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 Arcade "King Arcade"

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PostSubject: Arcade "King Arcade"   Sun May 11, 2014 8:56 pm


Name: Arcade.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Animal Form: He takes the form of a green zombie cat
Weapon: This is his weapon, nothing special jsut a giant two handed cleaver sword.

Appearance: The picture explains his upper half now to his lower. He wears torn black jeans that show the stitches covering his legs. His arms are covered in stitches and he can even pull off his left arm. He is completely filled to the brim with cotton and stuffing he has no internal organs. He wears black boots and black socks with purple poka dots cause everyone needed to know that. He has a long tail that half way stops being fur and turns into bone. He occasionally has worms popping out of his body and he does have a skeleton just no organs as i said before. He is 8'5 in size, he was sorta given another set of legs and his upper half was tall enough as it was.

Personality: Arcade, though a zombie still has emotions and feelings though little of it. He is a gentle giant as they say, he will help whenever it is needed and will often try to be nice to everyone. He feels he has no enemies and trusts everyone, he is fairly stupid and by fairly i mean realyl stupid like thinking 2 + 2 equals 5 stupid. The more souls he consumes the smarter he will get though, he has a habit of being socially awkward and wheneevr he gains a new friend he will often stalk them. Though this zombie does indeed need to feed, so he will kill the innocent whenever he is hungry though friends he willl not kill. He likes to make people like him which means bringing them flowers, giving them massages or buying things for them. He hardly gets made at anything he jsut gets hungry and that is why he feeds on the innocent. He can have his hunger filled if he eats cows tongue but that is all.
-Human Flesh-
-Cow tongues-
-Kind People-
-Reading the cat and the hat- (only book he can read)
-Mean people-

History: I was once a normal person i was happy wtih my ma' and pa' we where a family of witches. We were not your normal evil witches we tried are best to be kinds but some people still hated us. I was a single child of the family i loved my family dearly with all my heart, then one day someone set are houyse ablaze. It burned with a fury that scared me out of my skin, i had died in this fire and my father was taken from us. My mom still lived, she dragged my corpse out of the ashes of the house, my legs were burned and broken only my upper half could be saved. My mother took off my legs and replaced them with legs from a new corpse that matched my body except with height. She fixed up to legs with mine, she then replaced my organs with cotton. The tricky part was the spell she casted, in order to cast it she would have to kill herself. She was willing to do this and in the end she lost her life to brign me back to the living. Of course i was a complete idiot and couldn't thhink for myself though my mother guided me to my goal in my mind. Not much happend, i occasionally feasted on the flesh of others and also i found a large cleaver sword at a pawn shop and "borrowed" it. I settled down and started a life in a old factory, there i began to make plans to find my fatherif he was alive but being braind dead i couldn't think of anything to do. I then moved from to factory to a junkyard where i found some old robes and a junky crown. I began to roleplay as a king and found i liked it so i made a throne out of trash and began my rule over the empire of the junkyard. Anyone that entered i of course killed and ate them for food with love of course.

Puppet MasterHe is able to control small animals like bunnies, snakes and ect. He can't do this to humans though sadly but it is nice cause he can control a army of rats (5 to 6)Follow me servant *he must point at them*
All Strings AttachedThis is when strong string comes out of every area in the proximity of the target. The string will wrap around the personal holding them in place.Puppeteer's trap!
Dolls of the deadHe is able to make inanimate objects like dolls come to life and atatck but mostly he uses them as spies or to speak to others without physical contact.The Dead Man Speaks
DisguiseHe is able to cyhange is appearence to that of a normal person, he can only turn into a normal looking form of himself with no ears.Make me what i am not.
Other: Nothing Really
Have you read the rules?
Lets Go Soul Reso Res
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PostSubject: Re: Arcade "King Arcade"   Sun May 11, 2014 10:22 pm


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Arcade "King Arcade"
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