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 Luis Carson

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PostSubject: Luis Carson   Sat May 17, 2014 1:42 am

Name: Carson, Luis

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Meister: Not likely

Weapon Form: Luis is a large (about five and a half feet) single edged obsidian blade that is completely smooth to the touch. The contrast of the dark blade to the stark white hilt, and edge make it a thing to admire. On the dull end of the blade are four small rocket reminiscent appendages used to increase the velocity of the blade in combat (though potentially leaving the user open to counter attack from a more balanced opponent, as it takes a moment to recoil from the power of the swing).

Appearance: Luis stands about 6"3, and is of athletic physique. He bears glistening crystal blue eyes, short unkempt dark, and pale white skin surprising of anyone who spends as much time outdoors as he does. Luis tends to dress in simple clothing (in part for comfort, and part for affordability). The dark cargo pants, with plain white T-shirt, and black leather jacket would among his favorite outfits. He tends to keep a serious expression, but is far from beyond smiling.

Personality: Luis comes across most people as bitter, and arrogant, but for the most part is just trying to keep unwanted company where it belongs. Luis is generally the business sort, and likes to skip exposition if possible. Despite this he knows the value of negotiation, and is open to reasonable conversation. Luis act all but friendly in the presence of DWMA meisters, tending to think they enforce a weapon's roll in the DWMA as nothing more than a tool. Even so, there are meisters that are capable of commanding vasts amounts of his respect, but never before they've chipped past his temper with calm, collected, level heads.

Luis prefers to stay widely independent. Living a private dorm, refusing to accept a meister in spite of how much it would improve his performance as well as personality, and keeping a large portion of his thoughts to himself. In this respect Luis pity's non-autonomous weapons, and their dependence on meisters.

Likes: School sanctioned dueling, winning, sour candy, an opponent difficult enough to learn from.

Dislikes: Situations that force him to mince words, mingling in general, Meisters, cold weather.

History: Alright then, I'll take it slow so you can follow. Once upon a time there was a scamp named Luis, that's me. Now Luis had a mommy, and a daddy. Only they didn't appear to have a son. Some of the things they did have were, rotten hearts, and small fry dreams. One of these half baked "dreams" involved a hefty loan from a greasy shark. When the scumbag, that's dad now, didn't deliver, the grease ball decided he aught-a. So he did. The Shark delivered a load of bullets that filled that trailer up like a lead pencil. One thing I'll never forget is the sorry look I got from those cops when they took me to see my foster parents. It was almost like they thought I lost something that day.

   Now these new "parents" weren't much better. They were content with raking in the doe from that government check (sad because it wasn't much anyways), but you know what that suited me. At least they left me to my own devices. So what did I do next? Why the only thing I knew of course! I looted, I stole, I mugged, the works. One day I mugged the wrong lady. She was a witch. She threw me across the alley-way like a toddler with a rag-doll. She didn't kill me obviously. She gave a similar look to what I got from the pigs. Similar in that it was pitiful, but different in the fact that I actually felt it. You know what I felt? Absolutely ashamed. She took me in that day, and kept me around for a year. Teaching me my "special" qualities, the ones I never even knew about! She became something I never had. Mother, sister, whatever. She was rock solid, and dependable. One day a four star Meister, and his death scythe found us. I mean, how unlucky do you have to be!? Then again, it was really the reverse wasn't it?

Turns out the witch planned the whole thing. She had even set up my parents to create a weapon partner that would suit her tastes. If that pair hadn't found me, I would be a monster by now, so I followed them to the DWMA. And maybe there I can do the same thing they did for me. Nothing will make me hate them any less though. They destroyed the only peace of mind I ever had, but... I can't really blame them can I?

When I finally get there I'm met with self righteous "masters". Oh I'm sorry, you aren't supposed to question what meister translates into. Even in the central gathering place for us weapons we're met as second class citizens they want to tame, and use like tools. To think they want me to have a meister "partner". Maybe if I ever find one that won't slow me down I'll consider it.

-Personality completely changes around  girls (not women), and won't to attack them without a extremely good reason. Even if forced to he will most likely fight defensively.
-Is insanely jealous of weapons with multiple forms.
-As well as being able to turn any part of his body into a blade, Luis may allocate to the four rockets one himself as he sees fit. While they may not let him fly, they may afford him extra height in a jump(about 15 ft high, or double lengthwise), or substantially more velocity in his attacks.
-Luis has adapted his propulsion abilities to give him an acrobatic edge in combat that some may view as more spastic than graceful.

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PostSubject: Re: Luis Carson   Sat May 17, 2014 3:45 am

Approved...jesus imagine him and Tetsu meeting.

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Luis Carson
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