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 Who cares anymore? (Open)

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PostSubject: Who cares anymore? (Open)   Tue May 13, 2014 11:54 pm



Clouds swirled in the night sky, blocking every bit of star light the citizens could see, only revealed 1/3's of the moon. It was enough to lightly illuminate the streets, with the help of the worn out street lamps of the city. Some were burnt out while others were crushed from result of a kishin egg attack, but it didn't matter. It didn't effect anything for the citizens, since most of them didn't dare roam the street too late at night--all but a few. One, to point out in particular, is the young 17 year old Satoshi Tajiri. Unlike others, who may or may not coward at the sight of a kishin egg, he just shrugged at anything of the sorts. Fierce or not, wimpy or not, he didn't care. His life slivered up into almost nothing in his book, so the fact if he was alive or dead didn't matter at all anymore. It wasn't like he was helping anyone anymore. His life was no help to the human race and he very well knew that.

So, with hands shoved into his two dress pockets, the boy walked down the cracked sidewalk, frowning like usual. His eyes stayed their same dull ways, and his hair laid there in a pile of nothing but mess. His younger sister would use to comment how he needed to get a good makeover, but now-- with her being dead --there was no one to tell him to brush his hair, or iron his wrinkled up shirt. Nothing was worth doing anymore, and that was alright for him. Possibly, with such an attitude and low self respect, he won't end up finding any weapon to push him to do anything--and he's alright with it. It wasn't like those cases where the child was oblivious to the future that was heading their way-- he knew.

Anyways, the male lugged his way towards his apartment, his tie loosened around his next. To him, there was no point in keeping it on after class, so he would usually have it loosely hanging around his neck after class-- even if he decides to go out afterwards. However, tonight it took a while for him to loosen it since he was at a job review for a somewhat large company. Yes, Satoshi was hoping to become something more than a silly old meister; mostly because of the fact that he has no weapon to back him up. Whats the use of a Meister without a weapon, huh? None. All he could manage is to kick and throw some punches, but nothing more. Ah, well, he wasn't meant to be a meister anyways.

"Hm...I think I took the wrong turn."

His voice was quiet, almost hushed, and his dark orbs scanned his surroundings. The only thing that was there were left over litter, the lamp post, and the shadow of himself, dancing under the light. It spooked him a bit when he suddenly heard the crashing of metal--but the fear soon escaped his body once he discovered it was nothing more than a silly old cat, in a quest for some kind of food. Ha! Seems like it'll be starving tonight, since the garbage around the city was supposedly collected recently.

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PostSubject: Re: Who cares anymore? (Open)   Wed May 14, 2014 12:36 am

Today was not a good day, because today was never a good day. Now, it wasn't really a bad day either, per say, it just wasn't up to snuff on a young blue haired girl's usual days. You know those days where you just don't know what to feel? You may have had a really good day, you did everything right, you got a great grade on a final exam, and had a lot of fun with some friends. But, during the day, there was that one bad thing that happened, and it just threw off your entire mood. You seemed okay on the outside, but on the inside, you just didn't know what to feel at all. Well, That's how poor Sapphire was feeling right now.

Now, the usual cheerful girl was having one of these days, but nothing really bad happened to her. Well, nothing bad happened in general, really, or at least to her. She was the kind of girl who never really had these problems, to be honest. Or paid attention to them, for the matter. But, today was a special day for Sapphire. Today was her adopted mother's birthday, and was a cruel reminder to Sapphire about the misfortunes she has brought upon her family.

This explains why Sapphire, a girl who's bedtime is 8 o'clock pm.(8:30 on weekends or when she is feeling really naughty) is walking around in the middle of the night. At the very least, she was nice and toasty in a nice wool sweater and a wool skirt. She had thick long stockings, as well as her usual boots. The darkness of the night didn't really show off the actual colors of the clothes, but Sapphire didn't care as she marched along, avoiding the light. Then, she heard a voice in the stillness of the night. She couldn't exactly pinpoint the voice, but she knew she heard it.

Sapphire: H-Hey, is anyone there? If you are a psychotic killer or a traveling salesman, I'm just a squirrel without a job. No need to stab me or to make me buy your vibrating socks.

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Who cares anymore? (Open)
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