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 Skyler Violet Tanna

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PostSubject: Skyler Violet Tanna   Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:42 pm


Tanna, Skyler Violet

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Meister: To be determined

Weapon Form:
A stainless steel, sleek, double black-bladed scythe with one wrap around the middle. Skyler turns into a light purple-ish color (as is her soul) when changing. The weapon is mainly black with a few lighter colorations. There are technically three blades spiking from each end, as well as three from each side. Soul Resonance: Becomes lighter and easier to swing,  her blades grow and change color (usually purple or rainbow). Her soul wavelengths (or the wavelengths of her Meister) can be focused into a onetime, very powerful attack. Music can be heard when this is used, and it is strong and destructive. Though, being unaccustomed to being in weapon form, Skyler is not very skilled with this attack and can screw it up easily.  

Love Interest: Hademaru Inferno

Appearance: Height: 5'9
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: A darker purple
Build: Tall and thin, but strong
Tattoos/Piercings: A small tattoo of a black raven flying up her left leg. Her ears are pierced as well, and she has a diamond stud in her nose (picked up in London)
Other: She usually has black headphones with a skull design on the circle, either around her neck or covering her ears. Her preferred attire includes an either black or purple dress that reaches her knees with thin spaghetti straps, along with black combat boots

Personality: Likes: Music, winning, getting lost, running, night, nights with no moon, full moon clouds, rain, snow, drawing, writing poetry
Dislikes: Bright days, silence (unless she's drawing or writing),  clear cloudless days (they're cold), failure, being found, heights.
Fears: She is terrified of heights.
Other: Skyler is friendly, but she won't start up a conversation by herself, she must be prompted, talked to first. She can sometimes come across as cold and sarcastic, but that's only the wall she puts up to protect herself from getting hurt. She loves her music, preferring to ignore the rest of the world and listen to her headphones. Sky strives for excellence and hates failure. She can often be found either writing music or poetry, while listening to music, usually.

She isn't very comfortable with romance, and will very nearly freeze up when put in a situation where she is the object of someone's admiration. She doesn't blush very often, but when she does it can be very endearing, because she'll try to hide it. But if put in a very uncomfortable situation with someone she doesn't know, she will most likely leave.

History: Skyler grew up surrounded by a broken family. Her father was a drunk, her mom smoked, and her little sister died at age 8 when Sky was 10. This struck the family very hard, and her parents treated her even worse afterwards, telling her that she should have been the one to die, not her sister. You'd think she would grow up to become like her screwed up family, but she's actually pretty stable. Although, her father was a horrible man and disapproved of her being born a weapon. He thought her to be an abomination, and treated her like the dog nobody wanted. Her parents didn't understand why she could change into a blade, and neither did she. So she was confused and hurt, but she lived on. She rarely got to eat, and her bedroom was tiny, consisting of only a crammed bed and a dresser.

She survived by listening to and making music, the wonderful instruments, lyrics and voices distracted her from her life. They kept her going, and when she was 15, she ran away from home, with nothing but a satchel full of her important belongings-a picture of her older brother, some money she stole and her music. She came across the school, and after realizing she wasn't the only one out there, joined it.  

She met her ex-meister Leo Thooft, and a friend, Lucille Nicole there. The two girls became fast friends and it wasn't long till they left together. They went to Europe, she and Lucille. They lived there for around a year, learning how to fight together with their different weapons, and how to fight alone. Skyler was more skilled than Lucille, and still is, but she helps her friend get better. Luci is now better at autonomous fighting than Skyler, but she doesn't care.

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PostSubject: Re: Skyler Violet Tanna   Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:54 pm

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Skyler Violet Tanna
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