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 Raya Vale

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PostSubject: Raya Vale   Thu May 15, 2014 8:48 pm

Vale, Raya

Age: 12

Gender: Girl

Weapon: Luis Carson

Raya is a very cute young girl, standing at about 5'4" or so, and is very thin, but curvy as well. She has pale skin with a rosy tint in some areas, and it's baby soft. Her hair is also very soft, and it's a strange shade of white. It is long and stretches down to her mid-back in messy layers to make it look thicker than it really is. It has an almost silvery tint to it, and is quite beautiful. Her eyes are round and large, and a stunning shade of deep, oceanic blue, and are ringed with thick black eyelashes, a completely different color than her hair for some reason. She has a small nose, and small hands and feet. Her hips are slightly flared, but her chest is nearly completely flat, to her chagrin. She has several scars to mar her pretty pale skin, the most prominent being on her lower stomach in the shape of a huge X that stretches from hip to hip in the pelvic area. She never, ever shows it to anyone, and would break down and cry if anyone ever did see it.

Raya wears very covering clothes, the usual ones being a pair of black leggings with white dock shoes that are dirty around the edges. Her usual shirt is a long-sleeved button-up that stretches below her rear in the back. Her most unusal piece of clothing is her dark gray robe that she puts on over all this. It's dark gray in color, and has a hood that she almost always keeps down, off her hair. It has weird symbols all over it, and looks almost like it should belong to a witch, but Raya loves it to pieces. She also has four silver ankle bracelets that chime together when she walks. They're the only pieces of jewelry she wears.

Raya is an overly cautious individual. She's nervous and shaky and generally avoids contact with others as much as possible. She is very shy and tends to stutter when she speaks, unless she is completely comfortable with someone. Then she relaxes. She doesn't neccessarily become a social butterfly once she opens up, but she does relax and actually speaks in a clearer tone of voice. Her soul is quiet and timid, and when she does find the right Weapon partner for her, she will most definitely open up and blossom a bit more. But she doesn't do well on her own. In fact, she gets scared easier when she has to deal with something by herself, but it's equally as hard if she has more than one or two people to deal with it as well. She hates crowds, and she hates being the center of attention. She'll turn bright red and sweaty if multiple people have their attention on her, and will likely literally go hide in a dark, secluded corner.

Despite her antisocial behavior, Raya actually craves attention, but only from a person she loves and trusts, if she ever finds one. She would go above and beyond the call of duty to please someone she loves. She'd literally turn a flip if that person wanted her to, and she would have no problem dying for her loved ones. She would most likely need a Weapon partner that she could trust completely and not have to worry about lying to her, because her relationships need to be based on trust.

Sweet food
Animals in general
People she can trust
The color blue
Romance novels

Spicy food
Negative emotions
The color red
Horror movies
The dark
Being completely alone

Raya was always an orphan. From birth, her parents didn't want her, so they gave her up to the nearest orphanage they could find. It was an okay life. Of course, as out in the middle of nowhere as this part of Nevada was, they didn't get many visitors, and that was okay. Or, it was, until Raya was the last child left there. With no funds, she and the women who worked there started going hungry. Most of the women left, until only Raya and one other lady were left. It was her favorite of the workers, so it was fine that they were together.

Until the lady started to act strange.

It started off as little things. She'd swat Raya's hand a bit too hard if the young girl did something wrong. Then it started to escalate to being beaten with a belt, and even more when the lady asked her to take off her shirt so that she could whip her bare back with it. She would literally beat her until she would cry and beg for her to stop. Usually, she would, until one horrible day.

All Raya had done wrong was take an extra slice of bread for her egg sandwich - times had gotten so rough that they had only had enough for a piece of bread with half a fried egg on top for breakfast. Raya had tried to sneak another one, and the lady had just snapped.

She dragged Raya with her to the kitchen and made her sit down in a chair. Then she got out a large steak knife and grabbed Raya by the hair when she tried to run. She pulled up her shirt and carved that one horrible marking in between her hips and started to scream at her. Raya was half in shock, but was knocked unconscious when the lady dropped her on the floor and she hit her head. When she woke up, she was in the Academy's infirmary, and doesn't remember anything between the time she fell unconscious and the time she woke up. This is why she has trust issues, and why she hates her body so much.

Raya has a pathological fear of steak knives, and blood. She cannot stand those two things. She will literally freeze up at the sight, which is dangerous in a fight, because someone is bound to bleed or bring out a knife in a fight. It's almost impossible to snap her out of these phases, which makes it all the more dangerous.
She is also very clumsy, and will often trip over her own two feet.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go, Soul Resonance!

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PostSubject: Re: Raya Vale   Fri May 16, 2014 1:36 am

Alright, nice comprehensive app, with a good full character. Also, welcome to the site!~

Approved. ^w^
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Raya Vale
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