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 Diana Hikari

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PostSubject: Diana Hikari   Sat May 17, 2014 12:45 pm

Name: Diana Hikari
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Animal Form: Dawn's magic is based on a Blue falcon. She doesn't ever go into her animal form but she does have abilities centered around her bird powers. Her main method of attacking is summoning two long blue steel swords, but these are actually her feathers while in her bird form. Also she can grow blue sharp wings out of her back to fly in the sky. Her feathers here are as sharp as her swords but she can't wield these ones as freely. Also if she needs to, she may turn her feet into razor sharp talons.
Weapon: Her feathers and Pokemon
Appearance: Diana is quite small for her age, appearing like she is much younger than she really is. She has long blond hair kept in a bow at the top then down to her ass from there. She has greenish eyes on her face. She wears a brown formal jacket along with a black miniskirt. She wears a blue formal bow tie with this and a blue patch on one of the arms of her jacket. She has a wrist band with a small hidden liquid dispenser that fires Poke X.
Personality: Diana is a very kind girl despite her many weird things she does. She will be very nice to anyone she meets and won't be cruel at all. When turning people or animals into pokemon she will be very nice about it. She will only turn animals down on their luck into Pokemon and brainwash bad memories if necessary. In the case of people she will always ask first and change them back at anytime if they wish. She is very smart to have been able to come up with the chemical Poke X, which is a very complicated liquid the greatest scientists and geniuses can't replicate. She is quite shy at times especially around adults. She loves her friends and pokemon very dearly.
Likes: Pokemon, Outdoors, Science, Friends, Life
Dislikes: Bullies, Meanies, All other subjects, Rainy days, Death
History: Diana was unsure of who was her mother, but her father was a mysterious man she barely knew. The reason for this is Diana was locked in her room from the start of her life and forced to grow by herself. Every once in awhile though items trickled into the room while she was sleeping which she assumed was from her father. These included, a TV, books, games, and clothes. She learned how to read by hearing whispers meant to teach her by her "father." Only two of these items interested her, a gameboy and various chemistry sets. She loved playing Pokemon games on the gameboy and her supposed father understood this. He gave her almost every pokemon game that existed at the time. Also she enjoyed the chemistry set but for a weird reason. Instead of thinking of common science she thought about how science can be used to bring pokemon to life. She tried day and night, so along with alot of help from her mysterious father, she was able to make a scientific breakthough. The chemical she created was called Poke X and when it impacted a living thing its genetic code begins to change. For a moment it stays in limbo until a wave is sent from Diana's chemical shooters control pad. When Chloe enters a number from the pokedex into the pad, whatever was just hit, or whatever is about to be hit, turns into that pokemon. The pokemon can be changed back at any time by Diana hitting the normal button next to their DNA signature on her control device. The pokemon can't do to much but they are as strong and fast as their game equivalents, even with a few special abilities. Diana tested the device on herself by becoming a Gardevoir. Due to her boredom she spent two months as a Gardevoir. She turned back however when she saw the formerly locked door to her room was now open. She left the room and spent a year adapting to the real world. It turns out her house was in Death City and she lives there to this day. The mysterious man who gave her all those things was nowhere to be seen, leaving the house all to herself. Eventually she met a trapped and tortured dog who Diana, out of a need to help, wiped its memory and turned into a Charmander, her first pokemon.
Spells: Feather Swords- Diana has the ability to draw two feather steel swords to use in combat
Falcon Wings- Diana has the ability to grow two blue wings from her back to fly
Fury Talons- Diana has the ability to turn her feet into talons
Razor Beak- Diana has the ability to turn her mouth into a Razor Sharp
Falco's Flight- Diana has the ability to make her entire body glow a powerful light, and starting from the sky, come down in a blaze of power, causing major damage to the oppponent. This is usually a final resort because it tires her out greaty and if it fails, she will most likely die
Other: The Pokemon only look like Pokemon, and cant do much at all.
Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resonance
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PostSubject: Re: Diana Hikari   Sat May 17, 2014 10:52 pm

While I don't like how huge of a reference it is... you made it work. approved I guess... >.>

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Diana Hikari
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