14 AM
Jun Maledicte: I... 7:15 AM
Saren: Oh, hey you guys! You guys lose your.virginity? 7:15 AM
Jun Maledicte punches Saren in the snozz. 7:16 AM
Jun Maledicte maintains a stoic expression, and continues as if nothing happened. 7:16 AM
Ava Ire: (I'm unsure as to whether or not I want to try and go a no sleep day, or if I want to pass out now and wake up at 12.) 7:17 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Yeah that's what I'm wondering. Did we lose Ema?) 7:17 AM
Saren: (Think so.) 7:18 AM
Jun Maledicte: (??) 7:19 AM
Tyler Haley: (She's still in here, but she's probably asleep) 7:19 AM
Saren: (Yeah, probably.) 7:19 AM
Saren: Fuck parenthesis. 7:19 AM
Tyler Haley: (Bitch no.) 7:20 AM
Jun Maledicte: (We waiting till tomorrow to finish this up? I'll be at a friends house. >​.>​ ) 7:20 AM
Saren: Ok, you gotta draw one of the scenes from that massive RP we just did. OR 7:20 AM
Saren: Finish thisup? Bitch we're just getting started 7:21 AM
Ava Ire: (Actually, you're like, the floor below Veva.) 7:21 AM
Saren: Oh... 7:21 AM
Jun Maledicte: (I guess this is just one part of wonderland...) 7:22 AM
Saren: YES 7:22 AM
Saren: JUST ONE PART 7:22 AM
Ava Ire: (True, but do we really want to explore the rest of it? o3o) 7:22 AM
Saren: Veva is the main villain. 7:22 AM
Tyler Haley: (Yep.) 7:23 AM
Tyler Haley: (Although I don't know how we're gonna top ourselves.) 7:23 AM
Saren: It'll be called Wonderland: An erotic expierence. 7:23 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Got anyone for the Red Queen?) 7:23 AM
Tyler Haley: (Ava and Jun just, kinda. .-.) 7:23 AM
Saren: (Hah. 7:23 AM
Jun Maledicte: (That relationship may have taken damage...) 7:23 AM
Tyler Haley: (Nope, but if anyone wants to volunteer a character. Veva's just the main villain) 7:23 AM
Ava Ire: (Serious damage.) 7:24 AM
Saren: Mhm. 7:24 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Also, I am not nearly good enough to make this into a series... >​.>​ ) 7:24 AM
Saren: Saren X Papi 4evvveeerrr 7:24 AM
Ava Ire: (Yes you are Prof. o3o) 7:24 AM
Ava Ire: (I'll totally help n' stuff too.) 7:24 AM
Jun Maledicte: Just in case, Ima save this... 7:25 AM
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PostSubject: Re: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:57 pm

Ava Ire: (Let's hurry up and get to it) 12:44 AM
Ava Ire: Can we go up the stairs now? 12:45 AM
Jun Maledicte hates all of his companions. 12:45 AM
Kuro is laughing his ass off 12:46 AM
Papi joined the chat  12:46 AM
Papi: Papi will go! *runs up the stairs* 12:47 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina joined the chat  12:47 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina leans into Ava's ear. "... Slut..." 12:47 AM
Ava Ire stares at Wrathia blankly with an expression that blatantly says "I don't give a fuck anymore." 12:48 AM
Saren: Fine, let's go. *Walks up stairs.* 12:48 AM
Honey joined the chat  12:48 AM
Tyler Haley joined the chat  12:48 AM
Honey giggles at Jun "Have fun?" 12:48 AM
Tyler Haley goes after Saren does, eating one of Honey's butterflies. 12:49 AM
Honey: Hey! Quit eating those! 12:49 AM
Jun Maledicte ignores Honey, and proceeds up the stairs. 12:49 AM
Honey: Some of those are deadly. 12:49 AM
Tyler Haley: What, they're fuckin good, don't judge me, I'm hungry. 12:49 AM
Saren: So, if I'm right, we're on the top floor. 12:50 AM
Kuro still hasn't emerged from Jun because honestly... He can't 12:51 AM
Tyler Haley: You've been wrong about a lot thus far. Can't trust you with shit now. 12:51 AM
Papi trips on the last step 12:51 AM
Papi falls on her face 12:51 AM
Saren: P-Papi? *Runs over to Papi, kneeling beside her* 12:52 AM
Saren: Y-you okay? 12:52 AM
Veva Avery joined the chat  12:52 AM
Papi: Papi is fine... Just dizzy. *smile* 12:53 AM
Jun Maledicte steps around the pair. 12:53 AM
Kuro joined the chat  12:53 AM
Veva Avery: "Come in, come in, come one and all. 8 will enter, all will fall." 12:53 AM
Saren: Oh...okay. Just make sure you're more careful, okay? 12:53 AM
Kuro: [Jun! Watch out!] 12:53 AM
Kuro: [I don't like the sound of that...] 12:54 AM
Jun Maledicte: [I got it.] Mar 17
Papi: Papi will be. 12:54 AM
Honey joined the chat  12:54 AM
Saren: What the hell was that? *Draws his blades* 12:54 AM
Honey: Careful. My magic is backfiring a bit. 12:55 AM
Kuro joined the chat  12:55 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: So she's the one disrupting out wave-length? 12:56 AM
Saren: Honey, send one of your scout butterflies. I think we need to know what's ahead... 12:56 AM
Veva Avery: "Mr. Ozaki, Ms. Maykis, Ms. Ire, Ms. Bellarmina, young Mogli, Mr. Haley, Mr. Maledicte, Kuro. Continue, you're so close, yet so far." Mar 17
Wrathia Bellarmina: That's Mrs... I'm still married... 12:57 AM
Veva Avery: "I don't happen to care." 12:58 AM
Saren: How does she know our names...? 12:58 AM
Honey: Got it. *conjures up a small black butterfly, which flies poorly into the room to examine* 12:58 AM
Jun Maledicte: I wouldn't question the way of things here Saren. 12:58 AM
Papi: Papi didn't tell her 12:58 AM
Kuro joined the chat  12:58 AM
Saren: Well, who's going first? 12:59 AM
Kuro: How'd she know about me? 12:59 AM
Veva Avery amps up the antiwavelength as the butterfly enters. "Oh come now, don't be so shy." 12:59 AM
Papi 's hands go to her head "Ow..." 12:59 AM
Saren: Is...is she human? 12:59 AM
Jun Maledicte: She's probably been watching us since we arrived. 12:59 AM
Honey: *the butterfly turns to dust* No idea 1:00 AM
Honey: My magic is done for. 1:00 AM
Veva Avery turns it down. "I'll be forced to eradicate you either way, so just come along." 1:00 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:00 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:01 AM
Saren slowly walks forward "Why are we here? You seem like the big boss of the place, you surely know something." 1:01 AM
Papi gets up and continues walking 1:01 AM
Papi doesn't know what "eradicate" means 1:02 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:04 AM
Jun Maledicte: Eradicate? You let us walk all the way up here to kill us? 1:04 AM
Honey: Can we bargain? I'll give you some jewelry. 1:06 AM
Honey giggles at her own joke as it was probably the girl's stuff to begin with. 1:07 AM
Saren: What the hell are you doing? I was planning on taking that when we got out of this place... 1:07 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:09 AM
Papi: Papi will give you a hug!~ 1:09 AM
Veva Avery opens the door to her office. "All of you, please, take a seat." 1:09 AM
Kuro joined the chat 6 seconds ago 1:10 AM
Jun Maledicte: [Might as well...] 1:10 AM
Kuro: [... It's gotta be a trap...] 1:10 AM
Kuro: [You can fist fight, right...?] 1:11 AM
Saren: Hahah, yeah right. You seriously think I'm just going to sit down? 1:11 AM
Ava Ire scowls and sits down in a chair anyway, because she feels nauseous 1:11 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:11 AM
Papi sits down in an almost colapsing manor. 1:12 AM
Jun Maledicte: [Yeah but... How useful will that be against this woman?] 1:12 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:12 AM
Jun Maledicte moves to a random seat, and takes it. 1:12 AM
Veva Avery smiles kindly toward Saren. "Ah yes, Saren. Tell me, how's that burn on your side?" 1:13 AM
Saren looks down at the burn on his side, scowling, then sitting down. "Fine." 1:13 AM
Honey sits, cross legged and looks at the odd lady 1:13 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:14 AM
Tyler Haley enters a chair and sits in it like L. 1:14 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina floats near Ava. 1:15 AM
Saren: Well, you've obviously brought us here for a reason. Tell me, what is that reason? 1:16 AM
Kuro: So what do you want? 1:16 AM
Kuro: [At least your going to be killed by someone cute.] 1:17 AM
Honey joined the chat 1:19 AM
Jun Maledicte: [Maybe not the situation for optimism.] 1:19 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:19 AM
Kuro: [Hey! I'm just trying to make death easier on you.] 1:21 AM
Veva Avery: Tea, anyone? 1:21 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:21 AM
Saren joined the chat  1:21 AM
Veva Avery smiles at Jun, her head resting on her conjoined fingers underneath her chin. "I can hear you two, you know." 1:22 AM
Saren: ...Yes. I'd like some tea. 1:22 AM
Honey: Oh! Me! *raises hand* 1:22 AM
Jun Maledicte 's face become blank. "Neat trick..." 1:22 AM
Kuro joined the chat  Mar 17
Kuro: What...? How...? 1:23 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:23 AM
Veva Avery removes the kettle nested in her hat and somehow pulls teacups out of her sleeves and sets them on the table in front of the party, pouring each cup three at a time. 1:23 AM
Veva Avery: Oh, you know, just general omnipotence. Nothing big. Honey or sugar? 1:24 AM
Veva Avery: (At least you'll die with a smile!) 1:24 AM
Saren: Sugar. 1:24 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:24 AM
Honey: Honey please. 1:24 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:25 AM
Papi sits quietly 1:25 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:26 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina clenches down on his pants legs, the anticipation gnawing away at his heart. "W-well? Why are we here? Not to drink tea." 1:26 AM
Veva Avery plops three sugar cubes in Saren's cup, and dabs a bit of honey into Honey's cup. "Anyone else? No witty commentary, Mr. Haley? Ms. Mogli?" 1:26 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Yep, Jun. >​.>​) 1:26 AM
Veva Avery: I'll be getting to that in a moment, but let's at least have a cup of tea before we get into the dirty business, shall we? 1:26 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:26 AM
Papi: Papi is sorry... Papi doesn't feel good... 1:27 AM
Saren drinks his tea slowly, looking content. "Nice." 1:27 AM
Jun Maledicte sits uncomfortably in his chair. 1:27 AM
Tyler Haley is obviously holding back a wave of jokes, but is too busy gnawing on a sugar cube. 1:27 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:28 AM
Saren: Don't worry, Papi, I'll make sure you'll get better. *Glares at Veva.* 1:28 AM
Veva Avery sips her cup of tea. "Alright, alright, I can see that you're all antsy to get down to business so let's just cut to the chase." 1:28 AM
Honey: Thank you. *sips her tea calmly* 1:28 AM
Veva Avery: It's unfortunate that I have to tell you that, despite all your efforts, I cannot allow you to leave. 1:29 AM
Saren: And why would that be? 1:29 AM
Jun Maledicte: W-why? 1:29 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:29 AM
Kuro: Why not? 1:30 AM
Veva Avery: The will of the land does not yet allow it. 1:30 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:30 AM
Honey: Fine by me. This place is interesting. 1:31 AM
Jun Maledicte doesn't have the will to maintain eye-contact with this woman. 1:31 AM
Saren: The land has a will? Interesting. *Sips tea* 1:31 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: And I suppose you think you can keep me here? 1:31 AM
Honey: I'd like to explore more anyways. 1:32 AM
Veva Avery: Oh yes, I can and will keep you here, Ms, ahem, Mrs Bellarmina. 1:32 AM
Veva Avery: It's unfortunate that I will have to send each and every one of you to the forest of Mutual Direction. 1:33 AM
Saren: Oh, unfortunate. I was hoping to leave. 1:33 AM
Tyler Haley: Wut. 1:33 AM
Saren draws his blades, remaining calm. 1:33 AM
Saren: Well, let's get to it. 1:34 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I don't suppose you've heard how good I am at burning things? 1:34 AM
Veva Avery joined the chat  1:34 AM
Honey: Mutual Direction? Can I hear mor- Saren sit. 1:34 AM
Saren: Shut it, Honey. 1:34 AM
Veva Avery: If you take aggressive action, I will be forced to turn my wavelength up to 11. 1:34 AM
Honey: Even if you somehow kill her, it'd do us no good. 1:35 AM
Veva Avery: And I can guarantee you, your precious young Mogli will not survive. 1:35 AM
Saren looks over to Papi, looking afraid. "Fine, I'll stay passive." 1:35 AM
Honey: Good. Now. As I was asking. Can you tell us anything else about that forest? 1:36 AM
Veva Avery: All I am allowed to tell you is that is a never-ending maze that only progresses when all directions are acted upon simultaneously. I could send you peacefully, or I can go down a darker route 1:36 AM
Kuro joined the chat 7 seconds ago 1:36 AM
Veva Avery 's pupils dilate. "And we don't want that, do we?..~" 1:37 AM
Saren: Allowed to tell us? So you're not the leader? Well, that hardly makes you more intimidating. 1:38 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Oh, so you're a tool? 1:38 AM
Kuro: [Hear that? Darker route. Sounds like something to avoid.] 1:38 AM
Veva Avery: I am the ruler of this land. I just enjoy watching you all squirm trying to find your way back to your home, like pathetic ants lost in teh sand. 1:38 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:38 AM
Jun Maledicte: [Sounds like death, so yeah.] 1:39 AM
Veva Avery: But the point of me being here is not to be intimidating. My job is to be diplomatic, even if I am sending you to sudden death. 1:39 AM
Veva Avery: Is it sudden or certain? I can't remember, they both apply in this situation. 1:40 AM
Honey: What's the peaceful method? I'd like to take that before they mess it up for me. *sets down empty teacup* 1:40 AM
Jun Maledicte 's heart is throbbing at the thought of wasting away in some forest. 1:40 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:40 AM
Veva Avery: All you have to do, is take this pill. You'll pass out and wake up in the forest. No struggling, no fighting. 1:40 AM
Saren sips his teacup again, looking more content. "Interesting. Tell me this darker route." 1:41 AM
Veva Avery takes a case of pills out of one of her drawers and sets it down lightly in front of the group. 1:41 AM
Veva Avery: Oh, well. I will be forced to engage each and every one of you in combat. And all of you are dispensable at this point, so I care not whom I kill. 1:41 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:42 AM
Saren: Please, let me enjoy the dark route. *Smirks* 1:42 AM
Jun Maledicte: S-saren... Mar 17
Honey: Yeah... I'll stick with the pills please? 1:42 AM
Veva Avery suddenly appears next to Saren. "I warned you, did I not?" 1:42 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:43 AM
Veva Avery sharply jabs him in the side, the one with the burn, to mess with an already existing wound 1:43 AM
Veva Avery: If you all would still like to take the pills, you may. But please, tell me who else is going to be taking my other option now so I can dispose of you quickly. 1:43 AM
Saren yells in pain, but tries his best to remain calm. "This is hardly fair..." 1:44 AM
Papi looks at the pills "Will they make Papi's head stop hurting...?" 1:44 AM
Veva Avery jabs him again. "I warned you, even gave you peace." 1:44 AM
Jun Maledicte wants to help, but is too afraid to move for some reason. "I-I...." Mar 17
Kuro joined the chat  1:45 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Well that was pathetic wasn't it? 1:45 AM
Saren yells again, and holds his side. "Peace? What, by making Jun screw Ava? By making me insane? I find that hardly peaceful." 1:46 AM
Kuro: Jun. Just take the painless route. If Saren wants beaten into submission, so be it. 1:46 AM
Jun Maledicte: W-what if... I don't want to die?... 1:47 AM
Kuro: We won't die out there. Don't worry about what happens after you black out. 1:47 AM
Jun Maledicte picks up one of the pills, and hold it in his hand. 1:48 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:49 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Well? Go on Ava. Take the pill so you can die already. 1:50 AM
Honey takes a pill and holds out her teacup. "Can I have another bit of tea to take it with please?" Smiles at the lady 1:50 AM
Veva Avery punches Saren in the side once more. "It was not my choice, it was the will of the land." 1:50 AM
Veva Avery pours another cup of tea for Honey. "And yes, young Mogli, it will take away all signs of your headache." 1:51 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:51 AM
Kuro: See? Two of the girls will take it. [although one is stupid beyond belief] 1:52 AM
Tyler Haley has already swallowed like two pills. "Shit don't work. S'fuckinfa-" 1:52 AM
Tyler Haley passes out, falling out of his chair backwards and faceplanting on the ground. 1:52 AM
Papi joined the chat  1:52 AM
Ava Ire stares at the pills before grabbing one for herself. 1:53 AM
Papi swallows one without another work, out within moments 1:53 AM
Jun Maledicte looks fearfully at Tyler, and then at Saren. 1:53 AM
Saren yells in pain, and stays silent for a few seconds. "The will of the land? The land you apparently control? Why...why did your 'land' bring us here? 1:53 AM
Honey joined the chat  1:54 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Go on then. Lets not waste time. 1:54 AM
Saren stares at Papi, then smiles. "At least she goes to the forest in peace." 1:54 AM
Veva Avery grabs the baseball bat she keeps standing against the wall of her room and swings it at Saren's side. "That's classified." 1:55 AM
Honey checks Tyler to see if he's alive. When she decides he is, she takes her pill with a sip of tea and sets down the cup. Waiting for the effects to take action. 1:55 AM
Kuro joined the chat  1:56 AM
Ava Ire swallows her pill with no resistance and passes out 1:56 AM
Saren falls over, slowly getting up, and grunting. "Classified, huh? Didn't realize you were such a coward..." 1:56 AM
Jun Maledicte walks near Saren, and attempt to force him to swallow the pill in his hand. 1:57 AM
Kuro: See Jun? Your fine. They all went braindead almost instantly. 1:57 AM
Veva Avery raises it over her head, and smiles. "Looks like we have about the same amount of respect for each other. 1:57 AM
Veva Avery slams the baseball bat down on Saren's head. 1:57 AM
Saren is hit, and slowly loses consciences on the ground, and passes out. "At least we agree on one thing..." 1:58 AM
Veva Avery: (I never thought about how mean Veva really can be until this roleplay. .-.) 1:59 AM
Saren: (I never thought Saren could be so confident.) 1:59 AM
Jun Maledicte looks at Saren blankly. Mar 17
Veva Avery leans on the bat, resting it on the ground. "Are you going to take the pill, Mr. Maledicte, or am I going to have to use this on you too?" 1:59 AM
Kuro: (Kuro haz feels?) 1:59 AM
Kuro: I can't help you here Jun. 2:00 AM
Jun Maledicte takes the pill without another word. 
Starts going backwards here.

Saren: (Ema probably is.)3:56 AM
Jun Maledicte: (A-are you guys dead?)3:55 AM
Jun Maledicte: (To erase any confusion.)3:48 AM
Jun Maledicte feels a cold chill down his spine upon hearing Honey speak. "H-how long have you been there?"3:48 AM
Saren: (Only from Shrek.)3:46 AM
Saren: (SO, SO SMOOTH)3:44 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (I'm just gonna fuckin' close this page... >​.>​ )3:43 AM
Saren: What, about clouds, well clouds are in the sky, as you can see, and are giant masses of humidity. At least that's what I was told...3:42 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina feels a cold chill down his spine upon hearing Honey speak. "H-how long have you been there?"3:42 AM
Papi: Papi wants to know now...3:41 AM
Honey appears behind Jun "If you won't then can I?"3:40 AM
Saren: Haha, yeah. We should stop talking about love. What about clouds? Clouds are cool. Very common.3:40 AM
Honey joined the chat3:39 AM
Papi: Papi feels fine... *gives Saren a confused look*3:39 AM
Papi joined the chat3:38 AM
Jun Maledicte: "The thought is as bad as the action." That's what the people in the orphanage told me.3:38 AM
Kuro: What? I'm a mass of blood. It's not like I actually could even if I wanted to.3:37 AM
Saren: Well...well...I mean...wow, it's hot in this forest, huh? I need some ice cubes.3:36 AM
Papi: Saren said so before...3:36 AM
Jun Maledicte: Either way... No Kuro, just no...3:35 AM
Papi joined the chat3:35 AM
Kuro: Physically? Twenty-five. God knows how long I was frozen though.3:34 AM
Kuro joined the chat3:34 AM
Saren: W-what? *Blushes* I'm-I'm not in love with you!3:33 AM
Jun Maledicte: ........... Kuro... How old are you?3:33 AM
Papi: (That's even worse Blade xD)3:33 AM
Papi: Oh. Jun likes Ava just like Saren likes Papi?3:33 AM
Saren: (15)3:33 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Oh god. xD)3:33 AM
Papi: (How old is Ava? Like 16-17? And Kuro said he'd tap that? The ultimate pedophile.)3:32 AM
Saren: Well, I think it's because he is in love with her. I mean, he's only known her for a few days, and he seems to really like her.3:31 AM
Papi: (Your welcome)3:30 AM
Papi: Nope!~ (Honesty points?)3:30 AM
Papi joined the chat3:30 AM
Saren: (OOOOOOOOOO)3:29 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Well Jun's back is covered in blood now. THANKS KURO)3:29 AM
Saren: Papi, do you know why Jun is so nervous around Ava?3:29 AM
Kuro: (Kuro: *high fives*)3:29 AM
Saren: (*high fives Kuro)3:29 AM
Saren: (Oh yeah, forgot Saren got a sweet suit on.)3:28 AM
Kuro: I'd tap that.3:28 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Both of you are monsters!!)3:28 AM
Kuro: She's just laying there, wearing clothes from the spire, waiting.3:28 AM
Kuro: (Kuro brings a whole new meaning to out of body experiance)3:26 AM
Jun Maledicte: S-sure...3:26 AM
Saren3:25 AM
Kuro: Fine fine. Can I at least say something else?3:25 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Poor little Kuro. xD )3:25 AM
Kuro: (A small, sad, animal.)3:23 AM
Jun Maledicte: T-that doesn't count... Besides, I wasn't ready for that anyways...3:23 AM
Kuro: (If Jun dies you'll be stuck with a small animal following the group xD)3:23 AM
Saren: (JUN IS GOING TO DIE.)3:21 AM
Ava Ire: (Derp, night)3:21 AM
Ava Ire readjusts herself for optimal comfort while basically forcing Jun to carry her through the forest.3:21 AM
Ava Ire: (One last thing to make it more awkward:)3:20 AM
Kuro: (Alright. Night.)3:20 AM
Ava Ire: (Night. Have fun with Jun's moral dilemma of "To rape or not to rape.")3:20 AM
Saren: (Okay, cya man.)3:20 AM
Kuro: Sure it does. She'd be willing.3:20 AM
Ava Ire: (I NEED to pass out now guys.)3:19 AM
Kuro: (Note: The mouse is the first time Kuro has left Jun's body since entering. Think about that spire...)3:19 AM
Jun Maledicte: That doesn't make it any better you know...3:19 AM
Jun Maledicte: (He's the first person to call Jun his friend actually. xD )3:18 AM
Kuro: (And to think Jun missed Kuro xD)3:18 AM
Saren: (NO-MANCER)3:17 AM
Kuro: you probably won't get any complaints from Ava. I'm sure she'd just go along with it. She's drugged.3:17 AM
Saren: You know, I bet there Jun is afraid right now. He's not much of a ladies man.3:17 AM
Ava Ire: (Just all of the teasing)3:17 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Good thing. Jun couldn't survive Tia methinks. xD )3:16 AM
Jun Maledicte: Y-yeah, but she would still be forced into it this time... I don't care if she wouldn't know.3:16 AM
Ava Ire: (Ava's not Tia tho. o3o)3:16 AM
Kuro: This time it'd be on your own terms too. Last time you were forced into it.3:15 AM
Saren: (NOW SEX YOU TWO)3:15 AM
Kuro: No. But it's where you want to go.3:14 AM
Kuro: (xD)3:14 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Sooo0 much worse. xD )3:14 AM
Ava Ire: (Ava isn't helping. And if Jun could see Wrathia, she'd just make it worse. o3o)3:13 AM
Kuro: (365)3:13 AM
Jun Maledicte: (24/7)3:13 AM
Kuro: (Kuro: Jun's personal inner troll)3:13 AM
Jun Maledicte: W-wait!! T-that isn't where I was going!3:13 AM
Ava Ire: (Yeah but my mom's gonna kill me. o_o)3:13 AM
Jun Maledicte: (You love us. *w* )3:12 AM
Kuro: That's right. Nobody is watching. Just you two.3:12 AM
Saren: Oh, well...I mean kiss. Yeah, kiss. That's what I mean.3:12 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Oh meh god!! So fucking cute!!)3:12 AM
Ava Ire: (I said one more post, I ended up making 10 more. What's wrong with me? D:)3:12 AM
Ava Ire: *every once in a while a little whistle escapes her teeth because tooth gap*3:12 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Failmancer*)3:11 AM
Kuro joined the chat3:11 AM
Papi: What does Saren mean by "handle" ? *confused eyes*3:11 AM
Saren: ( JUN THE ROMANCER )3:11 AM
Jun Maledicte looks away from Ava. "You're right. I guess she is kinda... cute."3:11 AM
Papi joined the chat3:10 AM
Saren: Haha, yeah. I bet he can "handle" her.3:10 AM
Kuro: (Good. I want to see Jun squirm xD)3:09 AM
Kuro: But it's true. Imagine the possibilities.3:09 AM
Ava Ire breathes quietly in her sleep. Chest rise, chest fall. Chest rise, chest fall. (I'm just making this hard for him on purpose now.)3:09 AM
Jun Maledicte begins his blush again. "W-what? Don't say things like that!"3:08 AM
Papi: Jun is strong. Papi thinks Jun can handle Ava.3:08 AM
Papi joined the chat3:08 AM
Tyler Haley "What was the name of this place?"3:07 AM
Kuro snickers3:07 AM
Saren: Say, Papi, you think Jun can handle a relationship?3:07 AM
Kuro: [Hey Jun. Your alone in the woods with a girl who won't remember anything in awhile. And she's asleep now.]3:07 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina is glaring down at Jun. "Lucky I might need you to get out of this place..."3:07 AM
Ava Ire almost instantly falls asleep because high.3:06 AM
Ava Ire: (I'm doing it on purpose. On Jun's side we have Kuro, on Ava's side we have Wrathia. Just demons.)3:06 AM
Jun Maledicte thinks about what a relationship where both parties manage to get raped really means to him.3:05 AM
Papi: (Can. Don't give me more things for Kuro to bring up xD)3:05 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Pffft- xD )3:04 AM
Saren: W-wha...*Blushes*3:04 AM
Ava Ire "Nyuu~"3:04 AM
Papi: Yay! *hugs Saren*3:04 AM
Ava Ire: (Fist Ava. She's all drugged up, she won't even know.)3:04 AM
Saren: Fine, Papi. I guees you can come.3:03 AM
Saren: Hey, you're the one in the relationship.3:03 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Jun again. Shoot me directly in the face.)3:03 AM
Papi runs after Saren, turning normal again "Papi wants to come too!"3:03 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina turns to walk the other way. "Yeah... I suppose."3:03 AM
Papi joined the chat3:02 AM
Kuro: (PROF NUU xD)3:02 AM
Kuro: [He has a point.]3:02 AM
Jun Maledicte: (Oh you thought that was a request? ... Cute.)3:02 AM
Jun Maledicte blushes more deeply. "Y-you!...."3:01 AM
Saren: (Only Shrek can fist me.)3:01 AM
Saren chuckles3:01 AM
Jun Maledicte: (You know Blade, I'm told I am talented at fisting people. Want to see?)3:01 AM
Saren looks back. "Well, we'll cover more ground. And besides, you need more bonding time with Ava."3:01 AM
Ava Ire: (Tiny people get to be unfairly adorable. >​w>​)3:00 AM
Saren: (SO SMOOTH)3:00 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Jun. -_-)3:00 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina blushes. "S-saren, do you think it's wise to split up?"2:59 AM
Ava Ire snuggles up against Jun because she's tiny and has tiny privileges.2:58 AM
Jun Maledicte: As brilliant as that is it's a little... Unfair...2:57 AM
Kuro: *leaf2:57 AM
Kuro: I'm serious, whenever she gets mad just shove a leave in her face. She'll intantly melt.2:57 AM
Saren: Okay, I'll head this way, you guys go the other way. Let's get moving. *Walks into the forest*2:57 AM
Tyler Haley hides the treebranch in his pocket. "No one will ever know."2:56 AM
Jun Maledicte sighs, picking Ava up. "Come on cat girl. Time to get going."2:55 AM
Tyler Haley is in the process of eating a tree branch when Saren refers to him. "Uh. Yeah, got it."2:55 AM
Ava Ire snuggles up against his leg. "But I don't wanna move. I'm comfy~"2:54 AM
Kuro: We have a new pet girl. Collect some of these leaves, this Ava is adorable.2:54 AM
Saren: Then let's get out of here, then. Jun, get Ava up. Honey, stop screwing around. Tyler...you do things.2:54 AM
Kuro joined the chat2:53 AM
Papi: (lol)2:53 AM
Saren: (GET HYPED)2:53 AM
Ava Ire: (I need to pass out now. ...After one more post. >​w>​)2:53 AM
Jun Maledicte feels relief as his bleeding stops, and gains all discomfort back as his leg is molested. "S-stop that, we need to get moving.2:52 AM
Saren: Ugh, not this.2:52 AM
Papi: Papi is cat too~2:52 AM
Papi morphs into a purple cat2:51 AM
Papi: Ava is cat!2:51 AM
Papi joined the chat2:51 AM
Kuro liquifies, entering Jun's hand and dying his wounds black2:50 AM
Ava Ire snuggles up against Jun's leg like a cat." Nyuu."2:50 AM
Saren: Are you saying I was high? Oh, I must have looked embarrassing...2:50 AM
Kuro: (=T)2:50 AM
Kuro joined the chat2:49 AM
Ava Ire: (Eh, I'll figure something out.)2:49 AM
Honey: I told you, we're surrounded by pot. *giggles*2:49 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Bummer)2:49 AM
Honey joined the chat2:49 AM
Ava Ire: (I might have to start using my craptop again. >​.>​ My uncle says he's "taking the TV back.")2:49 AM
Jun Maledicte picks up Kuro.2:49 AM
Kuro: *a black snake flows from the mouse, taking scythe form on the ground* *teh mouse squeaks, wiggles free, and runs off*2:48 AM
Jun Maledicte: Kuro, something is wrong in this place. I feel... funny.2:48 AM
Saren falls from the tree, hitting the ground. He then gets up, and rubs his head. "What the hell was I doing in a tree?"2:48 AM
Saren: SHITE2:47 AM
Saren: Pap2:47 AM
Ava Ire "Jus' huggin ya."2:47 AM
Jun Maledicte: W-well, welcome back.2:46 AM
Jun Maledicte jumps at Ava grabbing him. "W-what are you doi-?!"2:46 AM
Kuro: You were out cold and I was curious. When this thing passed I took an opertunity.2:45 AM
Ava Ire re-hugs onto Jun's ankle.2:45 AM
Jun Maledicte grabs the Kuro/mouse and hugs it. "Kuro! Why did you run off, I thought you were dead!"2:44 AM
Saren: Woohoo~ This is fun!2:44 AM
Ava Ire gives it to Jun. "He has a message~"2:44 AM
Jun Maledicte stifles a laugh.2:43 AM
Kuro: Mouse: Put me down! Oh good. Your awake. We're lost.2:43 AM
Jun Maledicte turns to Ava. "... Ew..."2:43 AM
Jun Maledicte begins to run after Saren in an attempt to keep him with the group, but quickly realizes he's too tired for that.2:43 AM
Ava Ire tilts her head at the mouse and dangles it from it's tail before showing it to Jun. "What's this?"2:43 AM
Kuro joined the chat2:42 AM
Saren climbs up a tree, and hangs from the branch. "Weee!~"2:42 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Eh, you'll touch just anything won't you?2:42 AM
Papi: *The mouse's eyes are black*2:42 AM
Ava Ire: Nyuu~2:41 AM
Ava Ire notices the mouse and detaches herself from Jun, pouncing on it and clamping two hands down over it.2:41 AM
Papi: *the small brown mouse scurries out of the bushes, running through the clearing again*2:41 AM
Jun Maledicte looks down to Ava quizzically.2:40 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina: W-what?2:40 AM
Ava Ire hugs Jun's ankle. "Nyuu~"2:40 AM
Saren stops, running into Ava. "Awe, Saren is sorry."2:40 AM
Papi notices the group ahead "But... Papi ran strait..."2:39 AM
Papi: *a small brown mouse scurries from one end of the clearing to the other*2:38 AM
Saren keeps giggling, and skips farther away2:38 AM
Ava Ire kicks her legs back and forth as if she were swimming. "Nyuu~"2:38 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina floats near a tree. "What is in this place?"2:38 AM
Papi joined the chat
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PostSubject: Re: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:58 pm

Kuro picks up Saren and half absorbs him into his arm 10:26 PM
Kuro: Tada! Look what I can do! 10:26 PM
Saren: A-ah! Jun, stop him!. 10:26 PM
Jun Maledicte: L-lets go then.... 10:26 PM
Honey: Kuro, don't put him down until we're out of here. 10:27 PM
Jun Maledicte: Where is the exit... M-miss? 10:27 PM
Amelia Roscoe flicks her hand toward the nearest collection of foliage, causing it to break open. "OUT! Move it!" 10:27 PM
Papi was about to cry, and hides behind Jun 10:27 PM
Ava Ire quickly scrambles. 10:28 PM
Jun Maledicte moves swiftly through the exit. 10:28 PM
Honey: Thank you for the assistance, ma'am. *curtsies then takes a leave* 10:28 PM
Papi runs behind Jun 10:28 PM
Saren walks through the exit, shooting a smirk as he leaves. 10:29 PM
Amelia Roscoe changed name to Tyler Haley 10:29 PM
Tyler Haley calmly walks out. 10:29 PM
Kuro: (Saren doesn't get to walk! He will stay in Kuro's arm! xD) 10:29 PM
Saren: (Fukin) 10:30 PM
Honey sighs "Saren. Let me talk to the royalty next time, ok dear?" 10:30 PM
Jun Maledicte: S-stop struggling. It'll make it easier. 10:30 PM
Saren: Just make him let go! 10:31 PM
Kuro sets Saren down once they're a good distance away. 10:31 PM
Jun Maledicte: It's a he! 10:31 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Kinda) 10:31 PM
Papi hugs Saren "Is Saren ok...?" 10:31 PM
Ava Ire is finally starting to come down. "W..where are we now..?" 10:31 PM
Saren: Yeah, Sarens okay. Just a little in pain. *Smiles* 10:32 PM
Honey: Still lost, Burgundy. Just lost in a different place. 10:32 PM
Ava Ire: (This will totally be the bodyswapping place we've been planning since we got in the forest. oo3) 10:33 PM
Ava Ire: ...Burgundy..? 10:33 PM
Honey: (Ava's new nickname xD) 10:33 PM
Honey: Yeah. You said your undies are burgundy. *winks* 10:33 PM
Honey: (Yay!) 10:34 PM
Ava Ire blushes bright orange. "...Damn that forest.." 10:34 PM
Jun Maledicte sways back, and forth lightly. "W-why did you have to eat the leaves?" 10:35 PM
Honey: Did you forget all that? I can give you another look.~ 10:35 PM
Kuro: They smelled goooooood~ 10:36 PM
Ava Ire: Look at what? o///o 10:36 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: What do you think? 10:36 PM
Honey: Mine. You seemed to like them before!~ 10:37 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: You're such a pervert. 10:37 PM
Kuro: I wanna see your... What am I gunna see? ^^ 10:38 PM
Ava Ire covers her face, blushing. "Oh god.." 10:39 PM
Jun Maledicte 's mind is going fuzzy. 10:39 PM
Saren: You three sure do have a connection... 10:40 PM
Kuro ate a LOT of leaves. Jun be trippin! (XD) 10:40 PM
Jun Maledicte begins to giggle. 10:41 PM
Honey: We haven't connected yet, Saren!~ 10:41 PM
Ava Ire looks around at the area, trying to see what the area looked like. 10:41 PM
Saren: I'm not sure I want to connect with you, Honey... 10:41 PM
Honey: Aww don't be shy! What color are yours?~ 10:42 PM
Saren: Like I'd tell you. 10:42 PM
Tyler Haley: Blue. 10:43 PM
Papi: Papi wants to know!~ 10:43 PM
Saren: B-blue... 10:43 PM
Honey smiles at Tyler "See? It isn't hard Saren!~" 10:43 PM
Saren: Wait, how the hell did you know that? 10:43 PM
Tyler Haley: Bro, you're you. 10:44 PM
Tyler Haley: I don't wear undies. I hang natural. 10:44 PM
Saren: ... 10:44 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Slew me again Red) 10:44 PM
Ava Ire: (Whoo.) 10:44 PM
Honey looks at Tyler "I like this guy more and more every time he talks." 10:44 PM
Tyler Haley grins. 10:46 PM
Kuro tugs at Jun's pants because he can't remember what color theirs were xD 10:46 PM
Papi: What's Kuro doing? *looks puzzled* 10:46 PM
Jun Maledicte: H-hey... 10:47 PM
Papi: (Kuro gotsta knoe!) 10:47 PM
Saren: Hehe...show him, Jun. 10:47 PM
Jun Maledicte speaks passively. "Stop that please?" 10:47 PM
Ava Ire starts walking around. "Hm. These vines are interesting.." 10:47 PM
Ava Ire: (Soul switch vines!) 10:47 PM
Kuro: What? I forgot what color they are. 10:48 PM
Jun Maledicte laughs. "She said vines!" 10:48 PM
Jun Maledicte: Wait... that wasn't funny.... 10:48 PM
Honey: The vines? *examines one* They are kinda weird. 10:48 PM
Saren: Yeah...pretty interesting. 10:48 PM
Tyler Haley starts feeling the vines. 10:49 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina Moves closer to the vine. "Yes, yes they are aren't they?" 10:49 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: If only I had hands... 10:49 PM
Honey pokes a Vine curiously 10:49 PM
Papi hangs upside down from a Vine~ 10:50 PM
Jun Maledicte leans back onto a vine. 10:50 PM
Ava Ire touches it for Wrathia. 10:50 PM
Kuro joined the chat 10:50 PM
Saren climbs a vine 10:51 PM
Kuro reconstructs into snake form, wrapping around the Vine 10:51 PM
Tyler Haley: (Aaaand Freaky Friday.) 10:52 PM
Kuro: (Powers stay with bodies?) 10:52 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Sounds good) 10:52 PM
Kuro: (I'd assume) 10:52 PM
Tyler Haley: (Yep.) 10:53 PM
Jun Maledicte: (So, who's who?) 10:53 PM
Tyler Haley: Jun Maledicte: (Body switch place. Jun=Ava, Ava=Wrathia, Wrathia=Kuro, Kuro=Jun?) 7:03 PM Ava Ire: (Wrathia=Ava, Kuro=Jun. o3o) Papi: (Honey = Saren, Saren =Papi, Papi = Tyler, Tyler = Honey? xD) 10:54 PM
Jun Maledicte changed name to Jun Maledicte(Ava) 10:55 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina changed name to Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) 10:55 PM
Saren changed name to Saren(Papi) 10:55 PM
Honey changed name to Honey(Tyler) 10:56 PM
Tyler Haley changed name to Tyler Haley (Honey) 10:56 PM
Kuro changed name to Kuro(Jun) 10:56 PM
Honey(Tyler) changed name to Honey(Saren) 10:57 PM
Honey(Saren): (Sorry bout that) 10:57 PM
Papi changed name to Papi(Tyler) 10:57 PM
Kuro(Jun) feels... Oddly solid... 10:57 PM
Saren(Papi) looks down, and screams 10:58 PM
Saren(Papi): W-WHA!? 10:58 PM
Papi(Tyler): Saren? Are you... Papi? 0.o 10:58 PM
Ava Ire changed name to Ava Ire (Wrathia) 10:58 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) noticing he's shorter, and feeling lighter. "H-how?" 10:58 PM
Saren(Papi): What...yeah, I am! WHAT!? 10:59 PM
Honey(Saren) giggles "You guys swapped bo-" ._. 10:59 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) can't see anything. 11:00 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  11:00 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): What the hell is this!? 11:00 PM
Kuro(Jun) looks at himself "Do I have... Skin...?" 11:00 PM
Saren(Papi) feels his body, then blushes 11:00 PM
Saren(Papi): (*her?) 11:01 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) doesn't know how to control herself as a black blood monster. 11:01 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Wait, wasn't it Wrathia in Ava and Jun in Kuro? (This will be so confusing first few minutes. @_@) 11:01 PM
Papi(Tyler): There are two Papis! *gasps* 11:01 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) "Yo. I..I got the booty. YES!" 11:02 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) looks at himself. "Am I in... Ava?" 11:02 PM
Papi(Tyler): (Eh. Whatever. This works xD) 11:02 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (I don't know!! x-x) 11:02 PM
Saren(Papi): I don't...why...? 11:02 PM
Kuro(Jun): Welcome to my world, guys! 11:03 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) feels strangely ethereal. "I..I'm a ghost." .-. 11:03 PM
Honey(Saren): ... I could have fun with this... 11:03 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Well Ava, on the bright side, you actually have boobs now!~) 11:03 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) starts doing an odd MC Hammer-dance. 11:04 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): You! What the hell did you do! 11:04 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) see's Ava(Wrathia), and is frozen solid. 11:05 PM
Honey(Saren) looks at Tyler. "Is that... Tyler in there...?" 11:05 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) plays random trumpet. "Talk dirty to me~" 11:05 PM
Kuro(Jun) laughs "Hey! I get it! I'm Jun!" 11:05 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) looks at her body. "Is that...you?" 11:06 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): N-no you aren't! I am!... Kind of.... Me? 11:06 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) 11:06 PM
Retrieving video description...
Kuro(Jun) then looks confused... "But I don't really recognize the voice coming from me..." 11:06 PM
Saren(Papi): This is...embarrassing... 11:06 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) tries moving around. 11:07 PM
Saren(Papi) tries to transform into weapon form, but falls on the ground 11:07 PM
Honey(Saren) giggles "This is really odd!" 11:07 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) plays Talk Dirty in the background, dancing up to Honey? And offering a hand. "Dancing time~" 11:08 PM
Saren(Papi): Papi, try transforming into a weapon. 11:08 PM
Kuro(Jun): Ah... Whoever that is be careful... You can seriously damage Jun's body with a wrong move. 11:08 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) looks at Jun?. "Know how I feel now with a giant ethereal woman floating over you?" 11:09 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Y-yeah... Ava? 11:09 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Mhm. 11:09 PM
Papi(Tyler): Papi, transform? 11:10 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Well I don't know how to use this body! 11:10 PM
Saren(Papi): You know, turn into a weapon. Just try...using a soul... 11:11 PM
Kuro(Jun): Just relax. First off, who the h*ll are you? 11:11 PM
Saren(Papi) notices he doesn't have a soul 11:11 PM
Papi(Tyler): (Tyler is a weapon?) 11:11 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (KE I think) 11:12 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (Kishin Egg, yes. His alternate personality Ace is a Meister, and Tron Cat is a fullfledged Kishin. I'll explain it sometime later in the Lore of Tyler.) 11:12 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Wrathia, Wrathia Bellarmina. 11:14 PM
Papi(Tyler): Use Papi's soul...? 11:14 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): W-what now guys. 11:14 PM
Saren(Papi): Yeah, you have a soul now. Try to find it. 11:15 PM
Saren(Papi): W-we...try to get out of here? 11:15 PM
Kuro(Jun): Wrathia...? That's a new one... Ok well just focus on a form and try to take it. It's quite easy. 11:15 PM
Honey(Saren): Get out of here? I want to play with my new body!~ 11:16 PM
Saren(Papi): Don't play with my body! 11:16 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) forms a black-blooded shape of her own likeness, and pops out of Kuro's body. 11:17 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): K-kuro. Try not to break anything. 11:17 PM
Kuro(Jun): Well... Aren't we the pretty shirtless lady...? *looking up* 11:17 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Mind your eyes, or I'll break you. 11:18 PM
Papi(Tyler) is trying to figure out what a soul is 11:19 PM
Honey(Saren) giggles "Why not?" 11:19 PM
Saren(Papi): Okay, Papi, look inside yourself. Try to feel something. 11:20 PM
Kuro(Jun): Alright, alright. Where did you come from anyways? 11:20 PM
Saren(Papi): B-because my body is private! 11:20 PM
Tyler Haley changed name to Tyler Haley (Honey) 11:20 PM
Papi(Tyler): All Papi sees is a red ball~ 11:20 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) already has his? hands inside said dress. 11:20 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) realizes his soul is a Kishin Egg. 11:21 PM
Honey(Saren) looks at Tyler "Are you enjoying yourself?~" 11:21 PM
Saren(Papi): Red, huh? Never imagined my soul was red... 11:21 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Papi is Tyler Blade xD) 11:22 PM
Saren(Papi): (FUCKING) 11:22 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Honey is Saren xD) 11:22 PM
Saren(Papi): (I'M SO CONFUSED) 11:22 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I was fixed to Ava, and you? 11:22 PM
Saren(Papi): Papi, that's a soul. Try using it. 11:23 PM
Saren(Papi) feels awfully...hollow. 11:23 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Yes, yes I am. 11:23 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-I don't l-like this... No offense Ava. 11:23 PM
Kuro(Jun): So the girl isn't crazy. I'm that mass of blood that you currently inhabit. 11:23 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) feels ashamed, curling into a ball of shame and hugging her knees. 11:24 PM
Papi(Tyler) doesn't understand how any of this works 11:24 PM
Saren(Papi): Okay, just use it. I don't know, change into something. 11:24 PM
Kuro(Jun): Normally... You make it work much better than me though. 11:24 PM
Kuro(Jun) snickers 11:25 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) tries to give Ava a hand, but it passes through her. "You okay?" 11:25 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): There's a lot of things that make me better than you. 11:25 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) just kinda fades away. 11:25 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): W-wait! 11:26 PM
Honey(Saren) examines 'her' body closely. 11:26 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Good, now that we've wasted time on introductions. Let's amend this issue. 11:27 PM
Saren(Papi): You know Papi, your body really is something...*Blushes* 11:27 PM
Kuro(Jun): I'm sure there are. But right now you need me more than I need you. *smirks* 11:27 PM
Papi(Tyler) smiles at Saren, still feeling really weird about the whole soul thing. 11:28 PM
Honey(Saren): (Is Saren a weapon? 0.o) 11:28 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): I have chesticles! 11:29 PM
Saren(Papi): (Mhm, he's a weapon.) 11:29 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Did you know, I can paralyze you completely by knocking out your 7th vertebra? 11:29 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Then I can just wear you like a glove. 11:29 PM
Honey(Saren) tries to turn into a butterfly, instead falling into weapon form "What... Is this...?" 11:30 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Also butterflies~ *releases gigantic spurts of random colored butterflies as she? spins around gracefully* 11:30 PM
Kuro(Jun): I think I know my own powers. Without sufficient soul count to control my form, even I can't possess Jun. 11:31 PM
Saren(Papi): It's a katana, Honey. Don't cut someone with it. 11:31 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): It wouldn't kill you silly, just make you a wet noodle. 11:31 PM
Honey(Saren): Huh... That's weird. The bodies kept the powers too... 11:32 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) speaks meekly. "A-ava....?" 11:32 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) tries to use power, but instead makes Jun's hands set aflame. "..No wonder I had to sleep in the freezer.." 11:32 PM
Saren(Papi) picks up a couple rocks using hair 11:32 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) flails his hand. "FIRE!" 11:33 PM
Saren(Papi): Huh, interesting... 11:33 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Jun, Jun. Dear. You're immune to fire. 11:33 PM
Kuro(Jun): Wet noodle, eh? Tell me now, do you enjoy noodles, Wrathia? *laughs at his terrible joke because pervert* 11:33 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) stops. ".... Oh... Right..." 11:34 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Unfortunately for you, no. 11:34 PM
Honey(Saren): Huh... *turns back* Well. I can still have fun with this. 11:35 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Kuro is almost exactly how I assume Pedri is. And if he is so, that's going to be an amazing character.) 11:35 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Kuro is that pedophile that lives inside the young boy) 11:36 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) takes Honey?'s hands, and puts them on Tyler?'s chest. "I've always wanted to do that." 11:36 PM
Saren(Papi): Just try not to shoot electricity at anyone, okay? 11:36 PM
Honey(Saren) laughs "Too bad I already know what they feel like.~" 11:37 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Now I just need this to happen when I'm me. 11:38 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Oh god, don't put it like that. xD ) 11:38 PM
Honey(Saren): That can be arranged. *winks... Which looks weird from Saren's body* 11:39 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) grins. 11:39 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) feels her chest. "I wonder if Wrathia ever needed a training bra.." 

Ava Ire (Wrathia): Go ahead. You've done it before... 11:42 PM
Kuro(Jun) stretches "It feels nice to be human again." grins and looks at everybody, wondering if this'll get fixed. 11:42 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (That moment when you can read someone's mind unintentionally. o3o) 11:42 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): T-that doesn't make it okay... W-wait... 11:42 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): How? 11:42 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Wrathia can read my mind, I can read hers. I guess it carried over. 11:43 PM
Honey(Saren) looks at Wrathia "Kuro has a lady friend!~" 11:43 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) tried not to think anything because he might think something bad. 11:43 PM
Papi(Tyler) pokes herself a few times, then Pokes Saren a few 11:45 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Don't think I won't break you little one. 11:45 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Oh hey, that's that salty little demon woman my voodoo cross thing keeps blaring at me about. 11:45 PM
Kuro(Jun): Just relax. This'll all sort out. 11:46 PM
Saren(Papi): W-what are you doing. 11:47 PM
Saren(Papi): (*?) 11:47 PM
Papi(Tyler): Papi is wondering if Saren feels Papi poking Papi 11:47 PM
Papi(Tyler) pokes Saren's chest 11:48 PM
Saren(Papi): Wha... 11:48 PM
Honey(Saren): Oh. So Ava wasn't kidding. 11:48 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) snarls. 11:48 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): O-of course she wasn't! 11:49 PM
Saren(Papi): I don't... 11:49 PM
Saren(Papi) blushes deeply 11:49 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) scowls. "So everyone thought I was crazy, huh?" 11:50 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) looks down. "I-I didn't..." 11:51 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): You know it's better from this end. Ava babbling to herself. 11:52 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) smiles weakly, putting her hand on his? shoulder. "..thanks.." 11:52 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) speaks "..thanks.." as Ava touches him. 11:53 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Alright, now that we've touched everyone's boobs, where the hell are we? 11:57 PM
Saren(Papi): Some swamp... 11:58 PM
Saren(Papi): (Hey Rao, did you ever show us the Wrath room?) 11:58 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (I didn't see it...) 11:59 PM

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PostSubject: Re: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:00 pm

Saren(Papi): I'm quite impressed, Rao. 7:28 PM
Saren(Papi): Really good. 7:28 PM
Saren(Papi): I don't see your problem with Ava. 7:28 PM
Saren(Papi): All I have to add is the scarf. 7:28 PM
Saren(Papi): Get that scarf 7:29 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina changed name to Asura of the Hype 7:29 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): But Wrathia burnt off all her clothes. 7:29 PM
Asura of the Hype: Tee-hee. 7:30 PM
Saren(Papi) changed name to Unmasked Yasha 7:30 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Get...hyped? 7:30 PM
Asura of the Hype: All of the HPYE! 7:30 PM
Asura of the Hype: HYPE* 7:30 PM
Asura of the Hype: Don't you dare leave that word un-capitalized!! 7:31 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Let us decide...WHO IS STRONGER! 7:31 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Also, glad to know I could share the word of Hopsin and Tech N9ne 7:33 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Yeah, been listening to them for a while. 7:33 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Gotta say, i'm actually a little into hip-hop now. 7:33 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): I can recommend more. 7:33 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Nah, nah. 7:34 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Gotta listen TO ALL THE HYPE 7:34 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): You've listened to all of Knock Madness and All 6s and 7s, right? 7:34 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Not ALL of it. 7:35 PM
Unmasked Yasha: 6, yes. 7? No. Knock madness? No. 7:35 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): No, All 6s and 7s, the album Mental Giant came off of 7:36 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Oh, thought you were talking about Ill mind. 7:37 PM
Unmasked Yasha: In that case, no, I haven't. 7:37 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Flock to it, my boy. 7:38 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Okay. 7:38 PM
Unmasked Yasha: I'll start with Delusional. 7:38 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Also, Ill Mind Six isn't actually Ill Mind, but a track on Knock Madness 7:41 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Apparently Ill Mind 6 was too much to release. 7:41 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Huh, really? 7:42 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Yeah. It was too personal, I guess. 7:42 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Yeah, it seemed Hospin was speaking more sincerely on that one. 7:43 PM
Unmasked Yasha: That and he didn't have those freaky eyes. 7:43 PM
Unmasked Yasha: 'Blow me with a hot bucket of fecees" 7:44 PM
Unmasked Yasha: ^This 7:45 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): They're contacts. 7:46 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Ill Mind always comes out in summer. 7:46 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Yeah, of course they're contacts. 7:47 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): So many people don't realize that that it's frustrating. 7:47 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Really? 7:48 PM
Unmasked Yasha: People think those are REAL? 7:49 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Yep. 7:49 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Stab. All. Of. Them. 7:49 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina joined the chat 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: JESUS 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: IT'S A FUCKING ZOMBIE 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: SOMEONE 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: GET AN AXE 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: CUT IT'S HEAD OFF 7:51 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I accidentally the x'd pages. 7:51 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): Hopsin's childhoood friend, SwizZz has black contacts. Or he tattooed his eye whites, I forget. 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Good. 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Forgot people tattoo eyes. 7:51 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Sounds so...painful. 7:52 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): I know, right? 7:54 PM
Unmasked Yasha: So...terrifying. 7:54 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I find it attractive. 7:54 PM
Unmasked Yasha: I want to burn you. 7:55 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): It's fuckin spookyt. 7:55 PM
Unmasked Yasha: 2 7:55 PM
Unmasked Yasha: spooky 7:55 PM
Unmasked Yasha: 4 7:55 PM
Unmasked Yasha: u 7:55 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Ok, i'm going to start thinking of Wonderland area. 8:00 PM
Unmasked Yasha: *Areas 8:01 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Do tell. 8:02 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Don't have anything at the moment. :/ 8:03 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Aside from personality-switching. 8:03 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Maybe we could just do another confrontation with Veva. 8:03 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Where she reveals the "Alices/Faces" 8:03 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Ew... same memories with a different look on them. 8:04 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: That could be dangerous. 8:04 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Whatch'a mean? 8:04 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Well the person stays the same, only their attitude switches. 8:05 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Yeah, could be interesting. 8:06 PM
Unmasked Yasha: I just want to find out some arc with the Alices. 8:06 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Something to make it important 8:06 PM
Unmasked Yasha: Maybe a plot twist or some SHIET 8:06 PM
Unmasked Yasha: (Okay, you guys willing to enter Wonderland?) 8:10 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Yea.) 8:10 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Do eet.) 8:13 PM
Unmasked Yasha: (We just need to summon Ema.) 8:14 PM
Unmasked Yasha sacrifices a octopus 8:14 PM
Kuro joined the chat 8:15 PM
Kuro joined the chat 8:15 PM
Unmasked Yasha: (JESUS FUCK A GHOST) 8:15 PM
Unmasked Yasha: (I'M SLIMED) 8:15 PM
Unmasked Yasha changed name to Saren (Papi) 8:15 PM
Kuro changed name to Kuro(Jun) 8:16 PM
Papi(Tyler) joined the chat 8:17 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina changed name to Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) 8:17 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 8:17 PM
Saren (Papi): This place...smells...*Holds Nose* 8:18 PM
Honey(Saren): Yeah. I noticed that too. What is it? 8:19 PM
Honey(Saren): (WHY IS HONEY PINK?!?) 8:19 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) joined the chat 8:20 PM
Saren (Papi): (Yr mum m8) 8:20 PM
Saren (Papi): I think it's the swamp water. Smells like poop... 8:20 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Can't say I miss that part of having a body. 8:20 PM
Kuro(Jun): Neither did I... You have a really strong nose Jun... *covers his nose with a hand* 8:21 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): D-do you think this wears off? 8:21 PM
Saren (Papi) morphs into a parrot, and sits on Tyler's (Papi's) shoulder. "I hope so..." 8:22 PM
Honey(Saren): If it's anything like most body swap magic, no. But the rules here are much different so, who knows? 8:22 PM
Papi(Tyler): Saren is a parrot!~ 8:23 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): S-so how do we fix it? 8:23 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  8:24 PM
Saren (Papi): Yes...i'm a parrot. This feels...weird... 8:24 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 8 seconds ago 8:24 PM
Honey(Saren): In our world? We find the witch responsable and have them reverse it... Normally your soul goes with you. 8:25 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) kind of just floats about. 8:26 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): If I had to guess, the one responsible is the girl with the bad taste in hats. 8:26 PM
Saren (Papi): Well, the hatter doesn't seem the willing type to reverse this. 8:26 PM
Honey(Saren): Since our souls stayed with our bodies, we have mix matched powers too... I've never seen this kind of spell... 8:27 PM
Kuro(Jun): Whatever. Your a witch. Fix it. 8:28 PM
Saren (Papi): It feels awfully...hollow. 8:28 PM
Honey(Saren): Tyler has my soul. 8:28 PM
Saren (Papi): (Did Mogli go with Papi?) 8:29 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Mogli is Papi's other personality. Basically Mogli has MPD and Papi is the dominant) 8:29 PM
Kuro(Jun): (So Mogli would be with Papi) 8:30 PM
Saren (Papi): (Gotcha.) 8:30 PM
Kuro(Jun): So now what? We just wait around for it to fix itself? I say keep moving. *sneeks a peek up at Wrathia* 8:32 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) joined the chat  8:32 PM
Saren (Papi): Yeah, I guess keep moving. But...where? 8:32 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Kuro's gunna get Jun killed xD) 8:32 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) scowls at Kuro, and slaps him harshly over the head. 8:33 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): That's going to give me a head-ache later I just know it... 8:33 PM
Kuro(Jun): Gah! Alright alrigh! =_=' If you don't want me lookin, why take such a nice form? 8:34 PM
Saren (Papi): Huh, even Jun and Ava's partners fall in love. Fitting, isn't it? 8:35 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) twirls around. 8:35 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I needed an excuse to hit something. 8:35 PM
Kuro(Jun): Hey! I may be a mass of blood... Normally... But I still have feelings. I'm not in love, I'm just... Enjoying... 8:36 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) possesses Jun to speak. "Don't forget that you're married, Wrathia~" 8:36 PM
Saren (Papi): Yeah, sure. You'll end up being just like Jun, slowly realizing your feelings. You do adopt from him, don't you? *Smirks* 8:36 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) laughs lightly. "... I have such a cute laugh now..." 8:36 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): When I get my powers back, you're the first one I'm melting. 8:37 PM
Kuro(Jun): Adopt from Jun? No. Jun and me are a rather new pairing. 8:38 PM
Kuro(Jun): *looks up again cuz Kuro* 8:38 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  8:38 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) pokes Kuro in the eyes. 8:39 PM
Saren (Papi): Lover's qurrel~ 8:39 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat 5 seconds ago 8:39 PM
Kuro(Jun): Gah! *holds eyes* Come on! Don't tease me! 8:40 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Kuro, be a dear, and get me closer to the bird brain. 8:40 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Hey! That's my body you're getting beat up. 8:40 PM
Honey(Saren) laughs "I like this chick!" 8:41 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Genderbend area. :3) 8:41 PM
Kuro(Jun) grumbles and walks over to Papi(Tyler) 8:41 PM
Saren (Papi) transforms into a squid, and squeels. "Weee! I can finally be a squid! Woo~" Swims around in the bog water 8:41 PM
Kuro(Jun): (OH GEEZ! CAN WE NOT?!? xD) 8:41 PM
Saren (Papi): (I WILL SQUIRT ALL THE INK) 8:42 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): ...... Not what I meant... 8:42 PM
Papi(Tyler) joined the chat  8:42 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) "accidentally" blows Saren up with a red butterfly. "Oops." 8:43 PM
Saren (Papi) yells, and swims beneath the water. "Owowowowo!" 8:43 PM
Papi(Tyler) giggles "Hi there Jun!~" 8:43 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Why thank you Tyler. 8:44 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): H-hi... 8:44 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Need something? 8:44 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  8:44 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Not a problem creepy ghost lady. 8:44 PM
Kuro(Jun): I'm not Jun... Remember? 8:44 PM
Saren (Papi) gurgles, and slaps his tnetacles around. "Weee!~ Wooo~ Yeah!" 8:45 PM
Saren (Papi): (*Tentacles) 8:45 PM
Kuro(Jun) sighs "Are we moving or just goofing off?" 8:47 PM
Saren (Papi): Both!~ 8:47 PM
Saren (Papi): (Saren fukin loves squids. xD) 8:48 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  8:48 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) pats Jun?'s head. "Take care of my body or I'll have to incinerate you when I get it back." 8:48 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): U-um! I-I will! 8:49 PM
Saren (Papi) slaps Jun? in the face with his tentacle, then giggles 8:49 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I agree. Lets be gone from here. 8:50 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): H-hey! 8:50 PM
Saren (Papi) swims further, giggling to himself. 8:50 PM
Honey(Saren): Saren... That wavelength you emit... Can you cancel it like Papi does...? 8:50 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Honey has Saren's soul .3.) 8:51 PM
Kuro(Jun): (bad things. Bad things.) 8:51 PM
Saren (Papi): W-well...sometimes... 8:51 PM
Saren (Papi): 9FUKIN HONEY) 8:51 PM
Saren (Papi): (*() 8:52 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) is still getting used to looking up at people. 8:52 PM
Saren (Papi): Only if Papi can...control it... 8:52 PM
Honey(Saren): Then do it quick... I'm having a problem... 8:53 PM
Papi(Tyler) joined the chat 5 seconds ago 8:53 PM
Papi(Tyler): Saren just has to hold it! In Papi's chest!~ 8:54 PM
Saren (Papi): W-what? 8:55 PM
Saren (Papi): In Papi's chest? 8:55 PM
Saren (Papi): O///O 8:55 PM
Papi(Tyler): (Papi has just revealed she implodes her wavelength xD) 8:55 PM
Papi(Tyler): Turn it inside out~ 8:55 PM
Saren (Papi): Are you telling me to touch your chest? 8:56 PM
Saren (Papi): Well, my chest... 8:56 PM
Papi(Tyler): No silly!~ Just think about filling a hole *giggles* 8:57 PM
Papi(Tyler): (Papi, making it worse since she started talking) 8:57 PM
Saren (Papi): Filling a hole...P-papi, i'm not sure if I...understand... 8:58 PM
Saren (Papi) tries "Filling the hole" 8:58 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 7 seconds ago 8:58 PM
Honey(Saren) laughs "Your hopeless Saren!" 8:59 PM
Saren (Papi): Sh-shut up! 8:59 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): How did you survive up until this point with this moron in your midst? 9:02 PM
Honey(Saren): Whatever. I'm going ahead before this starts to bother me. *takes off up the path* 9:02 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat 9 seconds ago 9:02 PM
Saren (Papi) turns back into a squid, and swims in the bogwater 9:02 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) follows Honey up the path. 9:02 PM
Kuro(Jun): Luck. Lots of luck. *facepalms* 9:03 PM
Kuro(Jun) follows behind 9:03 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) goes with Kuro for obvious reasons. 9:03 PM
Saren (Papi): hah, hilarious. 9:04 PM
Kuro(Jun): You seem to be following me. *smirks* 9:05 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Kuro... Stahp with the bad jokes...) 9:06 PM
Saren (Papi): C-can we just get out of these bodies? I hate seeing Kuro flirt... 9:06 PM
Kuro(Jun): So now I can't have a little fun? I was human at one point you know. 9:07 PM
Saren (Papi): Yeah, I sure love to see you flirt with Ava's Demon. Real nice to hear. 9:08 PM
Saren (Papi): (GETIT? AVA'S DEMON? HEHEHEHE) 9:08 PM
Kuro(Jun): At least I'm not flirting with a soulless being who may or may not have gender. 9:09 PM
Saren (Papi): Hey, I don't flirt with Papi! And I'm sure she's a girl! ...Right, Papi? 9:10 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Sorry, left for ice-cream >​w>​ ) 9:10 PM
Honey(Tyler) joined the chat  9:11 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I make a bad habit of getting attached to people I don't like. 9:11 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) spins around. 9:11 PM
Honey(Tyler): Papi don't tell him. Let him check himself. *giggles* 9:11 PM
Honey(Tyler) changed name to Honey(Saren) 9:11 PM
Saren (Papi): N-no! I don't wanna check myself! 9:12 PM
Honey(Saren): (Woops) 9:12 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:12 PM
Kuro(Jun): Yes you do. Just take a peek. Papi probably won't even care. *laughs and looks up, ignoring the harsh remark made by Wrathia* 9:13 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Persistent aren't we? 9:15 PM
Saren (Papi): N-no! Sh-shut up! I don't want to! *Swims deeper underwater* 9:15 PM
Kuro(Jun): When I see something I want, I take it. *smirk* 9:16 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Is that so? Then it seems there's something you, and I have in common. However, 9:18 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) elbows the bridge of Kuro's nose. "you'll find yourself ill-equipped to take me." 9:19 PM
Kuro(Jun) rubs his nose "Doesn't mean I won't try." 9:19 PM
Saren (Papi) resubmerges, and turns into human form. "Oh, I can tell you guys love eachother so very much." 9:20 PM
Kuro(Jun) laughs and decides to shut Saren up "You find your answer yet?" 9:21 PM
Saren (Papi): O-okay Kuro, y-you win... 9:21 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) smirks at Kuro's remark. 9:22 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): W-where do you think this road leads? 9:22 PM
Kuro(Jun): I always do. *looks Wrathia in the eye to the best of his abilities* 9:22 PM
Saren (Papi): Death, Destruction, the hatter, a swamp-king, a swamp-queen, a giant monster, etc. 9:22 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:23 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I'm going to pluck those out pretty soon. 9:24 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-I don't like those ideas. Someone give me an optimistic answer. 9:24 PM
Honey(Saren) stops... Her face turning beet red 9:25 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Some weird-ass wooden house where we can sleep? 9:25 PM
Saren (Papi): An ogre? 9:25 PM
Saren (Papi): (#getshrekt) 9:25 PM
Honey(Saren): Um... Guys... *looks back at the group* 9:25 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Saren's demise? 9:25 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Wut 9:25 PM
Saren (Papi): W-what? Something wrong? 9:26 PM
Honey(Saren): H-how do guys... Um... Tinkle...? *covers face* 9:26 PM
Honey(Saren): (Honey~<3) 9:27 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ... Hey Saren... guess what Honey gets to touch... 9:27 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:27 PM
Saren (Papi): Don't tinkle. 9:27 PM
Saren (Papi): P-please? 9:27 PM
Kuro(Jun) breaks into a laughing fit 9:28 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): You want her to piss in your underwear, dude? 9:28 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:28 PM
Saren (Papi): J-just don't pee at all. Hold it. 9:29 PM
Honey(Saren): It's not funny! *stomps foot* I have to go! >​///<' 9:29 PM
Saren (Papi): I don't care! HOLD IT! 9:30 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) whispers explanation in Honey's ear. 9:30 PM
Kuro(Jun) looks at Saren "When you gotta go you gotta go!" Laughs harder 9:31 PM
Saren (Papi) blushes. "S-stop! I don't want her to go!" 9:31 PM
Honey(Saren) blushes, hugs Jun, and runs off the path 9:31 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Do you have, like, knockout butteflies or something? 9:31 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:32 PM
Saren (Papi): J-jun...w-what did you tell her? 9:32 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) looks to the ground. "T-the... essentials..." 9:32 PM
Kuro(Jun): What do you think he told her? He told her how to piss! 9:33 PM
Saren (Papi) transforms into a squid, and swims to the bottom of the swamp. "N-now she's gonna look at it..." 9:33 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:33 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Oh, she'll do more than look. 9:34 PM
Saren (Papi) begins to quietly mumble gibberish to himself 9:34 PM
Honey(Saren) comes back and dips her hands in the swamp water, blushing madly with a small frown 9:35 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:35 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): You certainly picked a bad time to get shy. 9:36 PM
Saren (Papi) floats deeper into the water 9:36 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:36 PM
Honey(Saren): I-I don't want to talk about it... *quickly heads down the path* 9:37 PM
Saren (Papi) swims slowly next to the path, staying quiet. 9:38 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) scampers after Honey, worried about the condition of Saren's body. 9:39 PM
Honey(Saren): (Sorry. But you guys knew that was coming when we put a girl in a guy's body and visa versa xD) 9:39 PM
Saren (Papi): (Get...hyped?) 9:39 PM
Honey(Saren): (Get hyped indeed) 9:40 PM
Saren (Papi): H-how far are we...? 9:40 PM
Honey(Saren): (God I love honey! Too bad I can't make her >​~<' ) 9:40 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat 5 seconds ago 9:40 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Why not?) 9:41 PM
Kuro(Jun): Not sure. 9:41 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) goes with Jun for obviousl reasons. 9:41 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Ran out of character slots and I'm keeping Kotori) 9:41 PM
Saren (Papi): (HYPED) 9:42 PM
Saren (Papi): (Or...not hyped...) 9:42 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Bummer) 9:42 PM
Saren (Papi): C-can we run? I want to g-get out of here... 9:42 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): We'll just stop and get a map then? Or maybe, you can stop asking stupid questions. 9:42 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (And cue ominous wooden cabin? o3o) 9:43 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (-thinks of evil dead-) 9:43 PM
Saren (Papi): N-no need to be mean... 9:43 PM
Kuro(Jun): I'm barely used to walking and you want me to run? I think not. 9:43 PM
Saren (Papi): (It's not dead. Get an axe.) 9:43 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 9 seconds ago 9:45 PM
Honey(Saren) refuses to look anyone in the eye and remains silent until seeing a building in the distance. "Look guys. Maybe the people in that house can help?" 9:47 PM
Honey(Saren): (Cabbin~) 9:47 PM
Honey(Saren): (Honey must be a character... I'll remove... I'll remove... Um... Idk...) 9:48 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-I don't think we should go in there... 9:48 PM
Saren (Papi) transforms back into a human, and runs toward that cabin, remaining silent. 9:48 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Because everyone else here has been so helpful. 9:49 PM
Honey(Saren): Hey, it's better than nothing. 9:49 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:49 PM
Kuro(Jun): No. Wrathia's right. They obviously don't take kindly to guests here. Think you can make scythe form, dear? 9:50 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:51 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): You want me to preform a skill most weapons don't master till years of practice? It's one thing to take my own shape... 9:52 PM
Honey(Saren) pulls out Saren's sword, looking at it curiously 9:52 PM
Saren (Papi) turns back, and smirks. "It's a pirate Cutless. It cuts things." 9:52 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  9:53 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Funny how your tool is sharper than you are isn't it Saren? 9:53 PM
Kuro(Jun): Yes. Your a big girl, right? You managed to come out of the right vut. 9:53 PM
Kuro(Jun): *cut 9:54 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  9:54 PM
Saren (Papi): Hha, very funny Wrathia. 9:54 PM
Saren (Papi): (*Haha) 9:54 PM
Honey(Saren): I know what it is. I don't normally use weapons. *swings it awkwardly once* 9:55 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): She IS funny. Every time she opens her mouth, I just expect a canned laugh track to follow. 9:55 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) holds one of his arms, feeling uncomfortable with the arguments in the group. 9:55 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (Ema. Drop tha Ophidia bomb. o3o) 9:55 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Fine, just give me a moment to think about this.... 9:56 PM
Honey(Saren): (Ophidia bomb...? We're throwing her in the mix...? Now of all times? xD) 9:56 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) yawns. "Don't worry Jun, if we get into some sort of fight, I'll amp you up a bit." 9:56 PM
Saren (Papi): No, no. You swing it swiftly. 9:56 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Yyyep. I randomly threw in Amelia, you randomly throw in Ophidia. o3o) 9:57 PM
Honey(Saren) sighs. "I'll figure it out." 9:57 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Make it specul to Wonderland.) 9:57 PM
Honey(Saren): (Alright. Prepare to have your characters molested) 9:58 PM
Saren (Papi): (SO NOT HYPED) 9:58 PM
Saren (Papi): Yeah, sure you will. 9:58 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): She can't perform any worse than you. 9:59 PM
Ophidia joined the chat  9:59 PM
Saren (Papi): I can see why Ava loaves you. 9:59 PM
Saren (Papi): *Loathes 10:00 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) sinks into Kuro, trying to wrap her head around becoming a scythe. 10:00 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) possesses Jun really quickly. "Let her make your lives miserable, for a bit." 10:01 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Never getting used to that... 10:01 PM
Ophidia: *a young woman sprints down the path and past the group from behind wearing a black one part "swimsuit" with a white tail and bunny ears, turning into the cabbin* 10:02 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): R-rabbit? 10:02 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (I knew it.) 10:03 PM
Saren (Papi): W-what the hell was that? 10:03 PM
Saren (Papi) readies his "hair" 10:03 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:03 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): ..If I was still male. 10:03 PM
Kuro(Jun): Someone's a hooker. 10:03 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  10:04 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (Tyler's body is ready.) 10:04 PM
Saren (Papi): (So ready guuurl) 10:04 PM
Honey(Saren): Think she lives there? It's getting dark. We could ask her if we can stay... 10:05 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:05 PM
Saren (Papi): Are you kidding me? She looked like a stripper! 10:05 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): So you don't like scantily clad women? 10:06 PM
Kuro(Jun): I vote we sleep in the hooker's house!~ Mar 21
Tyler Haley (Honey): Fuck yea. 10:06 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-I don't think I want to stay with someone who dresses like that. 10:06 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) looks back into the swamp. "... Then again..." 10:07 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) raises her eyebrows at Jun. 10:07 PM
Saren (Papi): I mean, i'd rather swim in the water! 10:07 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): W-what?... 10:07 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): ....Nothing. 10:08 PM
Kuro(Jun): Hey, there are worse places to sleep. 10:08 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  10:08 PM
Saren (Papi): P-please? Can't we just make camp outside? 10:08 PM
Honey(Saren): Do what you want. I'm going there. *heads for the cabbin* 10:09 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Oh that's convenient. We would rather you camped outside. That way the rest of us could rest our minds of your stupidity. 10:09 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:09 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): S-she's always like this? 10:09 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) enters the cabin with no regrets. 10:10 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) enters the cabin, staying behind Tyler. 10:10 PM
Saren (Papi) stares outside, and slowly enters the cabin, looking down. "F-fine..." 10:10 PM
Kuro(Jun) heads for the Cabbin and waves bye to Saren 10:10 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) nods at Jun. "Bitchy, ain't she?" 10:10 PM
Ophidia joined the chat  10:11 PM
Saren (Papi): I-i hate this... 10:11 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): No one cares, so you might as well stop complaining. 10:12 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ... A little. 10:13 PM
Ophidia comes out of a back room, looking at the group, then rushing around the Cabin, throwing stuff in a bag "Sorry guys, I've got somewhere to be. Come back next time and I'd be glad to play a little." 10:13 PM
Saren (Papi) glares at Wrathia, and stays quiet. 10:13 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:14 PM
Kuro(Jun): Called it! 10:14 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) "Imagine having her bound to you for life, able to control you in most ways." 10:14 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Can you take us with ya'? We're kinda stuck here, and this group is littered with morons. 10:15 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:15 PM
Saren (Papi) whips his hair at Ophidia, but ends up tying it around a table, and falls over. "Ow..." 10:15 PM
Ophidia joined the chat  10:15 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): See? 10:16 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Brilliant. 10:16 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Y-yeah. That must be tough. 10:16 PM
Saren (Papi): Shut up! Not my fault if I can't use hair as a weapon... 10:17 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) laughs bitterly. "It's Hell on Earth." 10:17 PM
Ophidia: Sorry sweetie, no can do. I'm late as it is and if I don't fly I'll miss it all together. 10:17 PM
Saren (Papi): H-honey, can you toss me my blades? 10:18 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): What if we can keep up with ye? 
Ophidia: But your welcome to stay until I get back. Then I'll do whatever you want. *winks and heads for the kitchen, stuffing some food into the bag* 10:19 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 7 seconds ago 10:20 PM
Honey(Saren): Your not flying off with my body, Tyler. 10:20 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Best thing to hear you roomy say in his sleep? "Oh yeah, tonight is taco night.") 10:21 PM
Saren (Papi): (He must be so hyped for taco night.) 10:21 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (Best thing ever.) 10:21 PM
Honey(Saren): (Kinky. Does he swallow them whole like I did to you?) Mar 21
Tyler Haley (Honey): Actually, I was accounting for this, ya derp. 10:21 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Grab my mask. 10:21 PM
Saren (Papi): Can you get us out of here? Out of the swamp, I mean. 10:22 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 5 seconds ago 10:22 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) blushes nervously at the wink. 10:22 PM
Honey(Saren) pulls Tyler's mask off Papi's face 10:23 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Don't say it like that! >​///< I'm the one that makes uncomfortable innuendo!) 10:23 PM
Ophidia joined the chat  10:23 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Reach around till you feel a wheel. 10:25 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (We don't question how Tyler fits shit in his mask, he just does.) 10:26 PM
Saren (Papi): How...why do you have a wheel in your mask? Doesn't that thing get uncomfortable? 10:26 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) crosses her arms over her chest. 10:26 PM
Ophidia goes down the row, kissing the cheeks of everyone "Sorry, but I'm really late for something really important. If you want out just keep following the path." 10:26 PM
Saren (Papi): (LOL JUST DID GET SHREKT) 10:26 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): W-what's wrong? 10:26 PM
Honey(Saren) feels around, tugging on a wheel 10:26 PM
Saren (Papi) blushes deeply, and snaps back. "N-no! Get us out of here now!" 10:26 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) joins Saren in his blush. 10:27 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) grabs Saren(Papi) by the collar and pulls him down to his height. "Ask me again and I will put your head in my mask. And I don't mean the one on your neck." 10:27 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I might think it dangerous to travel through this swamp at night. 10:28 PM
Saren (Papi): A-alright, Tyler! No questions here! 10:28 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) lets go. "Alrighty then bunny lady. See you some time later." 10:28 PM
Saren (Papi): B-but aren't we going to ask her questions? 10:29 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) possesses Jun. "Saren, do not fuck this up. This is literally the friendliest person we've met." 10:29 PM
Ophidia: Not a problem. Bye! *winks,slams the door, and flies away... literally* 10:30 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): S-such language. 10:30 PM
Saren (Papi): Wait! ...Too late... 10:30 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): S-sorry. He just annoys the hell out of me.. 10:31 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Wasn't she a peach? 10:31 PM
Ophidia: (She'll be back. She'll be back.) 10:31 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): No, you're fine. I get that. 10:31 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh, I bet she's just delightful to you, Wrathia. 10:31 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Quite the doll. 10:31 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:31 PM
Saren (Papi) walks out the back door, entering a misty forest full of dead trees 10:31 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): And you'll follow suit if you enjoy having skin. 10:32 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) goes to find the woman's bedroom because pervert. 10:32 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): T-tyler! You shouldn't go through people's things. 10:32 PM
Kuro(Jun) laughs "Let him have some fun." 10:33 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Jun, you should know by now that I don't give a shit! 10:33 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Y-yeah... 10:33 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) goes through her bedroom. 10:33 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  10:33 PM
Honey(Saren) giggles "Tyler, wait up! I wanna come!" Runs in behind him 10:34 PM
Saren (Papi) sits outside, and enters a lake, splashing around in his squid form. "Wee!~ Woo!~" 10:35 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): ... You could at least pretend like you're getting some. 10:35 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:35 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) holds up something that buzzes. "I have an odd lady boner for this." 10:36 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Only Tyler.) 10:36 PM
Saren (Papi): (I just shit my pants.) 10:36 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) sits in the door way to keep an eye on Saren. Would hate to see him run into a bigger squid. 10:36 PM
Saren (Papi): (That fucking KILLED me.) 10:36 PM
Kuro(Jun): Speaking of getting some... We're gunna be here when she gets back, right? 10:37 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Probably now. 10:37 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (not*) 10:37 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): She was packing food. I assume we're leaving in the morning. 10:37 PM
Honey(Saren) giggles at the comment "I can fix that for you." Tries to close the door behind them 10:38 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  10:38 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) is so ready for tihs. 10:39 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): *this 10:39 PM
Kuro(Jun): Aww... Can't I just have this one nice thing? I've been a genderless mass of blood for a long time. *pouts* 10:39 PM
Saren (Papi): (Oh, I bet he's so hyped to get raped by someone in Saren's body.) 10:39 PM
Kuro(Jun): (He is a she right now. Who said anything about rape? He found a vibrating object, right?) 10:40 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (Well it's Honey's body. o3o) 10:40 PM
Saren (Papi): (Get...hyped?) 10:40 PM
Kuro(Jun): (xD) 10:40 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) looks at Kuro. "Is he..always like that?" 10:41 PM
Saren (Papi): You know, Jun, maybe this place ain't so bad! I could live i in this lake~ 10:41 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro) looks to Ava. "Pretty much, yeah." 10:44 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (Nice) 10:44 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Saren, you don't know what else lives in that lake. 10:44 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh, it doesn't matter, I bet it's-*Is cut off, and sinks under the water* 10:45 PM
Saren (Papi): (Obvious joke is obvious.) 10:45 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) stands to his feet. "S-saren?..." 10:45 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Jun, now with 100% more gullible.) 10:46 PM
Saren (Papi) shoots a few bubbles up and acts like he's dead 10:46 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): He's dicking around. Leave it. 10:47 PM
Saren (Papi): (Jun sounds like some kind of health food.) 10:47 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) dives into the water after Saren. 10:47 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Pronounced Yoon? Meh.) 10:47 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): ...I can't swim, y'know. 10:48 PM
Saren (Papi) swiftly moves around the water, trying to look like some sort of sea monster 10:48 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) kicks around helplessly in the water. 10:49 PM
Saren (Papi) grabs one of Jun's legs, and pulls him down deeper, slowly 10:49 PM
Kuro(Jun) sighs "We better save him..." 10:49 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) does the first thing that comes to mind, i.e, create giant flame pillars at the bottoms of Jun's feet to shoot him up. 10:50 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) gets pulled under by Saren, then promptly rockets back out. 10:50 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Why bother? 10:50 PM
Saren (Papi) shoots back up, dodging the fire pillars. He then transforms back, and jumps on the ground, chuckling 10:51 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): H-how do I land? 10:51 PM
Saren (Papi): Hahaha! You should've see your look on your face! 10:51 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) face-plants. 10:51 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) turns them off. 10:51 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) blushes a bright orange. "T-that isn't funny..." 10:52 PM
Kuro(Jun): (mom's home. Gunna be poofy.) 10:52 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh, it's not funny, it's hilarious! 10:52 PM
Saren (Papi): (Okay, cya.) 10:52 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): N-no i-it wasn't... 10:53 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (K) 10:53 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): If I could... 10:53 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (We luv u. ^w^) 10:53 PM
Saren (Papi): Look at you! You look like me when I talk to Papi! Hahahah! 10:54 PM
Saren (Papi): (Make sure you accept shrek when he comes to you in the night.) 10:54 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) possesses Jun and socks Saren in the jaw. "From Ava." 10:55 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-I-I d-didn't mean it! 10:55 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  10:56 PM
Saren (Papi) jumps back, and holds his jaw. "Oh, hilarious. You're lucky I don't have my blades." 10:56 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): ("From Ava, with love~") 10:57 PM
Saren (Papi): (Noep.) 10:57 PM
Honey(Saren) comes out of the back room with an innocent smile 10:58 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ( <3 ) 10:58 PM
Saren (Papi): Can we go now? I'd like to not be inside my girl-Papi's body. 10:59 PM
Honey(Saren): (Honey~<3) 10:59 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) exits after Honey, grinning widely. 10:59 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Congratulations, you lost Saren's virginity for him. You must be the best wingman ever. 11:00 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): N-no really! I didn't mean to! 11:00 PM
Saren (Papi): W-wait...oh...oh god... 11:00 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh...oh god...did...did I just lose my virginity to Tyler Honey? 11:00 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): To Tyler, from Honey actually. 11:01 PM
Honey(Saren): If you mean Tyler in my body, yes. ^^ 11:01 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) giggles. 11:01 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ... That was weird... 11:02 PM
Saren (Papi) vomits in the water, and lays down, mumbling. 11:02 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): She got that million dollar tho; 11:02 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) rubs Saren's back. 11:03 PM
Saren (Papi): DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME! 11:04 PM
Saren (Papi) wraps Jun up in hair, then throws him softly against a tree 11:05 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) lands onto his feet. "I-I didn't mean to....... sorry." 11:05 PM
Saren (Papi) continues to mumble gibberish 11:06 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): I think we broke him. 11:06 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): It's about time. 11:06 PM
Saren (Papi) gets up, and walks deeper along the path, and stays quiet. 11:07 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  11:08 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) follows Saren. 11:09 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) walks along; 11:10 PM
Kuro(Jun) shrugs and follows 11:11 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Oh come on. Can't we just let the rat get eaten or something? 11:12 PM
Saren (Papi) picks up various stones, and speaks quietly. "This place doesn't feel right. Atmosphere is all wrong." 11:12 PM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat 11:13 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): We'll get out of here soon. 11
Saren (Papi): Whatever you say, Jun. I'd just like to get my body back. 11:14 PM
Saren (Papi): (Awfully...young.) 11:15 PM
Honey(Saren): (That's the point) 11:16 PM
Honey(Saren): (She's supposed to be adorable one minute, and mature the next) 11:16 PM
Honey(Saren): (unsettling, right?) 11:16 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (Oh... oh god...) 11:16 PM
Saren (Papi): (Fukin Honey) 11:17 PM
Saren (Papi): ...What do you all think of the hatter? 11:18 PM
Honey(Saren): (x3) 11:18 PM
Honey(Saren): The hatter? She's very polite for someone who's crazy. 11:19 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): She's a part of something much bigger... 11:19 PM
Saren (Papi): Yeah...she makes good tea, at least. 11:19 PM
Saren (Papi): I'd like to know more about her. She seems like she's hiding something from us. You think she's still in the spire? 11:20 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): I also heard she knocked the shit outta you. 11:20 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I think she must have been drawing power from somewhere else. I've never met a witch that strong. If we can disrupt that, maybe next time you knock the shit out of her. 11:21 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Of course that's all postulation. 11:21 PM
Saren (Papi): Yes, she knocked the shit out of me. I take fault, however. 11:22 PM
Saren (Papi): We need to find her. 11:22 PM
Kuro(Jun) joined the chat  11:23 PM
Kuro(Jun): Why would you go searching for someone like that? I say make a plan first. 11:24 PM
Saren (Papi): Make a plan? What the hell kind of plan would we make? 11:24 PM
Saren (Papi): She's powerful. We can't win. Might as well get some information out of her. 11:24 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (That song made me uncomfortable in so many different ways.) 11:25 PM
Saren (Papi): (So. Many.) 11:26 PM
Kuro(Jun): (Good~) 11:26 PM
Kuro(Jun): (I like that song~) 11:26 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Time for me to return fire.) 11:26 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): She said that what she was the will of the land. If I had to guess that spire is a power source. 11:27 PM
Saren (Papi): (FUCKING) 11:27 PM
Saren (Papi): I just hope we don't have to go through all the rooms again. Although I could use more gold... 11:27 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) 11:28 PM
Saren (Papi): (I quit.) 11:29 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Not done.) 11:30 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ... I don't think I want to go through that spire again either. 11:30 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh, you want to. Wouldn't you like to play with Ava again? 11:30 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) holds herself back from punching Saren in the jaw once more. 11:31 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) simply blushes deeply, turning away from Saren. 11:31 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) 11:31 PM
☆ Reimu Hakurei Loves Sexting! ☆YouTube · 1:00 · 21 months agoShe's probably sexting nprp.
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  11:31 PM
Honey(Saren): I'd still like to play with Ava. 11:32 PM
Saren (Papi): (This song makes me confused.) 11:32 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (wtf?) 11:32 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Don't even question it.) 11:33 PM
Saren (Papi): I just want all that gold. Oh, how rich I would be... 11:34 PM
Saren (Papi): (I WANNA AH~! AH~! I WANNA AH~! AH~!) 11:35 PM
Ava Ire (Wrathia) 11:35 PM
Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your BabiesYouTube · 3:36 · 6 years agoNatasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your Babies www.sstreaming.com.
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (Look what you started!!) 11:36 PM
Saren (Papi): (Hyped) 11:36 PM
Saren (Papi): Do you think we'll ever get back to the spire? Or even beat the Hatter? Or meet her again? It seems so...impossible. 11:36 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (That also happens to be one of my characters' theme song.) 11:37 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Two people here have escaped immortality. What chance does she stand. All we need to do is learn the connection between her, and this place. 11:38 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): Maybe if we quit dicking around we can get shit done. 11:39 PM
Saren (Papi): Oh, have any ideas then, Tyler? Would you rather walk back into the forest? 11:39 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Starting trouble won't help child. 11:40 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Ridicule where it is needed. 11:41 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) kicks Saren in the shin, walks over to Papi, and takes his mask 11:41 PM
Saren (Papi) grunts, and smirks. "Oh, angry? Looks like i might have to go mad again..." Chuckles 11:42 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey) digs around in his mask before pulling out some sort of weird black ball and throwing it at Saren's gut. "Try'n figure it out, y'dick shit." 11:42 PM
Honey(Saren): (I gtg) 11:43 PM
Saren (Papi) falls over, and grabs the ball, and pokes it. "Interesting..." He then starts squishing it around, and morphing it 11:43 PM
Saren (Papi): (Okay, cya!) 11:44 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (see ya.) 11:44 PM
Honey(Saren): (bai) 11:44 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): (Bye ;~; ) 11:44 PM
Honey(Saren): (*huggles teh Prof* I'll be back if you stay up late enough ;3) 11:44 PM
Saren (Papi): (Okay guys, get your cocaine ready.) 11:45 PM
Honey(Saren): (~poof~) 11:45 PM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (My shit's always ready!) 11:45 PM
Tyler Haley (Honey): (So do we continue here or do something else/ 3oo) 11:46 PM
Saren (Papi): (Not sure.) 
Saren (Papi) slowly walks deeper into the mist, disappearing in the fog. 12:52 AM
Saren (Papi): (Might as well get started.) 12:52 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) chases after Saren. "W-wait! We can't get separated!" 12:53 AM
Saren (Papi) walks deeper, even starting to run. "I wouldn't have a problem with that, Jun." 12:54 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) moves as fast as he can in Ava's body. "I-I do!" 12:54 AM
Tyler Haley (Honey) spins after them 12:55 AM
Kuro(Jun) tries to keep up "Guys! Wait!" 12:55 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Oh god Heart has a booty. Oh god.) 12:55 AM
Saren (Papi): (Oh...oh god...) 12:55 AM
Saren (Papi): Hehe, I doubt you could find me. *Jumps across nearby trees, staying quiet.* 12:56 AM
Kuro(Jun) trips over his own feet, falls on his face, then sits up "Eh. Who needs them? We'll catch up." 12:56 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Oh come now. That's the extent of your will? 12:57 AM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  12:57 AM
Kuro(Jun): Remember how I said I go after what I want? Well I don't want. 12:57 AM
Honey(Saren) tries her best to follow behind Jun 12:58 AM
Saren (Papi): Ah, Papi's body is quite swift. Helpful. *Keeps jumping across trees, sometimes looking down on the group* 12:59 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Well, fair enough I suppose. 1:01 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): S-saren! This isn't funny! What if you get hurt again?! 1:01 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, Jun, I can assure you that I won't get hurt. I can't count for you, however. 1:02 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): You're right about that! Because I'm always the one getting hurt for you! 1:03 AM
Kuro(Jun) gets up and walks cusually down the path, hands in pockets. "Huh. Not used to being alone." 1:03 AM
Papi(Tyler) joined the chat  1:04 AM
Saren (Papi): Explain to me why that's a problem, Jun. You're well being is hardly a concern for me. 1:04 AM
Saren (Papi): Now, if you may please get my body back, I might talk. 1:04 AM
Papi(Tyler) 's eyes flutter open, as she wakes up on a rug.... Back in the cabin... 1:05 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) slows down, then stops, seeming genuinely hurt by the statement. 1:05 AM
Saren (Papi): (Fukin Papi) 1:05 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): (God damn it! xD) 1:05 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, I can't hear your footsteps. Giving up, Jun? 1:06 AM
Saren (Papi) 1:06 AM
(Creepypasta Reading:The Alice KillingsYouTube · 11:23 · 15 months agoYea not really my style of videos but I just thought this was a interesting read plus I was bored and saw a couple of my favorite reviewers did this sort of ...
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  1:06 AM
Saren (Papi): (Apperently the music is based off some crimes. Maybe.) 1:06 AM
Honey(Saren): Jun, he doesn't mean it and you know it. 1:06 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) manages a weak answer. "H-how do I know that?..." 1:07 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, don't I? What have you done for me, Jun? Why should I care about you? 
Saren (Papi) eyes glow deep gray, looking at the group from a tree 1:08 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) rubs his arm. "I-... I mean.... nothing...." 1:08 AM
Papi(Tyler): (Dat wavelength is gunna be a problem. Papi can't cancel it out >​~<') 1:08 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Blue Alice based on Lincoln.0 1:09 AM
Saren (Papi): (GET HYPED) 1:09 AM
Saren (Papi): (Lincoln?) 1:09 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Y'know, Lincoln's assassination.) 1:10 AM
Saren (Papi): (Was he shot in the eye?) 1:10 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (I haven't even watched the vid, but. c'mon. A guy who speaks outloud a lot, talks constantly, "sings" About the state of the world is silenced by a gunshot. No, Luncoln, wasn't shot in the eye, but it basically went through his eye, which was the only place showing injury.) 1:10 AM
Saren (Papi): Jun, perhaps if you found a way to get my body back, I might forgive you... 1:11 AM
Saren (Papi): (Nah, I don't see it.) 1:11 AM
Kuro(Jun) looks at Wrathia "So we have time. Tell me about yourself." 1:12 AM
Papi(Tyler) looks around "Hello? Saren? Jun? Ava? Honey?" 1:13 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): I-... O-okay.... 1:13 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) continues up the path. 1:13 AM
Saren (Papi) stands up on a branch, waving. "I'll be seeing you soon, Jun." 1:14 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): I think it best you not get attached. This arrangement is highly temporary. 1:14 AM
Saren (Papi) jumps across more trees, heading toward the cabin 1:15 AM
Kuro(Jun): So? Jun and Ava seem to like eachother. It couldn't hurt to know a little about the ghost haunting his girlfriend. 1:15 AM
Honey(Saren) sighs and pats Jun's back "Saren is just being hurtful." 1:16 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): What? You think that thing is safe to have around your meister? She's a kishin egg. Soon not even I'll be able to control her feeding urges. 1:16 AM
Saren (Papi) looks through the window of the cabin, showing up as a pair of gray eyes in the mist. "Hello, Papi." 1:17 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) looks down. "L-lets just find a way to change this..." 1:17 AM
Kuro(Jun): Ava is a Kishin Egg...? 1:18 AM
Papi(Tyler) screams, sprints into the bedroom, and locks herself in. 1:19 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): You didn't know? No wonder you've accepted her. Haven't you noticed any violent tendencies? They aren't all me you know? 1:19 AM
Papi(Tyler): Papi doesn't want to be eaten! 1:19 AM
Honey(Saren): Sure... 1:19 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, scared, are we? No need to worry. It's your friend, Saren. I'd ask you to come out now, please. 1:20 AM
Kuro(Jun): Huh... I see. I don't think the urge to feed is that bad. I'm a Dark Weapon and I barely have cravings. 1:21 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Of course you don't. Not to offend, but I don't sense a very powerful wave-length from you. The more you feed, the more the craving grows. 1:22 AM
Papi(Tyler) is crying as she opens the door "Saren is mean! Why did Saren scare Papi like that?" 1:22 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, just a prank. I like to see people afraid. Now that i've got your attention, I'd ask you to continue down the path, and meet up with Jun. It'd make it much easier for me to get my body back. 1:23 AM
Saren (Papi): (Cue madness theme.) 1:24 AM
Kuro(Jun): Hmm... Thanks for the heads up... Jun probably knows by now... Either way, you and Ava are a part if life now. Wether you like it or not, we're here for you. 1:25 AM
Kuro(Jun): *of 1:25 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Sorry, more draws. I did heart. At least, an initial sketch.) 1:26 AM
Papi(Tyler): Papi will go... 1:26 AM
Saren (Papi): Yes, thank you. I also ask of you not to mention this confrontation to Jun. Good luck, Papi. *Walks out the door, jumping on trees to catch up to Jun* 1:26 AM
Papi(Tyler) follows the path, mopily 1:27 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Well it's her name, capitalize it you lazy shit. *Heart.) 1:27 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (You didn't know that..?) 1:28 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): Just watch your back. That brat got so angry, that I couldn't hope to stop her when she decided to kill her poor, poor mother. Such a sweet woman to. 1:29 AM
Kuro(Jun) sighs "It's not my back I'm worried about... We'll keep her in check... Somehow..." 1:31 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): (Ava's too sweet to kill anyone..~) 1:31 AM
Honey(Saren) joined the chat  1:32 AM
Honey(Saren): Jun? 
Jun Maledicte(Ava): ... 1:33 AM
Honey(Saren): What do you think will happen if we die in these bodies...? 1:33 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) freezes up for a moment. "L-let's not find out right?" 1:34 AM
Ava Ire (Wrathia): I'm technically already dead. 1:34 AM
Honey(Saren): Would both we and the body owner die? Or when we switch back would only the owner be dead? Maybe the owner's body would heal and ours would die? 1:35 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, i'll ensure you won't die in these bodies. After we get our original ones back, however, I can not account for. *Sits on a branch* 1:35 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): S-saren? I-I can move faster... If you want... 1:36 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, of course I want you to move faster. Unless you wound decide otherwise... 1:37 AM
Saren (Papi): I can't guarantee what'll happen to you then. 1:37 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): N-no! I can. 1:40 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) takes into a run down the path. 1:40 AM
Saren (Papi): Yes, that's what I thought. 1:40 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, and please wait up for Papi. She'll arrive behind you eventually. 1:42 AM
Wrathia Bellarmina(Kuro): And right now the girl holds my power over Jun's head like a guillotine. 1:42 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava) stops. "P-Papi... We must have left her in the Cabin." 1:43 AM
Saren (Papi): Oh, iv'e deal with her. She's on the path as we speak. 1:43 AM
Jun Maledicte(Ava): Alright then... I'll just wait. 
Saren (Papi): I'll be watching, Jun Maledicte. *Sits on the branch, keeping his eyes on Jun at all times.*
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PostSubject: Re: Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:02 pm

Jun Maledicte: (... Still gonna miss the others though. >​~>​ ) Apr 18
Saren: ( Yeah, we all are. We all are. ) Apr 18
Kuro: (I'm going to completely tell the forum in a few days) Apr 18
Kuro: (after I finish) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (... I hate this...) Apr 18
Kuro: (As do I) Apr 18
Kuro: (But with all of this stuff I just quit) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (It couldn't be avoided I suppose...) Apr 18
Saren: ( Yeah. With the two months I've been here, I've gotten pretty attached. ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (I've been there since I got kicked from my dads. That feels like a lifetime ago... Even though it wasn't even a year...) Apr 18
Saren: ( Sad times, bad limes. ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (I'll help you hold those bro. ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (In two months it will have been a year I think. I'm bad with dates though >​w<) Apr 18
Saren: ( CELEBRATION! PARTY! ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (HTF would that even work on the internet? xD) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (G-guess I'm making a skype then... >​~>​) Apr 18
Saren: ( Skype party! WOOB! ) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (Good Prof!) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Okay, it's installing... no idea what I'm doing, but old people use it so...) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (Great, great.) Apr 18
Saren: ( SO HYPE FOR PROF ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (W-well... There's that.) Apr 18
Honey: . Apr 18
Saren: ( Yep,there's that. ) Apr 18
Saren: ( I know just what'll set the mood back in order~ ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (I now have a skype. ^^) Apr 18
Saren keeps walking along the path, showing signs of fatigue Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (... That I'm terrified of... o.o) Apr 18
Saren: ( P Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Dumb) Apr 18
Saren: ( FUCK. Would you like to add me?~ ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Yush. *^*) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (I want to add Prof~) Apr 18
Saren: ( My username is Fizz.Conan ) Apr 18
Saren: ( D-don't ask. ) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Tehehe another alias. May no one ever know my real/full name.) Apr 18
Honey: (AdorableFluttershy123) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (animemod45) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Hmm... wonder which of them is Blade... Probably the squid in the atrium with death vices for hands.) Apr 18
Saren: ( You got it! ) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (Mine is the sleeping Drake looking kid) Apr 18
Ava Ire: (That's my little bro. o3o) Apr 18
Jun Maledicte: (Sho cewt. *^*) Apr 18
Honey: (not sure what mine is right now) Apr 19
Honey: (now I won't have access to this chat via ipod) Apr 19
Honey: (so I'll try to run skype Apr 19
Honey: ) Apr 19
Honey: (bai) Apr 19
Ava Ire: (K) Apr 19
Saren: ( WE WON'T MISS YOU Apr 19
Saren joined the chat Apr 23
Saren: ... Apr 23
Andre Pascal joined the chat Apr 23
Saren: ( Shit is about to get real with Andre ) Apr 23
Guy who cant mind his shit joined the chat Apr 23
Guy who cant mind his shit: Shrek is drek Apr 23
WaffWaffWaff joined the chat Apr 23
Saren: ( I will stuff an onion down your esophagus. ) Apr 23
Andre Pascal: (This is an IC chat.) Apr 23
Andre Pascal: (Name changes required.) Apr 23
WaffWaffWaff changed name to Spencer H. Apr 23
Spencer H.: (Indeed it is. ewe) Apr 23
Saren naps on a bench, wearing his suit and snoring Apr 23
Guy who cant mind his shit changed name to Johnny Apr 23
Yuu joined the chat Apr 23
Johnny: Pascal?! Apr 23
Andre Pascal: (Get over her,Deandre. >​.>​) Apr 23
Saren: ( RIP ) Apr 23
Saren coos in his sleep Apr 23
Johnny: We're getting closer....so no. Apr 23
Johnny trips over Saren and spazzes out on the floor Apr 23
Andre Pascal: (And use parentheses.) Apr 23
Saren stays asleep, but snores louder Apr 23
Johnny kicks Saren Apr 23
Saren scratches his head and rubs his eyes. "W-wha...? What do you want...? Apr 23
Saren: " Apr 23
Andre Pascal changed name to Serah Luna Apr 23
Serah Luna: (Remember Serah, Zeph? o3o) Apr 23
Saren joined the chat Apr 23
Yuu swings her gourd around. Apr 23
Saren: ( We should just move to CB now. Seems to have cleared up. O3O ) Apr 23
Yuu: (Yeah.) Apr 23
Jun Maledicte joined the chat 7:26 PM
Saren joined the chat 7:26 PM
Jun Maledicte: (What a fucking loser) 7:26 PM
Saren: (This fucking faggot ) 7:26 PM
Bob Marley joined the chat 7:27 PM
Ema joined the chat 7:27 PM
Ema changed name to Papi 7:27 PM
Bob Marley joined the chat 7:28 PM
Kuro joined the chat 7:28 PM
Bob Marley: (Wher de wheed at) 7:28 PM
Bob Marley changed name to Ava Ire 7:28 PM
Kuro: (Who else? Honey?) 7:29 PM
Saren: ( 4/20 ) 7:29 PM
Saren: ( Honeh yeh ) 7:29 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina joined the chat 7:29 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (And I'll try not to get it mixed up this time. xD) 7:29 PM
Ava Ire: (I have Ava and Tyler. And Veva. And some NPCs. o3o) 7:29 PM
Ava Ire: (So, I'm gonna be the background music guy.) 7:29 PM
Tyler Haley joined the chat  7:30 PM
Tyler Haley: Finger near a n**** asshole, like, WHOA 7:30 PM
Saren: ( Linksies. ) 7:30 PM
Honey joined the chat  7:31 PM
Saren: Finally in my fucking body...what a drag. 7:31 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Shikamaru) 7:31 PM
Tyler Haley: (Don't make me get the Ava) 7:31 PM
Saren: ( JUNOMI ) 7:32 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina feels a bit lighter. 7:32 PM
Ava Ire 7:32 PM
【東方Music box】 Perfect Cherry Blossom - Necrofantasia Music box.YouTube · 2:48 · 2 years agoArrange of the Phantasm stage from Touhou 8 Perfect cherry blossom, Yukari Yakumo's theme Necrofantasia arranged on musicbox. (Background music)
Saren: ( B-but i'm listening to Salty Bet. ;~; ) 7:33 PM
Papi: Woop! *spins as she walks* 7:33 PM
Ava Ire: I'm so glad to have a body again.. >​.>​ 7:34 PM
Kuro is still re-adjusting a bit 7:34 PM
Jun Maledicte: S-stop that! That tickles!! 7:34 PM
Saren holds his stomach "Not a very healthy transition..." 7:34 PM
Tyler Haley: Someone finally got the dick out of their mouth? 7:35 PM
Kuro: Sorry. I'm trying to figure out how to do this again. *forms from Jun's back* That's better. 7:35 PM
Honey: I'm just glad I don't have to pee like a boy anymore!~ 7:36 PM
Jun Maledicte: I'm sure Saren is too. *snicker* 7:36 PM
Jun Maledicte is relieved to be away from madness Saren. 7:37 PM
Saren joined the chat 7 seconds ago 7:38 PM
Saren: Fuck you, Jun. That was a scarring experience! 7:38 PM
Ava Ire yawns a bit, feeling tired. 7:38 PM
Kuro: You're all downers. I was quite satisfied with my swap. *smirks* 7:38 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: ........ 7:39 PM
Ava Ire: Please don't get her mad, I don't want to burn my hands again. >​.>​ 7:39 PM
Tyler Haley: I was pretty happy with my switch. 7:39 PM
Papi: Papi missed being Papi!~ *turns into a parrot and sits on Saren's shoulder* 7:40 PM
Jun Maledicte: No reason for that kind of language. >​->​ 7:41 PM
Tyler Haley: Glad I got my dancing body back tho. 7:42 PM
Tyler Haley is doing the Talk Dirty dance routine. 7:42 PM
Saren: Mmmhm. I'm pretty glad I don't wear a bra anymore. >​.~ 7:42 PM
Saren: ( *>​.>​ ) 7:42 PM
Jun Maledicte: W-where do we do now? 7:43 PM
Tyler Haley 7:43 PM
TALK DIRTY - Jason Derulo Dance Choreography | Jayden RodriguesYouTube · 3:00 · 8 months agoTUTORIAL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmOpnELVCyM 2013 September This routines was designed so anyone who can dance or never had a dance class befor... Get used to the video spam. o3o
Tyler Haley: Forwar'. 7:43 PM
Honey: I'll follow the nutjob!~ 7:44 PM
Jun Maledicte: Doesn't narrow it down here Honey... 7:44 PM
Saren: Mm. I'll just walk behind everyone because I'm pretty scarred that Honey saw m-my dick. Fucking... 7:45 PM
Honey: I tried not to look, but it was like... right there... 7:45 PM
Papi: What's a dick? 7:45 PM
Tyler Haley: The tiny stick in Saren's tighty whiters. 7:46 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina face-palms. 7:46 PM
Ava Ire snickering. 7:46 PM
Saren: F-fuck...fucking...*Trie​s not to stab Tyler in the fucking balls* 7:46 PM
Papi: I don't get it... 7:47 PM
Papi: *Papi doesn't get it 7:47 PM
Tyler Haley: You will, one day 7:47 PM
Tyler Haley: If Saren gets that far. 7:47 PM
Tyler Haley: Which he won't. 7:47 PM
Tyler Haley: Cuz he's a dick. But then again, by that logic, he could just use himself.. 7:47 PM
Papi: .........? 7:48 PM
Saren: Jesus fucking Christ....one day I am TOTALLY going to cut your face off... 7:48 PM
Kuro: Now you've gone and confused the girl. 7:48 PM
Tyler Haley: Which one? I've got a lot. 7:49 PM
Jun Maledicte: C-calm down Saren. 7:49 PM
Tyler Haley: *starts pulling disembodied faces out of his mask* I got Richard Nixon, Tecumseh 7:49 PM
Tyler Haley: Nana Mizuki, Kanye West 7:49 PM
Jun Maledicte: e.e 7:50 PM
Honey: Can I wear one? 7:50 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I like that one. 7:50 PM
Tyler Haley: Which one, I got a lot. 7:50 PM
Ava Ire: ...He is quite..humorous. 7:50 PM
Honey: I dunno. Any of them!~ 7:51 PM
Saren: Fuck it...*Walks forward* 7:51 PM
Jun Maledicte follows Saren. "Y-you shouldn't leave the group!" 7:51 PM
Kuro: This guy just has faces with him all the time. Jun, can we start something like that? 7:51 PM
Ava Ire 7:51 PM
【Karaoke】 Yobanashi Deceive ★off vocal★ じんYouTube · 3:23 · 15 months agooriginal: 夜咄ディセイブ http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20116702 lyrics, music, arrangement, guitar: jin/じん (shizen no tekiP/自然の敵P) Bass: 白神真志朗 mylist/31254835 Dru... Background music.
Saren: I don't care. I'm getting away from that fucker Tyler. *Walks farther* 7:52 PM
Jun Maledicte: Kuro no... Just no. 7:52 PM
Tyler Haley: Here. *gives Honey Kanye West and begins walking forward, after Saren* 7:52 PM
Kuro: Awe come on. 7:53 PM
Papi: Where are we going? 7:53 PM
Honey puts it on and follows behind 7:53 PM
Saren: I don't know. Maybe toward the spire again. 7:54 PM
Saren: ( GET HYPED FOR CLUBS ) 7:54 PM
Jun Maledicte: Why!? Is there some practical use behind that!?...... Don't answer that... 7:54 PM
Kuro: At least one? It'd be great to have a face. 7:55 PM
Jun Maledicte: You have a face!... Kinda... 7:55 PM
Papi: The spire again? Saren is lost, isn't he? 7:55 PM
Tyler Haley: Whoop whoop. 7:55 PM
Tyler Haley: (It's CLUB you fuck) 7:55 PM
Tyler Haley: (And Heart rules over the land near the Spire, retard.) 7:56 PM
Kuro: We could take Saren's. *sticks his tongue out teasingly* 7:57 PM
Saren: Pretty much. You can go hang out with the others if you want. I'm just gonna keep walking. 7:57 PM
Jun Maledicte: Why would you want Sarens? It's one known expression is angst... >​w>​ 7:58 PM
Papi: No. Papi likes being with Saren. 7:58 PM
Saren: H-hkw flattering. *Rolls his eyes* 7:59 PM
Honey: Hmmm... 7:59 PM
Saren: ( *How ) 7:59 PM
Kuro: Saren? Can I have your face? *makes a scythe blade appear from one wrist* 7:59 PM
Jun Maledicte: Y-you're joking... 8:00 PM
Saren: Yep, no. If you even TRY, I'm cutting Jun's head off. 8:01 PM
Kuro: Depends on his answer. 8:01 PM
Jun Maledicte: P-please don't try. I'm tired of fighting Saren. 8:01 PM
Kuro: Good luck cutting through Black Blood, moron. 8:01 PM
Saren: Psh, I'll do it either way. You're weak as shit, Kuro. >​w>​ 8:02 PM
Honey: I'm tired of watching you fight. 8:02 PM
Kuro: What was that? Wanna come over here and say that? *the other blade appears* 8:02 PM
Kuro: (D*mnit Kuro XD) 8:03 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Such a child. I'm not sure why you didn't let me kill him. 8:03 PM
Jun Maledicte: Oh no. .-. 8:03 PM
Ava Ire: Neither do I, right now. >​.>​ 8:03 PM
Saren draws both his blades. "Hey, Kuro wants a fight, I'm happy to oblige." 8:04 PM
Papi: Papi is gunna go over here. *flies over to Tyler's shoulder* 8:05 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Wanna try again? 8:05 PM
Jun Maledicte: Oh, no. Don't even try it Kuro! 8:05 PM
Kuro: *sticks his tongue out* Why not? He deserves it. 8:05 PM
Jun Maledicte: H-he's just under a lot of stress right now. 8:06 PM
Honey: *facepalms* Fighting will get us nowhere. 8:06 PM
Saren: I'm waiting... 8:06 PM
Kuro: Can I just... bloody needle him a little? 8:07 PM
Jun Maledicte: N-no way Kuro. Saren's a friend. 8:08 PM
Tyler Haley: If you guys start fighting, I'm going to take both of your faces. 8:08 PM
Kuro: Fine. You win this round, Saren. *shrinks to snake form and wraps around Jun's neck loosely* 8:09 PM
Jun Maledicte sighs in relief. 8:09 PM
Saren: Pussy...*Puts his blades back in their sheaths and walks forward* 8:09 PM
Papi: What's a pussy...?Saren uses lots of words Papi doesn't know. *goes back to Saren's shoulder* 8:10 PM
Ava Ire: Can we...go ahead before someone gets their neck snapped? Or fingers burnt? 8:10 PM
Jun Maledicte follows the group. 8:12 PM
Honey: Right. Onwards! *marches* 8:12 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: You DO know it's only a matter of time before the boy gets someone killed. Probably Jun, considering how he clings to their "friendship". 8:12 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Only it isn't.... Papi. >​w>​ ) 
Papi: (What Prof...?) 8:13 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Lovely allusions to death. xD) 8:14 PM
Ava Ire: ....Can you please stop digging your nails in my fucking brain? >​.>​ 8:14 PM
Saren: Y-you don't need to know, Papi. You don't need to know. 8:15 PM
Papi: But Papi wants to know. 8:15 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I don't need to dig dear. That fact was just something you've selected to over-look for what-ever reason. 8:16 PM
Saren: Nnnnope. Sorry. 8:16 PM
Kuro: Can we find some chips soon? I think I'm going into withdrawal. 8:16 PM
Honey: I could tell her!~ 8:17 PM
Jun Maledicte: Where am I supposed to find chips in this place Kuro? =_= 8:17 PM
Ava Ire: Please shut up. 8:17 PM
Kuro: Dunno. I just know I want some. 8:17 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Fine, but you'll regret it later. 8:18 PM
Saren: P-please don't. You've told her enough. >​.>​ 8:18 PM
Papi: Papi wants to knowwww 8:18 PM
Jun Maledicte: That doesn't really help me to find any. 8:19 PM
Tyler Haley: A pussy is a cat, Papi. 8:19 PM
Saren: For once, thank you, Tyler. 8:20 PM
Papi: Oh. Why couldn't Saren tell Papi that? 8:20 PM
Tyler Haley: Because Saren's a pussy. 8:20 PM
Kuro: I said find me some. I didn't say I'd be helpful. 8:21 PM
Saren: Just gonna...ignore that statement. 8:21 PM
Papi: Papi is a pussy! *turns into a kitten hanging over Saren's shoulder* 8:22 PM
Jun Maledicte: Right..... 8:22 PM
Jun Maledicte: (The real reason Kuro left.) 8:22 PM
Saren: P-plesse don't say that! N-now there's..."thoughts" in my head! ;~; 8:22 PM
Tyler Haley picks two acorns off of the trees and gives them to Saren. 8:23 PM
Tyler Haley: Sorry, I just thought you needed a pair of nuts. Yours seem to be missing. 8:23 PM
Honey giggles "Saren's secretly a pervert." 8:24 PM
Tyler Haley: (#rekt) 8:24 PM
Ava Ire just going ahead, trying to get out of all the vegetation. 8:24 PM
Saren: You're just a bucket of shit, aren't you? 
Honey giggles "Saren's secretly a pervert." 8:24 PM
Tyler Haley: (#rekt) 8:24 PM
Ava Ire just going ahead, trying to get out of all the vegetation. 8:24 PM
Saren: You're just a bucket of shit, aren't you? 8:24 PM
Kuro: [Hey Jun. Het's follow Ava.] 8:25 PM
Tyler Haley: I think I speak for almost everyone in this group when I say that's you. 8:25 PM
Kuro: *lets 8:25 PM
Jun Maledicte: [What are you planning?...] 8:26 PM
Kuro: Honey: Agreed!~ 8:26 PM
Saren: You don't have to be so rude, dick. *Rolls his eyes* 8:26 PM
Kuro: [I just don't like Saren.] 8:26 PM
Tyler Haley: Says the guy calling me a dick. 8:26 PM
Saren: Hey, I'm just being honest. 8:27 PM
Jun Maledicte: [H-he's trying!... To be... livable... He's a little defensive is all.] 8:27 PM
Tyler Haley: So am I 8:27 PM
Tyler Haley: You're a bucket of shit 8:27 PM
Saren: Thanks. That makes me feel so warm. 8:28 PM
Kuro: [Just follow your woman.] 8:28 PM
Jun Maledicte: [F-fine...] 8:28 PM
Tyler Haley: I care SO much. 8:28 PM
Jun Maledicte follows after Ava. 8:28 PM
Saren just kinda walks forward "When the hell does this place end...?" 8:29 PM
Papi: Papi can't turn into a bucket of shit... 8:29 PM
Honey: No idea. I'd try to check, but I'm afraid I'd get zapped again. 8:30 PM
Ava Ire sighs. 8:31 PM
Jun Maledicte: Y-you okay over there? 8:31 PM
Saren: Fffucking...never ending... 8:31 PM
Ava Ire 8:31 PM
Song of Healing Acapella - Legend of Zelda Majora's MaskYouTube · 1:29 · 15 months agoAn original vocal arrangement of the Song of Healing from Zelda Majora's Mask. ○Become my Patron: http://www.patreon.com/SmoothMcGroove ○Download my albums i... Background music
Ava Ire: I'm....fine 8:33 PM
Jun Maledicte: [That means she's not right? o.o] 8:34 PM
Kuro: [Yeah. Probably not.] 8:35 PM
Jun Maledicte: [W-what then?... Ask?... Avoid at all costs?] 8:35 PM
Papi: Papi will find out! *turns into a parrot again and darts forward through the trees* 8:36 PM
Saren reaches to stop Papi but fails "P-Papi! ...God damnit..." 8:37 PM
Kuro: [Well that depends on the girl. With Ava she could either open up or rip you limb from limb.] 8:38 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina watches Papi with an entertained grin. 8:38 PM
Jun Maledicte: [Oh...] 8:38 PM
Papi: *flies past Jun and Ava, trying to reach the forests end* 8:38 PM
Kuro: [Yup. Your choice.] 8:39 PM
Jun Maledicte: Hi-... Bye Papi. 8:39 PM
Saren joined the chat  8:39 PM
Papi: (Why was Jun so disappointed? XD) 8:39 PM
Honey: She'll be fine Saren!~ *rooting for a bear attack* 8:40 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Intervention means he doesn't have to get ripped limb, from limb xD) 8:41 PM
Jun Maledicte: S-so then, what's eating you? 8:41 PM
Kuro: [I could ask her just to piss her off...] 8:41 PM
Tyler Haley: ... 8:41 PM
Ava Ire: Hm? Nothing, like I said. I'm fine. *weak smile* 8:42 PM
Jun Maledicte: [Kuro, please. .-.] 8:42 PM
Jun Maledicte: Heh, okay then, I guess. 8:42 PM
Saren walks in the vague same direction of Papi 8:42 PM
Jun Maledicte: [She definitely doesn't trust me.] 8:42 PM
Kuro: [She has no reason to.] 8:43 PM
Papi: *has vanished from sight* 8:43 PM
Jun Maledicte: [...Yeah...] 8:43 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Aw... I wanted a show... 8:44 PM
Saren: Papi...? You still there? 8:45 PM
Honey: Think she's lost...? 8:45 PM
Saren: No, no. She's fine. 8:46 PM
Ava Ire walks along, almost mechanically, trying to preserve energy. 8:46 PM
Honey: Ok then. *turns into a butterfly and lands on Saren's head* 8:47 PM
Saren: G-get off my head. I don't w-want you touching me anymore! >​.>​ 8:48 PM
Papi: (Staring Saren as mother nature) 8:48 PM
Jun Maledicte: (xD) 8:49 PM
Honey: *just kinda flaps* 8:49 PM
Saren: ( Almost read that as faps. ) 8:49 PM
Honey: (Between Papi and Honey, Saren always has an animal by his side XD) 8:49 PM
Saren: P-please get off before I push you off. 8:49 PM
Honey: (Pffft. Fapping butterfly? Kinky.) 8:50 PM
Honey: *flutters over to tyler's head* 8:50 PM
Saren: Thaaank you. 8:51 PM
Kuro 8:51 PM
DJ Whore - S3RL feat TamikaYouTube · 3:54 · 7 months agoRadio Edit - iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/dj-whore-feat.-tamika/id724861453 - Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/music/album/S3rl_DJ_W...
Jun Maledicte: (xD) 8:52 PM
Kuro: I'm getting a little concerned at the span of this forest. 8:52 PM
Papi: *still trying to find the end* 8:53 PM
Saren: Yeah...Papi hasn't come back yet...must be REALLY big... 8:53 PM
Jun Maledicte: T-this is gonna be a really long trek... 8:54 PM
Kuro: Probably. 8:54 PM
Tyler Haley: Whoop. 8:54 PM
Ava Ire: ...icouldjustburnitdown.​. 8:54 PM
Honey: Maybe she got attacked? 8:55 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Yes. 8:55 PM
Kuro: What was that? 8:55 PM
Jun Maledicte: Wha-? 8:55 PM
Kuro 8:55 PM
Same Never Changed - S3RL feat TamikaYouTube · 4:17 · 2 years agoBuy 'Same Never Changed (Radio Edit)' on iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/same-never-changed/id469243034?i=469243036 Buy 'Same Never Changed (Radio ...
Kuro: (S3RL 4 L1F3) 8:56 PM
Saren: She wasn't attacked. She can handle herself, Honey. 8:56 PM
Honey: I never said she was killed. Just attacked. 8:56 PM
Ava Ire: Huh? Who said anything? 8:56 PM
Honey: *spins around a bit, swishing as she walked* 8:57 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Right... .-. 8:58 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (It begins!! Jun*) 8:58 PM
Kuro: Know what? *turns to his normal form and sprouts a blade from each wrist* I'm bored. *starts hacking at whatever plants he can reach* 8:58 PM
Ava Ire: (I need to start watching Dan Vs.) 8:58 PM
Jun Maledicte: C-careful where you swing! 8:59 PM
Saren: We would have heard if she was attacked. 8:59 PM
Kuro: Why? Someone gunna hide in the bushes? 9:00 PM
Ava Ire: *plants begin to curl around Kuro's blade* 9:00 PM
Honey: Maybe. *looks out in the distance* Wonder how far she got. 9:00 PM
Papi 9:01 PM
Princess Bubblegum - S3RL feat YukiYouTube · 3:58 · 12 months agoRadio Edit - iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/princess-bubblegum-feat.-yuki/id640715974 - Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/music/album?i...
Wrathia Bellarmina: I don't think they appreciate your gardening skills Kuro! 9:01 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (Cuz that fits the area Ema. xD) 9:01 PM
Ava Ire: (Excuse me bitch? I'm the music guy) 9:02 PM
Kuro: *retracts the blades* Shit! Geez. I guess plants fight back. 9:02 PM
Kuro: (I've posted a bunch XD) 9:02 PM
Ava Ire: (And none of them fit. o3o) 9:02 PM
Ava Ire 9:02 PM
Stone Tower Temple Acapella - Legend of Zelda Majora's MaskYouTube · 1:58 · 15 months agoAn original vocal arrangement of the Stone Tower Temple theme from The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask. ○Become my Patron: http://www.patreon.com/SmoothMcGro...
Kuro: (Nope. I'm just sharing XP) 9:02 PM
Ava Ire: (Background music, motherfucker.) 9:03 PM
Saren taps his foot "Where is she...?" 9:03 PM
Honey: We'll find her... maybe. 9:03 PM
??? joined the chat  9:04 PM
Saren: No, no, we WILL find her. 9:04 PM
???: Excuse me, is this your bird? *shadowy figure exits some brush, holding Papi in her hands* 9:04 PM
Saren: ( I'm betting ??? Is Veva. ) 9:04 PM
Saren: ( Or Heart ) 9:04 PM
Papi: Hello!~ 9:04 PM
Honey: Nope. You can keep it. 9:05 PM
???: (It's Heart. o3o) 9:05 PM
Saren: ( BET WON. WHERE'S MY SALT!? ) 9:05 PM
Saren draws his blades quickly "Oi, the hell are you doing with her!?" 9:06 PM
Tyler Haley: (Up Tyler's ass) 
Tyler Haley: (Up Tyler's ass) 9:06 PM
???: I was simply tending to my plants when I noticed her flying along, looking for the exit, I presume. *allows her to fly to them* 9:07 PM
Kuro: Again with the violence? Papi isn't even hurt. 9:07 PM
Papi: *flies over to Saren's shoulder* 9:07 PM
Jun Maledicte: Try and stay calm Saren. Something might even go over smoothly for once. 9:08 PM
Saren mumbles "Shouldn't trust a random stranger..." 9:10 PM
Honey: She did bring your girlfriend back, Saren. 9:10 PM
Saren: Sh-shes not my girlfriend, Honey! STOP SAYING THAT! 9:12 PM
??? giggles at the group. 9:14 PM
???: What a quaint bunch. 9:14 PM
Jun Maledicte: T-thank you? 9:15 PM
Papi: Papi likes them!~ 9:15 PM
Saren: Who are you, anyway? 9:15 PM
???: Ah. Me? I'm a lot of things. 9:15 PM
???: However, many refer to me as Heart. 9:15 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Heart... 9:16 PM
???: Yes, that is my name, 9:17 PM
Kuro: Heart? Cute name. You said something about the exit? 9:17 PM
??? changed name to Heart 9:17 PM
Heart: Ah, yes. I, of course, know the way through this terrain. This is my garden, after all~ 9:18 PM
Honey: That's great! Can you show us out? =D 9:19 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Call this a garden? 9:19 PM
Saren: What...how is this YOUR garden? 9:20 PM
Ava Ire: Even the Shadowplants deserve cultivation, Miss Wrathia. 9:22 PM
Ava Ire: (Fucking. That's Heart. XD) 9:22 PM
Heart: I own it. I grew it from one sapling. 9:23 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: I thought as much. You can see me because this world is an extension of yourself, yes? 9:23 PM
Heart: Ooh, smart woman. How'd you figure? 9:23 PM
Saren: Y-you own a whole area of this place...*Whispers* Jun, you think she works for the hatter? 9:24 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: You aren't the first person to claim power over this place. The other, Veva, could see me as well. 9:24 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: (did she tell us her name? hmmm... .-.) 9:24 PM
Heart: That...Nasty woman. >​.>​ 9:25 PM
Heart: Taking over my spire and making it into a death trap 9:25 PM
Jun Maledicte: I don't think so. 9:25 PM
Heart: *plants around become agitated, vines begin swaying* 9:25 PM
Saren: HER spire...not sure if I should trust her... 9:26 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: So you have a way out for yourself?... Or is the spire the only one? Or one at all? 9:26 PM
Jun Maledicte: I don't think we have a choice right now Saren. 9:27 PM
Heart: *takes a deep breath, as the plants calm down* I have multiple paths to exit this area of my garden. After that, we just go through the sunmeadow flower patches. 9:27 PM
Saren: Mm...whatever...I'm keeping my eye on her. 9:28 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: That's good, and well, but I meant from this entire... Dimension, if that's the word. 9:30 PM
Heart: Oh.. Yes, unfortunately, the spire IS the only exit. At least, the only one I can get you to. 9:31 PM
Honey: Do you control the plants? That's so cool! I wish my animal form was that great! 9:31 PM
Heart: (^Only one who picked up on it.) 9:32 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: And I suppose there is some uber-special way to open this door? 9:33 PM
Heart: Oh not at all. *holds up the key she has, hanging on her neck by a golden chain* Just a lock n' key~ 9:33 PM
Kuro: That's it? And you'll just let us out, no catch? 9:35 PM
Heart: This only works for my exit though. 9:35 PM
Heart: Oh, of course. 9:35 PM
Heart: But I can't, now that that hatter took over my spire. 9:35 PM
Ava Ire: Well shit. 9:36 PM
Saren: Ugh, that fucking women always screws this up. 9:36 PM
Kuro: *melts and takes scythe form in Jun's hand* We're on it. 9:36 PM
Heart: You could ask the other Suit holders but.. 9:36 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: So how do we kill the hatter? 9:36 PM
Kuro: (Kuro has obviously forgotten Veva XD) 9:37 PM
Jun Maledicte: K-kuro!! Think about how that went last time!! 9:37 PM
Heart: Good luck. The suit holders and I can't kill that woman. 9:37 PM
Saren: Oh, that boosts my confidence about this SO much. 9:38 PM
Jun Maledicte: I'm guessing you tried team-work? .-. 9:39 PM
Heart: ..well..no.. 9:40 PM
Heart: We're not a very coordinated bunch. 9:40 PM
Heart: We have...a lot of.. 9:40 PM
Heart: Issues. 9:40 PM
Honey: See? We're screwed. 9:40 PM
Jun Maledicte: Oh... 9:40 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: So deal with it! If I can work with this runt, and these screw-ups... 9:41 PM
Kuro: Teamwork? It's easy. We just need to get everyone on the same page, right? 9:41 PM
Heart: Teamwork just isn't "get everyone on the same page." 9:42 PM
Heart: It's... 9:42 PM
Papi: Will Papi be able to help....? 9:42 PM
Heart: Well I can't exactly say much, considering my uselessness in the picture. 9:42 PM
Heart grasps Papi's shoulder. "I will tell you that this girl will be important for it. 9:43 PM
Kuro: (Foreshadowing. Papi will be used as a shield at some point.) 9:43 PM
Kuro: (XD) 9:44 PM
Jun Maledicte: Papi? 9:44 PM
Jun Maledicte: How? 9:44 PM
Papi: Papi is important? :D 9:45 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: If Papi plays an important roll I suspect you'll all be dead in the morning. 9:46 PM
Heart: I don't know much 9:47 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Wonderful. 9:48 PM
Honey: *whispers to Saren* Saren, if you value sanity, you can't let Papi fight. 
Heart: But from what Da- ...*ahem* Club, told me, she's my successor. 9:49 PM
Saren: ( Oh god I completely forgot about chatzy ) 9:50 PM
Papi: (Da.... Da.... Who's name starts with Da...?)\ 9:50 PM
Saren: ( Sorry. >​~< ) 9:50 PM
Jun Maledicte: (What a dumbass) 9:51 PM
Saren: Shut it, Honey. I'm sane enough to fight. 9:51 PM
Heart: (She wasn't saying a name, she was saying the word "daddy") 9:51 PM
Saren: ( Da...da... ) 9:51 PM
Saren: ( OH MAN WHAT A TWEEST ) 9:52 PM
Heart: (Blade, you already knew.) 9:52 PM
Saren: ( You betcha. ) 9:52 PM
Jun Maledicte: (I actually did too. >​~>​) 9:53 PM
Heart: (*Dr. Evil laugh* 9:53 PM
Honey: But you won't be if Papi fights... 9:53 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Great news!! Now why should we care? Find all the successors? Assuming 4 if suit's refer to cards, and use the magic of teamwork? 9:54 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: This dimension is sappy. 9:54 PM
Saren: Shut up! Who cares if I'm a little crazy when I fight with madness? If anything, I'll just be more powerful toward the hatter! 9:54 PM
Heart: (But I must concentrate on my work. I hold my scissors in hand.) 9:54 PM
Heart: Having the successors doesn't mean anything. 9:54 PM
Jun Maledicte: ... What's a "Da"? 9:54 PM
Heart: As a matter of fact, it's a useless title I've tried to dissolve many tim- Huh? Wh-what are you talking about? >​~>​ 9:56 PM
Jun Maledicte: Y-you said Da... What is a Da? 9:56 PM
Heart: I didn't say that. What're you talking about? You're being preposterous.. 9:57 PM
Jun Maledicte: Oh-.... Okay then. >​~>​ 9:58 PM
Kuro: Don't mind Jun. I think Saren rattled his brain up. 9:59 PM
Honey: You tun against us, Saren. We can't risk it. 9:59 PM
Saren: Turn against you?! I can control myself! I'll KNOW who to fight! 10:00 PM
Heart: Can we continue this conversation out of the garden? The Kriegs will be here soon to perform daily pollination, and they have strict rituals they will allow no one to see. If someone catches a glmpse, they become a death target, so.. 10:01 PM
Saren: I'll GLADLY end this conversation and get out of here. 10:01 PM
Honey: Let's go then. 10:01 PM
Jun Maledicte: K-krieds? .-. 10:02 PM
Tyler Haley: Giant. Bees. 10:02 PM
Heart: I...don't know how he knew that, but okay. 10:03 PM
Heart begins leading the group out of the forest. 10:03 PM
Papi: *follows behind happily* 10:04 PM
Saren follows heart. 10:04 PM
Jun Maledicte: A lot of Tyler makes no sense. 10:05 PM
Jun Maledicte: You'll get used to it in no time. 10:05 PM
Honey twirls behind Jun 10:05 PM
Jun Maledicte: Can I help you? .-. 10:05 PM
Saren: Sh-she wants to fuck you, Jun. You know, she's pretty obsessed with you. Very creepy. >​~>​ 10:06 PM
Saren: ( That's the Insurgo talking. X3 ) 10:07 PM
Jun Maledicte blushes deeply making eye contact with NO ONE! 10:07 PM
Honey: I don't WANT to, but I wouldn't object. 10:08 PM
Saren facepalms. "God damnit, Honey..." 10:08 PM
Jun Maledicte resists the urge to let the giant bee's kill him. 10:09 PM
Honey: What? I wouldn't mind if he wanted to. *hugs Jun's arm* 10:14 PM
Kuro: Go for it. 10:15 PM
Jun Maledicte shivers. "P-please, don't encourage her Kuro." 10:15 PM
Saren: Ava, your boyfriend is being raped. Might want to stop that. 10:16 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Nah. He's too good for you anyways. 10:17 PM
Kuro: [Not like Ava's gunna put out anytime soon. I say we sneak off with her.] (Corruption. Kuro knows how to do it? XD) 10:19 PM
Ava Ire ignites her fingertips, glaring at Honey. "Don't get burnt, moth." 10:20 PM
Jun Maledicte: [I'm not even interested in that sort of thing!!] 10:20 PM
Saren snickers. "Now THAT'S a good insult. Moth." 10:20 PM
Honey: Alright fine. I'll just stick to Tyler I guess!~ 10:21 PM
Heart: Ahem...can we not be..violent? You're going to agitate the plants.. They don't like fire very much.. >​.>​ 10:21 PM
Papi: *has fallen asleep perched on Saren's shoulder* 10:23 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: That's more like it. 10:23 PM
Saren: And you guys call ME violent? Hypocrites. 10:23 PM
Heart sighs, parting a sheet of vines. "Only a bit longer until we're out, can you all hold it together?" 10:24 PM
Kuro: I'm just fine. I want potato chips, but I'm fine. 10:26 PM
Saren: You betcha. They're the ones who need to stop fighting. *Smirk* 10:26 PM
Tyler Haley grabs Saren by the back of the collar and tosses him through the entrance. "Just move, Mr. I'm The Messiah." 10:27 PM
Saren: F-fucking dickhead! *Is thrown* 10:28 PM
Jun Maledicte: I'm fine. 10:28 PM
Heart: ...s-such language.. 10:28 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Already dead. Don't think I'll pull through it. *looks to Ava* 10:28 PM
Papi: *falls onto the ground when Saren is thrown* 10:31 PM
Saren: [Did Tyler throw Saren through a door or something? ) 10:34 PM
Saren: ( Also fuck using coherent parenthesis and brackets. ] 10:34 PM
Tyler Haley: (No, the pathway Heart made through vines.) 10:35 PM
Saren: ( Gotcha ) 10:36 PM
Ava Ire is basically falling asleep where she stands. 10:36 PM
Saren falls on the ground then immediately gets back up to pick up Papi. "Theeere you go. You alright?" 10:36 PM
Papi: Papi is ok!~ 10:37 PM
Honey: I knew you cared about her!~ 10:37 PM
Saren: Sh-shut up, Honey! I'm just worried for her safety, that's all... 10:38 PM
Heart just leads them along, slightly frightened by the idea of the Kriegs sneaking up on them. 10:38 PM
Jun Maledicte: N-need a hand Ava? 10:40 PM
Ava Ire: Huh?! oh.. yeah. I'm just.. a bit tired.. 10:41 PM
Honey: Which means you care!~ 10:41 PM
Saren: I-I don't care! I just...SHUT UP! 10:41 PM
Kuro: Want me to carry you? You can't be that heavy. 10:41 PM
Jun Maledicte: >​~>​ 10:42 PM
Ava Ire: That would be...preferred.. But I think I've been carried a lot today. >​.>​ 10:44 PM
Kuro: That's alright. *stretches to the side a bit and scoops up Ava* It's not my body feeling the weight. 10:46 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Now watch him gradually tire under your whale like form. 10:47 PM
Saren: ( God damnit Wrathia XD ) 10:49 PM
Jun Maledicte: (You love it!! >:3 ) 10:50 PM
Ava Ire is too tired to care at this point, and makes no attempt to fight back, just groans. 10:51 PM
Saren: Ugh, just try not to do the same thing you did in that chastity room, ok? 10:54 PM
Papi: *flies back up to Saren's shoulder* 10:55 PM
Jun Maledicte: S-shut up... .///. 10:56 PM
Ava Ire flicks a crumb of lava at Saren. 10:57 PM
Saren joined the chat  10:58 PM
Kuro: (I just realized how terrifying Jun and Ava could've been XD) 10:58 PM
Saren quickly steps aside, dodging the lava. "Just speaking the truth." 10:58 PM
Kuro: (Black lava? F*cking deadly) May 31
Heart: (Ema, go activate Yang Xialong.) 10:59 PM
Papi: (Activate Yang? K then...?) 10:59 PM
Heart: (...Now that I think about it, it'd basically be Mad Blood. o3o) 10:59 PM
Heart: (On your site, ye derp) 10:59 PM
Papi: (There ya go) 11:00 PM
Papi: (Mad blood? That's a giant black bubble.) 11:00 PM
Heart: (I mean in terms of effects.) 11:01 PM
Heart: (First order of business on the site, hide the Admin/Mod colors. >​w>​) 11:01 PM
Honey: (Oh! I'm saying now that we ARE doing signal. Cuz Kotori.) 11:02 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: You missed. Try again. 11:02 PM
Heart: (? reword in English please? >​w>​) 11:03 PM
Heart: We're here... 11:03 PM
Saren: Finally. My legs feel like shit. 11:03 PM
Honey: (Signal Academy) 11:04 PM
Honey: Yay! 11:04 PM
Kuro: About time. 11:04 PM
Jun Maledicte elated sigh. 11:04 PM
Kuro: (You know... It's like junior high for monster trainers or some shit) 11:05 PM
Heart: (I'm aware of Signal.) 11:05 PM
Heart: Walk through the brush.. 11:05 PM
Tyler Haley was timed out  11:05 PM
Jun Maledicte follows Heart's lead. 11:07 PM
Saren: W-walk through the Bush? H-how do I know you're not going to kill me while I'm doing so!? 11:07 PM
Tyler Haley joined the chat  11:07 PM
Tyler Haley 11:08 PM
Retrieving video description... Background usic.
Kuro: Test run go! *throws Ava through the bush* 11:08 PM
Heart: I'm a frickin florist.. >​.>​ 11:08 PM
Jun Maledicte: K-KURO!? 11:08 PM
Kuro: DID YOU DIE? 11:08 PM
Ava Ire tumbles into the bush, rolling off the dirt of the forest onto some kind of marble. "...ow." 11:08 PM
Saren: I'm just gonna...wait for everyone else to go... 11:09 PM
Honey: Kuro... She's actually helpful and you're gunna sacrifice her...? 11:10 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Wake-y, wake-y. 11:10 PM
Jun Maledicte: Know who's a pussy? *steps through* 11:11 PM
Ava Ire: It's safe. *mumbled, face down on marble* 11:11 PM
Kuro: Hey! Wait! I dunno if she died yet! 11:11 PM
Saren: ( Good typing Prof. ) 11:11 PM
Saren: Fucking...asshole...*Wal​ks through the bush* 11:12 PM
Kuro: Oh. Good. *lifts Ava back into his arms* Thanks for going first...? Heh... 11:12 PM
Heart: ..such language. >​.>​ 11:12 PM
Ava Ire: Do that again and I'm incinerating all of us. 11:12 PM
Jun Maledicte: (I meant what I typed Blade. =_=) 11:13 PM
Saren: ( I meant what Hitler did Prof =_= ) 11:14 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina waits for them to do it again. 11:14 PM
Jun Maledicte: (xD) 11:14 PM
Kuro: Someone had to find out. And you had the best survival chance. 11:15 PM
Ava Ire: I cracked my teeth and my nose is bleeding. Ass. 11:16 PM
Jun Maledicte: Kuro, I'll never let you have chips again if you keep this up. >​.>​ 11:17 PM
Tyler Haley: (Holy fuck I just realized) 11:19 PM
Tyler Haley: (Penny is named Penny because her hair is copper colored) 11:19 PM
Jun Maledicte: (.....) 11:19 PM
Tyler Haley: (And because she's a robot, which are made of metals, like copper) 11:19 PM
Saren: ( I CAN'T ) 11:19 PM
Tyler Haley: (I'm sorry, was someone talking to you, Fagel?) 11:19 PM
Saren pulls out a tiny piece of lobster and puts it in his mouth to calm himself down. "Th-there we go..." 11:21 PM
Wrathia Bellarmina: Wonder if that's spoiled by now... 11:23 PM
Kuro: What?!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO CHIPS?!? 11:23 PM
Jun Maledicte: Y-you heard me... 11:24 PM
Kuro: (Kotori's weapon in the RWBY world?) 11:25 PM
Saren: ( Dildo. ) 11:26 PM
Saren: ( Okay, seriously. A vibrator. ) 11:26 PM
Kuro: (Ch-Chainsaw rocket launcher...?) 11:26 PM
Heart: (A giant axe that becomes an RPG.) 11:26 PM
Kuro: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/2... 11:27 PM
Jun Maledicte: (Butter knife that double as a Pez dispenser?) 11:27 PM
Heart: (Blade, where's that post about the guy who doesn't smoke?) 11:29 PM
Saren: ( U wot ) 11:30 PM
Heart: http://s3.roosterteeth.com/images/Aragua... 11:30 PM
Kuro: (Holy sh*t Can. That's an interesting one.) 11:31 PM
Heart: (I might use that.) 11:31 PM
Heart: (Probably for like, Chestnut or some shit. Because that's a valid color.) 11:31 PM
Saren: ( Good color puns. ) 11:31 PM
Honey: (I may just design Kotori a Hallberd shotgun or something.) 11:33 PM
Tyler Haley: My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Don't ever smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because your post gave me cancer anyway. (Towards Blade's "Her mouth, make kotori a succubus.") 11:33 PM
Saren: ( Tl;dr ) 11:34 PM
Heart: Let's go. 11:38 PM
Honey: Right!~ 11:39 PM
Jun Maledicte: C-can I ask where we're headed? *following Heart* 11:39 PM
Heart: We're going past the Spire. 11:39 PM
Heart: I can't help you escape, but D- IMEAN Club, possibly can 11:39 PM
Kuro: Right... Whatever helps us get home. 11:40 PM
Kuro: That's alright 11:40 PM
Kuro: (Wrong chat)\ 11:40 PM
Jun Maledicte: You said it again!!... Almost... 11:42 PM
Kuro: *would bonk Jun in the head if his hands weren't full* 11:43 PM
Jun Maledicte senses a disturbance in the Kuro. 11:44 PM
Kuro: (JUN NO XD) 11:45 PM
Jun Maledicte: (I had to x3) 
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Fellowship of the Feels(Complete)
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