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 Dagonet Larex

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PostSubject: Dagonet Larex   Dagonet Larex Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2014 7:08 pm

Dagonet Larex Unamused
Name: Larex, Dagonet Larex.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon Form:
Dago's weapon form is of a gaint spiked hammer, this hammer is actually his body size but weighs less. The hammer is 5'7 in size and weighs about 99 pounds or less, but thats for the meister. The reason being is Dago can make himself lighter via wavelengths, but only to the meister anyone on the other end of the hammer recieves about 300 pounds of force against them. The hammer can act like a shot gun, shooting 6 bullets out of the ends of each side of the hammer, which side it shoots out of is up to the meister. The bullets are wavelength bullets and are very devastateing when on the other end of the hammer. When in soul resonance form the hammer grows twice it's size yet stills weighs nothing to the meister, the shot gun shells are now explosive and shoot out 8 at a time in rapid speed. P.S. has hardly any recoil except for when the recoil is wanted.
Dagonet Larex Massive_war_hammer_spikes_540

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Dago is 5'7 in size and weighs about 187 pounds or more, he is very skinny and can often be seen wearing a jesters uniform. He wears face paint, the face paint differs depending on his mood, he has shoes that are way to large for him. His eyes are green and his hair is short and brown. He normally always wears a smile but sometimes can be down and frown. His ears are really pointy and look as though they are the ears of a elf or pixie. Dago normally has a large smile on the back of his uniform that is painted purple for one side and red on the other. He normally has bags under his eyes cause he has trouble sleeping at night for the things he dreams make him fairly scared.

Dago is a very intresting character in personality aspect, he speaks in third person and often acts a fool of himself. He is very happy go lucky and often can be seen doing anything from juggling torches to moon walking off a building. He loves to have the spotlight often purposely trying to show off, he just likes to have attention and hates to be ignored by others. He is not really hyper except when he is hyper, he's really smart but doesn't like to show it under his jester appearance. It's hard to make him mad or cry he just laughs everything off when he can but he still gets sad at times.

He likes to play games with his friends and kishin yet the games with the kishin are allitle more harmful, with kishin he likes russian roulette, the knife game, and tic-tak-break your nose. He is alittle all over the place at times and hates being wrong, well not hate more of despises beign wrong. He has the habit of counting to 5 thinking 4 is the number of death, if it has fives then it's lucky. So if it's five or a multiple of five he feels as though luck is on his side. He is often always sarcastic when the time is right and the time is always right to him.

-Madness- (it's funny to him-
-Russian Roulette-
-The knife game-
-Tic-tak-break your nose-
-Annoying others-
-Confuseing others-
-Bad and Good people-
-Computer nerds-
-Bats that fly- ((imagine a winged baseball bat))
When Dago was young he had always wanted to join the circus, he would always were a jesters costume and walk around happy as ever. Even though he was bullied it didn't affect him, he was still happy as ever. His parents were worried about him but still they loved him too much to ruin his dreams, Dago would hop around juggling what ever he could, tightrope walking on clothes lines and haveing a blast. He knew he had weapon blood, one day he would go to the DWMA and maybe find a meister were they could become partners. One day he was invited to a party, he was so excited he instantly went there, thinking he was the first one there he walked inside. The instant he walked inside a bucket of blood and animal guts was poured onto him, he just paused there shocked at what had happened, he was now drenched in blood and guts. He heard laughter, everywere people came out of hideing laughing at him, then he started to laugh as well but this laugh wasn't true and was fake. He then ran away crying, he locked himself into his room before his parents could even speak to him, he was still covered in the guts and blood of animals. He continued to laugh for some reason, he held his head in his hands laughing and crying at the same time, after that day he was still the same yet not so much. He would walk out at night alot not comeing home till late in the morning, he talked in third person and worst of all he lost his love for any living creature. One day he vowed to kill the people that played that horrible prank on him but then he thought of a better idea, they could play a game. One day he heard of a reunion for the old school and he went there but never entered the building, instead he went to the roof cutting a hole into it. He had a buckets of larva, cockroaches and mouses along with some trash to add to the wonderful prank that was gonna happen. When everyone had gathered in the middle of the room to take a picture he poured the bucket of bugs down onto them. There were alot of screams, some vomiting and alot of glass breaking, all the while he laughed at them glad he had chose this instead of death. He then walked away from everything, his home, his family, the assholes and ect, he went to the DMWA were he inrolled for he felt that maybe some kishins would like to get "pranked" as well. He now lives in a tent outside of the DMWA coming up with "pranks" that would kill the kishins with "laughter" he was glad he found his purpose though he still had no idea why he came here. He already felt he had a purpose, maybe he just wanted to help people that needed it, maybe he wanted to feel special, maybe he just wanted to show those jerks that what they did was long. The reason he came to the DMWA still confuses him but he likes his decision alot now.
-He Carries around a jesters staff for protection-
Dagonet Larex 2Q==
Have you read the rules?
Soul Reso stuff, let it go like elsa did with her powers!!

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PostSubject: Re: Dagonet Larex   Dagonet Larex Icon_minitimeWed May 14, 2014 7:39 pm

Your appearance could use a boost, But baring that, very creatively done. Sadly you won't be getting the shotgun like effect yet. Maybe after you get some souls.
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PostSubject: Re: Dagonet Larex   Dagonet Larex Icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2014 12:43 pm

First off,I would like to say this is very creative and well done.Kudos to you.However,there has to be atleast SOME recoil at first and you can't get a shot-gun like blast until you gain more souls.Please just edit that part and I'll approve you.

Dagonet Larex BXG47uX
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PostSubject: Re: Dagonet Larex   Dagonet Larex Icon_minitime

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Dagonet Larex
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