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 Tasha Sound

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PostSubject: Tasha Sound   Tasha Sound Icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 5:53 pm

Name: Tasha, Sound.
Age: 17 (My age now)
Gender: Girl

Weapon Form: Tasha is a throwing weapon called a wingstick, usually most effective when thrown at the head. The Wingstick can silently kill a hostile without other enemies becoming aware. The Wingstick tracks the enemy the meister is aiming at, so even if they miss it can loop around to kill the enemy. Tasha will fly back to the meister like a boomarange and will always somehow manage to land in the hand of the meister on the wrapped side. The wingstick can bounce off of wall and kill multiple enemies at a time before flying back to the meister.
Tasha Sound Th?id=HN.608000784661152838&pid=1

Miester: Nijo!!!!~
Appearance: Tasha has brown short hair that is sleek and glows in the light of the sun. She has brown that are calming and nice to look at and loose youself into them. She has a nice smile though not what i would call lovely and a tooth missing from her front upper row of teeth. She has freckles that are very viewable even from far away and she never wears make up. She is normally bear footed and her feet are fairly dirty from all the dirt she walks on, she is useally smudged with dirt and ect. She normally wears overalls with a white t-shirt on underneath it. Normally her eyes changes color whenever she has a mood shift, if she is angry they go red if she is calm they go blue if she is normal she goes brown and when she is lustful/embaressed/inlove they go pink. Also she can sometimes be mistaken as a boy. (I'm not a country girl, jsut a very very big tomboy)

Personality: Tasha is a force to be reckon with, she can become angry in a short amount of tiem and she hates it when people push her buttons. She is very kind though when she wants to be and will help out when she wants to which is alot of time. She has a very dark mind and will often thinks of gruesome, evil stuff in her head. She likes to be pushed to her limits and work hard for what she wants but she can also be very very lazy and will just sit back and relax doing nothing. She is not the sharpest needle around when it comes to intelligence but she know how to divide, subtract, add and also multiply along with other basics. She can be very, very talkitive when she has alot to say but she will stay quiet if it is asked of her. She likes to play pranks and scare people when they least think she is going to do it and she likes pie.

-Scareing others-
-Playing games-
-Ninjas vs Pirates-
-Chat rooms-
-Tv shows-
-Working hard-
-Being lazy-
-Being made fun of because of her size-
-Being made fun of period-
-Sudden sounds-
-Rock music-
-Rap music-

History: Tasha used to live with her family in death city, she was a hard worker and a egineer at the start. She loved fixing things and takeing things apart jsut to study how they look on the inside, she loved it when her mother would sing to her when she had nightmares. Her father was a hard wroking man too, a weapon for the academy and a teacher in fact. She had gotten his weapon DNA, she was happy about this and would often happily skip around thinking that she would soon get a meister. Sadly what no one knew was that she was a troubled child in the mind. she would often hang cats when it was night time and leave them for people that walk bye. One day she killed a four year old child, offering him candy then wacking him constantly over the head with a club. She ate the childs soul without a second thought and decided it would be safer not to go home...she was 12 at this time. She would continue to kill innocents, one day she had decided to take a visit back to her old home. When her parents saw her they instantly ran to hug her, seeing her father as the biggest threat she killed him by stabbing him right in the neck with knife. She then went over to her mouther and slit her neck with ease as if she didn't even know she was her own mother. She ate both their souls of course and took a butchers knife from the knife cabinet and walked away from the hosue but not before burning it down by pouring gasoline over it and setting the house to blaze. From then on she killed her victims with a btucher knife always leaving the initial TS in their bodies when she did. She does keep a low profile and often doesn't want others to see her so she useally would kill at night and not day cause she never wanted to be spotted ever. At day she wa a nice giddy girl that everyone knew and loved.

Breast size!!!!:
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PostSubject: Re: Tasha Sound   Tasha Sound Icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2014 1:07 pm

I am iffy about the tracking part of the weapon.Can she track for a unlimited amount of time,or after she misses the first time,she can only turn once to try and hit?

Tasha Sound BXG47uX
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Tasha Sound
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