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 Elizabeth the Wanderer

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PostSubject: Elizabeth the Wanderer   Fri May 16, 2014 6:02 pm


Name: Elizabeth (No Last Name)

Gender: Female (Most of the Time)

Age: She cannot Remember

Weapon: N/A

Love Interest: Prefers not to go there

Appearance: Due to the experimentation, Elizabeth has the ability to take on the shape, and partially personality, of anyone she chooses. She cannot come up with a form, she must take it from someone else. But when she knows a form she may always replicate it.  She may replicate anything living. (Including animals) Despite her constant changing, she prefers to stay in a certain form. This is the form of a young girl from her past and it corresponds with her real personality. This form is quite young and small for her age of 15. It has reddish brownish hair and reddish eyes. She is relatively strong in this form but very fast to.

Personality: Like I said before, she can choose to partially change her personality. By this I mean she can adapt herself to the personality in question but her main one stays in control. Her main personality is very energetic. She is not very smart and quite silly. She is also very clumsy and doesn't enjoy classes. She loves to be outside and explore the world. She loves to try and shift to new things and explore them.

Likes: Changing, Animals, Playing, Being Young, Outside, The World

Dislikes: School, Bullies, Teachers, Small Spaces, Feeling Trapped

History: Elizabeth the Wanderer was originally called Sapphire Hazlewood. She had long black hair and blue eyes. She was born to a noble family in Italy. She grew up not learning much at all about the world and self defense. Which eventually cost her life. One day while she was walking in her back yard, a griffon swooped down from the sky and grabbed her. Little did she know that the griffon was a witch. The witch took Sapphire to her lair and attempted to ransom her back to her family. Little did she know her family was very greedy and would not meet her demands. Instead the witch decided she would use Sapphire in her experiments. Lately a rival witch was threatening her with war. Due to the Griffon witch's lack of followers, she would surely be defeated, so she needed to kill the witch without attacking. She would need the perfect spy, and that was Sapphire. The witch stripped Sapphire of her form and memories and turned her into a ball of enchanted goo with a soul. Just as planned however, this goo would be able to take the form and soul of any it wished. And so The Lost One was born. The once beautiful noble was now a lifeless, genderless, emotionless, ball of goo. The witch manipulated the lost one to do her bidding which eventually led to the assassination of the rival witch. The Lost One did many more tasks and grew into one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. Eventually as she took on more forms she was gaining more emotions, one in particular. One task had her assassinate a young brownish red haired meister named Marie. Doing so she took on that form, and it stuck. Whether it be because it was clawing at her old self or the strength of Marie's personality, but it allowed the Lost One to regain self control. She then killed the griffon witch and left her lair, staying in Marie's form now under the title, Elizabeth the Wanderer. Elizabeth now is a student at the DWMA.

Miscellaneous: She can change forms, but you already know that.

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Elizabeth the Wanderer
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