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 Training from a pro. ( Open to all warriors of the dwma. )

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PostSubject: Training from a pro. ( Open to all warriors of the dwma. )   Mon May 12, 2014 10:19 pm

It was an awful day out. It poured rain so thick you could hardly see and definitely not hear anything. But all of mr.Marstons class was farced to be outside. They were at the training grounds, which John had converted into a brutal optical course. The old muscular man was in combat fatigues and yelling at the top of his lungs to be heard. " Welcome to my class everyone! Here we will spend half the day doing hard physical and combat based training. Then the other half of the day will be hard study. I will make the absolute best of the class of the rising sun, you will fulfill your potentials. Today I will tie you and your partner left and right legs to one another and you will do this obstacle course. When you reach my station you will attack me, do not hold back because I will not. I will beat you into the ground and when I am satisfied you will continue the course. If they take to long do not wait jump into the fight. I will slowly judge you and teach you differing means of self defense. Some of you gun Meisters will take after marines. Pushing your enemy back and relying on your equipment. Many of you will also be versed in karate, kung fu, or jiujutsu. For those select few of you that can rise above all the others I will instruct you in CQC, close quarters combat. The greatest combat style in the world. We have wasted enough time. For those of you who lag behind you will stay afterschool until you can finish the course. There will be no quitting, if you have a problem that does not pertain to the workload I would be glad to hear it. If not suck it up, this gets easier each day. Oh before we begin who thinks they are the best fighter in the class? I won't punish you but I would very much like to do a preliminary test. "
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Training from a pro. ( Open to all warriors of the dwma. )
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