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 Mikan Evergreen

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PostSubject: Mikan Evergreen   Fri May 16, 2014 6:39 pm

Evergreen, Mikan

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Weapon Form

Even though Mikan is a cute little dainty-looking girl, her weapon form is exactly the opposite. She is a pure ebony battle axe with beautiful carvings in the blade and on the end, with almost a purple tint to them. She's stunningly dangerous-looking, and weighs quite a bit, so it's hard to lift her, especially if you aren't her Meister. It's a dark contrast to her human appearance, and many are shocked that something so pretty could turn into something so... ugly. She's always hated this form, but would definitely use it in service to her Meister.

Miester: None yet

Mikan is a rather short girl, standing at 5'3" or so, and weighing in at 110 pounds means that she isn't exactly a featherweight. She's slender, but has subtle curves on her hips and chest, enough to where she isn't some sort of twig, and her stomach isn't completely flat either. She just has an average body, nothing special. She has long, pretty pink hair that is thick and straight, but layered as well. It's a pearly pink in color, and is shimmery and shiny, and very beautiful. Her eyes are big, but usually half closed and calm. They're a darker pink in color around the edges, and purple-ish in the center, but are quite stunning as well. They usually have a calm, chilled out look in them, and almost never hold bad emotions. They're ringed with darker eyelashes. She has pale skin, and a black tattoo of a sideways heart underneath her left eye.
Mikan's clothing usually consists of looser clothes, but she almost always has on her favorite hoodie. It's light gray in color, and somehow it always sparkles. It's very loose on her, and has a sort of MP3 player thing on the front with the symbols for "Play, Pause, Skip and Rewind." It also has iron-on butterflies on the left sleeve, right at the elbow, that she put on there herself. As for pants, she usually wears loose capris that don't really match the jacket perfectly, and white slip-on shoes with the backs worn out. She doesn't wear jewelry, as she hates it and it just gets in the way.

Mikan has been described as being like a dog - obedient, loyal and calm. She's sweet, and not very talkative. She's quiet and even a little friendly to most people. She is truthful and honest, and usually doesn't express her feelings well, but she would lay down her life for her friends. She has a fuse a mile long, so it's difficult to make her angry, and she will usually just obey the orders her Meister gives her, usually without any sort of hesitation, showing how loyal she actually is. Some people have accused her of not thinking for herself, but in reality, Mikan is very smart, and even though she doesn't talk too much, she is as sharp as a whip and excells in both written and physical tests, since she's adept at fighting and book studies. Now this isn't to say she's perfect. In fact, she's far from it. Mikan is way too overcautious, and doesn't like it when she or someone else does something stupid. She's too controlled and too unfeeling, though if she does end up getting out of her comfort zone, she'll relax a bit more. It does take a lot to do that, though. Nevertheless, she is very sweet and polite, though it would only usually be to one or two people, because she doesn't like bigger crowds. It makes it harder to get situations under control that way, and boy does she like being in control. It's strange, that it seems like she has a hard time feeling the emotions love and joy. She doesn't love, not yet, but her loyalty is unrivaled.

Proper conduct
Quality time
Training, mentally and physically
Learning new things
Japanese food

A lot of people staring at her
Getting fat
The color green, because of her last name

Mikan had a strange past. From an early age it was drilled into her head that control and order were the most important things. Her father was a hard man who didn't allow room for error, and he trained her to obey him and him alone. He kept her like any parent would keep their child. He of course fed her, bought her clothes, and sent her to school, but he taught her that she couldn't make unruly friends, and she couldn't use the facilities or eat anything at the school. She often had to wait till she got home to eat or use the restroom, which was extremely bad if she ever forgot to go in the mornings. In kindergarten and first grade, a couple of accidents resulted from this, and each time that happened, Mikan would have to spend the night in the basement, which was pitch black and freezing cold. He'd make her shower down there and everything, and she learned better control of her body. And it wasn't only control of her body. She had to control people she met. If one of her so-called "friends" were to screw up, Mikan would take the blame for it. And while her father never really got physical with her - other than one or two times when he grabbed her face or collarbone - he always yelled at her and sent her to the basement. This lifestyle continued until she left him to join the DWMA.

Due to her traumatic past, Mikan cannot stand it when she feels like she has no control over her life or her body. If she gets sick, makes a bad grade, forgets to shower or use the restroom in the mornings, she will hyperventilate and sometimes even cry. She often has nightmares of that horrible basement, and has woken herself up screaming before.

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Mikan Evergreen   Fri May 16, 2014 9:30 pm

I find this character beautiful!!!

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Mikan Evergreen
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